5 Types of Window Casing: Which Suits You Best?

5 Types of Window Casing

Window casing is a solid form object which surrounds the window frames. Usually, it stays outside the building and helps block cold and hot air from getting in.

On the inside, an interior window casing comes as additional touches to a room. For this type, it has a unified look with the baseboards and door moldings while the outer casing matches the general style of the building.

On modern buildings, you will notice simple cases with shutters on every side. As for vintage styled houses, the casings boast of beautiful designs that fit the overall look of the structure.

Many might not know what is window casing, but with every mentioned above, you now have a clear.  Now, let’s tell you about the popular types of window casings.

Types of Window Casing

1. Complete Casing

This type covers all sides of your window. Typically, they are in two forms- a simple layer or with several layers. For the latter option, it consists of stacked moldings that make your window look fabulous and elegant.

Even if both styles look different, they have a similar feature. After all, when used indoors, these casings suit other moldings in that space.

2. Low-Profile Casing

Unlike the modern window casing mentioned above, this style does not provide much decorative touch to the building. Instead, it helps maintain the temperature of a room by keeping warm air in and blocking cold air. Moreover, it helps bind the window to the wall and provides a complete look.

3. High-Profile Casing

If you want an option that has versatile features, you should check out a high profile casing. First, it can stay on one edge of the window or cover the entire perimeter. Besides, if you want a pre-assembled window casing, this model comes ready-made and does not require installation by experts.

Asides that, it’s easy to use and you can combine several units of them, especially if you want to bulk them up. In the end, it offers a look that goes with vintage and classically styled buildings.

When it comes to cost, this type of casing comes with various price tags—simply styled casings go for at least $10. But if you prefer something with extra layers and designs, you will have to check out the price at your local hardware store.

4. Modern Casings

Thinking of another way to make your window look great and keep the elements out? A modern window casing comes as a simple way to meet this need.

The reason is that it has minimalist features that allow it to blend with other parts of the window. If you look closely at buildings that use this casing, you will notice that the glass gets all the attention than the molding itself.

5. Traditional Casing

Since this casing stays flat on the wall and fits older buildings, it reminds us of low profile casings. They even offer multiple designs and consist of either plastic or composite materials. Typically, these products cost less than $5 per foot.

Does My Building Need a Window Casing?

Do you want your home to boast of an elegant finish? If yes, placing an interior window casing comes as a suitable way to achieve this look. Besides, when you put a well-designed casing at the right spot, the room becomes attractive.

Apart from enhancing the beauty of your space, window casings offer practical functions. For instance, they cover any hole that lies between the window and the wall. They also provide support to windows and offer a comfortable indoor environment.

Moreover, a well-placed window seal increases the value of your property. So if you need a simple way to get a reasonable price for your home, adding this feature will surely help.

What’s the Difference Between a Trim and Casing?

Even if many people can now answer the “What is Window Casing” question, they find difficult to differentiate between this trim and casing.

If you fall into this category, you can describe a trim as a term for many types of millwork or moldings. On the other hand, casings come as thick frames that trim the outer areas of doors and windows.

How to Choose a Window Casing

How to Choose a Window Casing

Getting the best window casing for your home depends on two scenarios – the decor of the building and your favorite design style. For example, do you like a painted trim or maybe something with a stained wooden look? Irrespective of your choice, most companies have products that should meet your taste and fit the window jamb.

Selecting the Interior Window Trim for Your Space

Even if they have different styles, it’s possible to make the facade of your building complement the interior. Besides, homeowners tend to pay attention to the interior window trim, particularly when finding the right fit. You can select any style to tickles your fancy but ensure that they match the decor of the space.

If your sofa or wall paints clashes with your option, consider replacing them with matching ones. But since, it could result in spending excess cash, thus it is best to avoid this issue by checking out images of window frames and their styles. You should also pay close attention to the theme.

If you feel stuck at making a choice, contact an expert in your area. Frequently, they offer great advice for getting the right fit for your indoor space

Selecting the Exterior Window Trim for Your Space

A well placed exterior window trim helps sustain the heated air in your building. But since some styles fit certain kinds of houses, take extreme care in finding a workable choice. So maybe you want to find an exterior trim for a Tudor or Victorian home, consider getting one that boasts of ornate features. For buildings with a Craftsman or Ranch look, a basic outdoor trim should do.

You can go for an option that complements the inner room of your building. However, a non-matching alternative can also look good on your wall.

Professionals can help in your search. Simply ring one up and get advice that can save you a couple of dollars in materials and repairs.

Final Word

Many might not what is window casing but If you want a simple answer, describe it as a molding that goes around any window in your building. Asides keeping out the cold air, this solid design enhances the look of your home and offers space for decorations.

Popular styles include modern, traditional, complete, and low profile casings. But if you want a choice that offers unlimited features, a high profile casing should catch your attention. But before you run out to get a window casing kit, look for a product that goes with your general decor, or seek professional advice to get one.

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