Why Should You Invest in a Frigidaire Air Filter?

Why Should You Invest in a Frigidaire Air Filter?

If you have a Frigidaire HVAC system, proper maintenance will ensure it lives up to its expected lifespan. Investing in a Frigidaire air filter is often encouraged because it is made from quality materials. These materials can help capture contaminants and particles in your home for better indoor air quality.

A Frigidaire air filter for air purification allows you to enjoy clean and fresh air. It captures allergens, allows for optimal airflow, filters airborne particles out of your air, and helps protect your HVAC system from incurring more wear and tear.

You may be tempted to buy cheap filters to save on the cost, but that could end up costing you more down the road. Cheap filters don’t capture as much as quality options like Frigidaire air filters.

Why You Want Quality Air Filters for Your Frigidaire HVAC System

When you buy Frigidaire air filters, they cost more, but they provide quality air filtration. You also ensure you eliminate more particles that can clog up your system and cause costly damages.

The air filters you choose for your system make all the difference. In today’s economy, it’s only natural to look for ways to save money. You may think that by buying the cheapest air filters, you are saving more. However, it will wind up being more costly this way.

These Frigidaire filters might cost more, but you get more out of them. With better quality and a higher MERV rating, they will trap more particles. They also have a larger surface area. You have to change cheap filters often whereas a quality one will last you longer.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits of these air filters.

Better Filtration

Your air will be cleared of pollen, dust, carpet fibers, lint, pet dander, and more. Without these items flowing through your home, you and your family will breathe easier.

Better Performance

Quality matters when it comes to air filters. They should be constructed durably with pleated surfaces that attract and capture particles.

Fewer Worries for Your HVAC

Having your HVAC system break down is one of the biggest stressors. By using quality air filters, you will help keep it cleaner between HVAC maintenance services.

While you should invest in quality, you don’t have to buy Frigidaire’s air filters. You can look for quality-made options that provide the same level of performance. They will still cost more than cheap filters, but they will be less than the name brand.

Tips for Buying Air Filters for Your Frigidaire HVAC System

When you’re buying air filters for your Frigidaire HVAC system, it is important that you buy the correct size. You can find the size on your current air filter.

Choose a MERV rating that is between 8 and 13 for residential use. The higher the rating, the better the filtration—though keep in mind that MERV 13 filters may not be ideal for your system as they can restrict airflow on some models.

Once you get your filters, install them correctly and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the freshest air in your home!

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