Self Storing Storm Door: Everything You Need to Know

Self Storing Storm Door Everything You Need to Knowmade Door Wreath Plans

During summer, you will love to open your doors and enjoy some fresh air. However, leaving your door open will allow pests to get into your home. To avoid this problem, consider installing a self-storing storm door.

These doors prevent insects and pests from getting into your home while allowing natural light. They also provide comfort against cold or hot air, mainly when the exterior door stays shut.

Do you want to learn more about self-storing storm doors? Read on as bring you more details on what is a self-storing door.

What is a Self-Storing Storm Door?

A self-storing storm door is a storm door that consists of a sheet of safety sliding glass. Unlike regular screen doors, a self-storing storm door features movable parts and a glass panel for protection. Thanks to these features, this door offers great benefits for homeowners.

Benefits of Installing a Self-Storing Storm Door?


With the above definition, you already know what is a self-storing storm door. But do you know the benefits of using the bets self-storing storm doors in your home? If you don’t, here are some of the advantages of using these types of doors.

1. Protects Your Home

When you install self-storing storm doors, you enjoy extra security from snow, rain, hail, and wind. Apart from keeping you safe from unfriendly weather, self-storing storm doors come with reliable locks that will keep intruders out.

2.Conserves Energy

As mentioned above, a self-storing storm door consists of safety glass. With that said, the door acts as an extra insulator for your building. It traps warm air in your home and prevents any cold air from getting inside.

3. Enhance the Air Flow

Since a self-storing storm door has a detachable screen that allows a fresh breeze. For this reason, this type of door is ideal for improving the airflow in your building.

4. Looks Appealing

If you want to add more elegance to your home, a self-storing storm door will be of help. These doors come in various styles and colors that can improve the look of your building. Luckily, self-storing storm doors are affordable, which makes them ideal for the budget-conscious homeowner.

5. Customizable

Because the self-storing storm door has many functions, it stands as a unique fixture for your home. If you like, you can customize the door and add extra features like your pets’ entrance.

How Can I Choose the Best Self-Storing Storm Door?

How Can I Choose the Best Self-Storing Storm Door?

Getting the best storm doors might be challenging for a novice. But if you use the following tips, you can get the right one.

1. Consider the Climate of Your Area

Before you choose a suitable storm door, consider the weather conditions in your area. For instance, people that stay in areas with harsh weather should stick with a double-paned storm door. They can also use doors with low E-glass and insulated glass units.

2. Look for an Aesthetic Fit

Find the door that fits the look and feel of your home. Again, these doors are a great way to improve your curb appeal, so make sure it fits your home’s look!

3. Get A Door that Matches the Style of Your Home

As you hunt for a self-storing door, look for one that suits the appearance of your building. After all, a doorway is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your room.

4. Think About the Air Flow

If you don’t own an air conditioning unit, you can endure the summer months by choosing a door with a screen. Installing a self-storing storm door screen, you can adjust the pane for improved ventilation and airflow.

Self-storing Storm Door Screens and Glass Panels

Self-storing Storm Door Screens and Glass Panels

Glass panels are essential for Storm doors, but you should use them correctly. If your doors get direct sunlight, the panels can produce heat and damage the weatherstripping. Besides, the temperature can deform your metal doors.

To avoid this problem, you should use screens in spring and glass in late fall. You should also check the compatibility of both metal doors. Here are other tips that will help you get the best from your self-storing storm door screen.

  • Screens made from galvanized steel are affordable. They can also withstand wear and tear. You can prevent corrosion by spraying a household lubricant on them annually.
  • Aluminum screens can withstand rust, but they have a few issues. They can’t last in seaside areas, and smog can darken the surface. To maintain the look of an aluminum screen, especially in polluted regions, coat the metal with commercial spray products.
  • Bronze screens are expensive and offer the best service life. Prevent rust by applying a little varnish within every few years.
  • Fiberglass screen is resistant to corrosion and quick to install. They serve as suitable alternatives for metal screen doors. So instead of bothering about getting a storm door glass replacementuse the fiberglass model.  

What is the Use of Self-Storing Storm Door Closers and Door Stops?

When you purchase a new self-storing storm door, the package comes with a doorstop or closer. These items determine how far you want to keep the door open.

Door stops, also known as snubbers use spring-attached chains to move the door. Since they are easy to set up and adjust, they are great to have on your door.

If you want your door to open slowly and shut completely, a pneumatic closer is a perfect tool. Luckily, most self-storing storm doors have this accessory, while others have up to two closers for strong winds. If you want your door to stay open, a sliding washer will do the trick.


Finally, we believe you have known what is a self-storing door and other important details about these doorway fixtures. Self-storing storm door act more like a screen door, but has a sliding glass pane that prevents harsh weather from getting into your home.

This door provides a lot of benefits including protecting you from burglars, improving airflow, and adding beauty to your home. It also helps save energy by maintaining the optimum temperature in your home interior space.

To choose a self-storing storm door, you should consider your location, airflow, and building design. You should also go for screens that can withstand corrosion.

If there is anything you will like to add, you can use the comment section below.

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