What Color Should I Paint Storm Door? (7 Popular Choices)

What Color Should I Paint Storm Door

Many homeowners, old and new, make the mistake of leaving the decision of the storm door color for last. Some do not put much thought into it, so they end up not painting it at all. If they do, it is an awful clash with the front door color or the entire look of the house.

You are on the right track if you are looking for the best paint color for your storm door. You should put some thought into the choice of color because it is usually the first thing passersby, visitors, neighbors, and others see. In other words, the color can help them form an impression of you.

We aim to help you pick the best color for the door; this color should be something you won’t regret after a few months. It should also match the front door paint color without being too similar or clashing. A bit of versatility does not hurt.

What Color Works for a Storm Door?

There are some factors to consider before settling on one paint color. Check the following to help you narrow your choices:

1. What a Storm Door Does

The first thing to remember when choosing a paint color for your storm door is the job of that door. A storm door protects your front door from the elements. Simply put, it keeps the front door from taking a beating from bad weather without restricting ventilation. With this in mind, the paint color should hold up under the weather for a long time.

2. Paint Type to Use

The second thing to consider is the paint type because choosing the right color only works as long as the paint type lasts under bad weather. Some paint types hold up better in bad weather than others.

In the same way, the paint color will last longer without fading if the paint type is the best option for exterior doors. Therefore, the choice of a paint type affects the color of the storm door.

3. Possible Restrictions in the Neighborhood

Additionally, check your neighborhood rules for possible restrictions on the storm door paint color. Some neighborhood associations restrict colors you can paint the front door, screen door, or storm door.

The same applies to the entire house exterior; it helps with uniformity in the neighborhood. So, get all the necessary pieces of information concerning this issue before making a decision. It will save you time and money.

Possible Paint Color Choices

Possible Paint Color Choices
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With the above in mind, we picked some paint colors that may suit any house exterior without clashing. They can be fun and lovely, or muted and conservative. Your choice depends on your personality and what you like seeing every time you walk up to your front door.

1. Brown

This color is popular with homeowners because of its ability to hide dirt and damage. It is not quickly obvious if the storm door is damaged when painted brown.

There are different shades of brown, so you have some options instead of getting stuck with one shade. You can equate brown with the earth; it may be ideal for you if you want to keep it muted and conservative.

2. Yellow

It is a bright pop of color, reminding you of sunshine and cheeriness. Yellow changes the look of your front yard, exterior decor, and attraction. It draws attention to your home and gives the impression of happiness to observers.

You will get a lot of compliments since happiness and optimism attract people. However, you must ensure it does not clash with the exterior painting, or the front door color, and is allowed in the neighborhood color uniformity code.

3. Purple

Did you know you could paint your storm door the color purple? While it is an unusual color for such a purpose, it works well if you select the correct shade.

The fact that it is an unusual color for a storm door makes it even more interesting, especially if you can pull it off. Purple will elicit different feelings in people, but the good news is that most of them will be positive.

4. White

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A white paint color choice for a storm door is usually an excellent idea because of the impression it gives. Anyone with a white-colored storm door typically gives the impression that the homeowner is tidy, neat, and well-organized.

So, you will find many homes with white storm doors. Note that you will also have the task of maintaining it if you use a paint type that does not hold up well under bad weather.

5. Orange

This color option is not popular, but you will find several homes with bright orange storm doors. Fortunately, there are several shades of orange, and you do not have to be stuck with the bright shade.

However, it is still an unconventional color for a door and sends the message that you are spontaneous, adventurous, confident, and fearless. If that is you, orange may be an excellent choice.

6. Red

Believe it or not, red is a popular and often-preferred color for storm doors. As with many other colors, there are many shades of red, so you do not have to stick with the bright red option. However, red storm doors and even front doors are common sights in many houses.

Red is always exceptional on any occasion, whether it is a dress, car, or storm door. We would like you to know that some cultures consider the color lucky, so you may be doing yourself a world of good to pick it for the color to welcome visitors.

7. Picking the Classic Colors

If none of the above options is within your taste and style, you can always go the classic way. Classic colors are the typical neutral colors and hues, such as gray, black, and brown. Black storm doors are the most common types, but these are the most popular colors for this purpose because of how well they suit any occasion.

Navy blue and deep red shades are also good choices because of their closeness to black and brown. It does not matter whether or not your style changes with the season; neutral colors adapt to such changes.

And you can always opt for staining the storm door if it is wood instead of painting it. Stained wood works well as a storm door because it does not show damage as a painted door does.

Picking the Right Paint Type

Picking the Right Paint Type
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After determining the color for the storm door, the next crucial step is to select the paint type. It is important to note that not every type of paint works for the outdoors; some last longer because of their resistance to the elements.

1. Latex Paint

When selecting paint for a storm door, ensure you pick a latex paint type. Latex paints are designed to withstand exterior weather; they offer weather-resistant coverage. They do not easily fade or peel, so they can stand the test of time.

2. Finish

Another consideration is the finish. Paints for exterior doors come in different finishes; the choice is yours depending on the look you want on the storm door. You have the option of gloss, semi-gloss, and matte, among others.

Your first instinct may be to use high gloss paint for the door to improve the paint color, and it usually turns out well. However, its brightness will only accentuate any scratches and knicks on the paintwork, more so than other types of finish.

Your best bet is matte, although it may dull the look of the paint color. But if you choose a bright color, the finish may not be a big deal. Alternatively, settle for a semi-gloss finish as a balance between matte and high gloss.

3. Door Material

The door material should also inform your choice of paint type. For example, if the storm door is metal, you must select a paint with rust resistance. Wood is usually more accepting of different paints and does not need rust protection.

Also, select an exterior primer to apply on the door before the paint. There are primers for interior and exterior areas, as well as for different materials; the primer you choose must match the exterior to produce the right results.

The type of primer that works on wood will not work well on metal or stainless steel. In addition to the above, pick a high-quality primer so it can hold the paint for longer.

Consider Leaving the Door in Its Original Color

Consider Leaving the Door in Its Original Color
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Storm doors are sold as a package and come in colors that do not need changing. If the door has a specific color that is not white or black, consider retaining that color instead of painting it. This is especially true if the front door compliments the storm door’s color.

Weatherproofing is one reason to leave the door as it is because investing in painting the door may be a waste. Sunny locations or freezing temperatures will only mar the paint within a short period, no matter the type you choose.

Bottom Line

The best paint colors for a storm door depend on several factors, such as the neighborhood, paint type, and personal preference. You can opt to retain the original door’s color, which is more economical because the paint will fade or crack, especially in locations with extreme weather conditions.

However, we have listed popular and not-so-popular paint color options to select from if you must paint your storm door. Some are brighter than others, but you will find something that fits your personality.

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