What Color Garage Door With Gray House? (Updated 2023)

What Color Garage Door With Gray House

One wrong color and your home exterior will look like a joke!

Selecting the perfect color for your garage door is important, and you should know that not every color complements each other.

Most modern houses come in gray, and to increase your house appeal, you need a color that matches.

In this blog post, we’ll give you different colors you can try out for your garage door if you have a gray house.

Garage Color Doors That’ll Enhance Your Gray House

Gray is a neutral color and it works with a wide range of colors, from bright to dull. However, you need to make sure that whatever color are using complements the curb appeal of your house.

1. Bright Red Garage Door

Sounds too colorful right? but you’ll be surprised at how much it increases the appeal of your home.

Gray is a dull color, and if you are looking for a color to spice things up and give your home a brighter look, then go for red.

Bright Red Garage Door
Image Credit: just_shut_it_overhead_doors

The combination of red and gray will give the exterior of your home a dramatic style. Red complements gray powerfully, plus it’s sure to get the attention of people.

A red garage door will make your entire home look welcoming while downplaying the dullness of the gray color.

2. White Garage Door

You might think using a white color for your garage door is playing safe, when in reality it isn’t. the thing about white garage doors is making sure you are matching it with a dark shade of gray, that way the white can be highlighted.

So many gray homes look amazing with a classic white garage door, and that’s because it’s used in shades that contrast. Using clear white on a light gray garage color will create a dull look, and best believe you don’t want your home looking unlively.

White Garage Door
Image Credit: aquariusdoorservices

A white garage door gives your exterior a crisp look that won’t go unnoticed by any visitor. Regardless of how neutral white may seem, it’ll still give your home a bright look, plus it can adapt to most design styles.

The only downside of using a white for your garage door is that it might get stained easily, other than that, it’s a popular choice for gray houses.

There are certain white colors in the market that have little gray pigments, making them look tanned. It’s a perfect buy if your house already has a dull gray color.

3. Bold Pink Garage Door

Most people see the color pink as a girlish color, and there’s a bit of truth in that. However, when matched with gray houses, it gives off a more intimidating style.

Using a bold pink garage door for your house can create a feminine vibe, but who says that’s a bad thing?

Bold Pink Garage Door
Image Credit: themissmiss

A pink garage door will definitely stand out from the crowd because not everyone dares to pull it off. If you are skeptical about what it’ll look like, try using a light pink color and see how it turns out.

We bet it’ll look amazing, and if you think so too, you can go ahead and coat it with a brighter shade of pink.

If you enjoy getting compliments from people, then be prepared because there’s going to be a lot of that when people spot your garage door.

4. Rustic Warm Brown Garage Door

Brown is a comforting color and can match the exterior and interior design of almost any home. Gray houses with brown garage doors look welcoming and calm, and it’ll make your visitors feel at ease whenever they come to see you.

Brown is a warm and neutral color as well, and with the right shade, it can make your home look sophisticated and bright.

Rustic Warm Brown Garage Door
Image Credit: kempergaragedoor

However, brown can be a very tricky color and with the wrong shade, your house can look muddy.

It’s best to try a particular shade around a small portion of the house and see if the color complements, and if not, you need to go for a darker or lighter shade.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to use a darker shade of brown as this will create the best visual.

The best thing about boldly pigmented brown is that it matches the architectural design of almost every exterior, so you’ll have no issue using it for your garage door.

5. Daring Green Garage Door

Green will always be a good option for garage doors, and the best part is that you can use any shade of green. If you want to give your garage an adventurous look, opt for a daring and bold shade of green.

Green is an intriguing color that’ll brighten up any space, most especially a gray house. Most people are wary of green because it looks hard to match with any color, however with a gray house, it blends perfectly in an appealing style.

Daring Green Garage Door
Image Credit: americangaragedoorcolorado

A green garage door will always add a timeless classic appeal to your gray house, and you can go for a light shade of green if you need a subtle look.

One thing is certain, your home will stand out with a green garage door. The trick to making this mysterious color look amazing is using a dark shade of green for a light gray house. Also, you can upgrade this look by using a black trim for the exterior of your house.

6. Calm Beige Garage Door

If you are looking for a garage color that’ll help your gray home still maintain its formal look, then you should consider going for beige.

Regardless of the style and design of your home, you can never go wrong with a beige garage door. It has a calm look that’ll make your home appear neat and rustic, especially if you are using a sand-like beige.

Calm Beige Garage Door
Image Credit: duratecsecuritysolutions

So, if you aren’t a fan of homes that draw too much attention, but you still want them to look elegant and sophisticated, then the cool beige color will give you that neutral look.

For homeowners who are looking to have a more traditional look, a dark shade of beige for the garage door will do the trick, as it creates a calm outdoor look effortlessly.

Beige is a very accepting color and can go with black, silver, and even red elements.

7. Domineering Black Garage Door

When unsure of what color to use for your garage door, go with black. Black literally matches anything, so if you intend to play it safe, a black garage door should be perfect for you.

A gray home will contrast perfectly with a black garage door, giving it a Gothic and sophisticated appeal.

However, are you aware that there are different shades of black? You might already know that, and even if you don’t, that’s why we are here.

To spice things up with your garage door so it doesn’t look ordinary, don’t use the standard pitch-black color. Other shades of black have shiny violet pigments, and some turn a lighter shade when exposed to the sun.

Domineering Black Garage Door
Image Credit: kempergaragedoor

When designing your garage door with black, you need to be creative. To takes things up a notch, use white trims together with stonework accents, and anybody who stares will absolutely fall in love with the magic you created.

But you need to be careful with the other colors you use for your exteriors, as using black shutters might be a little too much and overpower the entire look you are trying to achieve.

8. Colorful Yellow Garage Door

Yellow is such a vibrant color and will match any gray house, as long as you choose the right shade. It’s a cheerful color that has an energetic vibe to it and gives your surroundings a better look.

If your home is already a dull shade of gray, and you want to brighten it up, pairing it with a yellow garage door is the easy way to go.

Colorful Yellow Garage Door

Faded yellow is great if you are looking to create a mellowed look, and not a bright, shiny look.

However, if you are looking to create a statement look, a cheery shade of yellow gives a Bohemian style.

To spice things up, furnish your exterior with yellow overhead doors, so your house can have a color blast.

9. Ravishing Blue Garage Door

Blue is a very pretty color, and it has a natural, coastal vibe, plus it’ll match any gray-colored house.

When going with blue, you can honestly use any shade you want, but make sure it’s a pretty shade. To be on the safe side, go with either light blue or navy blue.

A light blue garage door will give your gray house a clean look, and make it really unique.

When do you think about the clouds what comes to your mind? Blue, right?

The clouds are always amazing to stare at, so why not use that shade of blue for your garage door?

Ravishing Blue Garage Door
Image Credit: lenmanrenovations

It creates an elegant theme that screams playful but rich.

To achieve a more Victorian-era look, go for a navy-blue garage door. Yes, it’s a bold choice, but makes your home look more historic and traditional.

Getting the perfect navy-blue garage door is easy, and you’ll see different stylish designs to choose from.

10. Cool Gray Garage Door

A gray garage door in a small gray house is perfect, as it gives the illusion of a bigger house. But to achieve this, you need to make sure you use the exact shade of gray for both the house and garage door.

Also, if you are planning to create a monochrome theme, using the same shade is advisable, after all, you want to achieve a uniform and calm look.

Cool Gray Garage Door
Image Credit: marnerdoors

Monochrome doesn’t exactly mean your house will look dull and boring. If you feel that way, then you can either use a contrasting shade. A lighter shade of the house on a garage door will make it look modern and eclectic.

When you use a darker shade of gray, it’ll give a contemporary look, and that’s pretty alluring as well.

11. Charming Orange Garage Door

Orange is a dicey color, and it can be hard to incorporate it with a gray house, but not impossible.

For dull gray houses, orange garage doors are a way to add color, and fashionably. To make your house stand out, orange is the perfect answer, and will definitely get the visitors and neighbors talking.

Charming Orange Garage Door
Image Credit: marnerdoors

Orange garage doors create the balance that you need with your gray houses, and you can never go wrong with it.

12. Timeless Purple Garage Door

Purple is an ethereal color that can match gray houses. Yes, it’s not a color that will come to mind when you think about garage doors. You can give your home a colorful and cheerful look with a purple garage door.

Purple comes in different shades, and it’s always advisable to use a bright shade of purple against a pale gray house, so it can create an appealing contrast.

Timeless Purple Garage Door
Image Credit: ohaikatherine

Purple garage doors effortlessly blend into any sophisticated-looking gray house, and it adds drama to the exterior of your house.

13. Classic Wooden Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are mature yet elegant. Anyone would appreciate the vibe it gives when they enter your space.

Wood just like gray is a neutral color, and while some people might think it’ll end up giving a dull color it doesn’t.

Classic Wooden Garage Door
Image Credit: scdoorco

It’s a good choice, mostly for homes that already have exterior wood trims. If you are looking to create an earthy and nature-inspired look for your home, then go for wooden garage doors.


Gray houses are naturally beautiful, and to make them more captivating, it’s best to complement them with a colorful garage door.

Finding the right color can be complex, and most times people play it safe by using either black or white.

However, other colors will go well with gray houses, but you need to be careful of their undertones as well.

You can make your selection from the amazing colors that we have listed above, as your home will look great regardless of the color you go with.

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