What Color Curtains Go With Blue Grey Walls? (The Top Rated)

What Color Curtains Go With Blue Grey Walls? (The Top Rated)

You’re currently renovating your room, and you are absolutely in love as far as you’ve gone. The soothing sight of blue-grey walls enveloping your sight, broken out by your window that extends the view into an amazing sunrise or sunset is beauty manifesting into your room.

However, you’re now in the furnishing phase of the renovation. You love the blue-grey walls, but you will have to put curtains up on your window. A few considerations that you might want to take note of regarding decisions on interior design are the ambiance you’re aiming for, as well as the type of room that you’re putting these on.

What color will go best with the regal atmosphere of blue-grey? Let’s take a look at some of our recommendations.

The Best Choice of Curtain Color For Your Blue Grey Walls

The Best Choice of Curtain Color For Your Blue Grey Walls

1. White

Simple, neutral, safe. That’s how white curtains would go with dark blue walls. No color would ever go wrong with being paired with white. As an accent to a dominantly blue-grey background, white curtains complement the view quite well.

Being as neutral as the blue-grey walls themselves, white curtains also tend to make your room more relaxing, which is a perfect fit for bedrooms and other areas where you might often opt to rest.

An unfortunate downside to white curtains is that dirt is glaringly obvious on them, so you might want to watch for them. You will also have to clean it more often than other less bright colors. Nevertheless, white is a great color that goes well with blue-grey walls.

2. Black

Going far into the other end of the spectrum, black curtains also go with a blue room very well. Offering a more modern aesthetic than white drapes, black curtains exude an executive feel that would go well in home office rooms. They’re also great with rooms where you want to completely blackout a room from natural lighting.

Because of the serious tone that black curtains would envelop a space with, they would only go well with blue-grey walls if you specifically want that professional look for the room. In any other room, the black drapes would maintain a tense atmosphere that can be unsettling in the wrong context. Make sure to consider the purpose of the room when choosing black drapes.

3. Grey

Well, if white and black are great, surely the middle part should be good, too. Grey curtains, especially lighter ones, are simply a variation of white curtains. If white seems too bright for you but black is too specific, light grey is your best bet.

With both neutral colors in your room, blue-grey walls and gray curtains would make for a relaxing atmosphere that is easy on the eyes. Grey also literally stands for neutrality and balance, so it is a great general color to place for any room in your home.

4. Gold


Because the blue-grey itself is a relatively neutral color, the colors of the decor complementing the room decide the vibe far more than the walls themselves. This is especially true when you consider gold curtains. Even without the shimmer, gold curtains immediately stand out as luxurious.

With blue-grey generally regal, the gold curtains elevate the mood of the room into something like a throne room. Rooms with generally low activity and foot traffic would benefit the best from this combination, especially bedrooms. If you want your living room to be a bit more formal, gold curtains would also be your go-to.

However, gold drapes suffer a similar conundrum as black curtains: although not tense, the gold curtains and blue-grey walls can have an intimidating aura that can be overwhelming in very specific situations, such as certain informal settings. You may want to avoid placing gold curtains when the room is meant for informal situations.

5. Beige

Despite coming from the same hue, beige curtains do not exhibit the same royal atmosphere as gold curtains. Being a bit more neutral, beige instead adds a hint of subtle romance and lightness to blue-grey rooms.

Beige also leans more into the brighter side of colors without looking obnoxiously vibrant, which helps balance out the duller shades of blue-grey. This also gives you more freedom in choosing the colors for your furniture, as this combination can also go well with a variety of other colors.

This can be a weakness for this combination, too, as without the presence of other colors, beige and blue-grey can end up looking too bland and flat.

6. Yellow

Enough with safe and neutral colors. Let’s shift to some lively and vibrant colors, headlined by yellow. As long as the yellow curtains are not vicious to the eyes, they add so much life and vibrancy that goes well with the blue-grey walls.

The contrast between the yellow curtain and blue-grey walls is amazing to look at, given that they are complementary colors. The energizing atmosphere of this duo also makes them great for living rooms where kids may play a lot. Other high-activity rooms can also partake of this intensely active combination of colors.

Generally, the zesty yellow color also offsets the generally moody aura of the blue-grey walls, so they’re up with white as one of the best colors to go with blue-grey walls.

7. Pink


Pink and blue have been a perennial pair, often representing the feminine and masculine energies, respectively. With your blue-grey walls furnished with soft pink curtains, the masculine energy takes the backdrop and the feminine aura goes front and center.

The warmth from the pink curtains pairs well with the cool tones of the blue-grey walls. Plus, the pink stands out well enough to give off a soft female vibe, while not being too on-your-face because of the neutral blue-gray. This combination is also amazing if you like neutral matte colors.

Give these pink curtains to the room of any female member of your household, and they’ll be sure to love the combo.

8. Green

Green, especially those which are also along the shades of gray, would be perfect with blue-grey. By opting for another neutral color for your curtains, your room gets an overall neutral-feeling atmosphere. Plus, green and blue are analogous, meaning they are beside each other in the color wheel. Analogous colors are more relaxing and generally pleasing to look at.

Green curtains, especially olive green ones, also add a sense of nature to your room. If your window peers into a view of trees, green curtains are the way to go. The way that the curtains would easily join the crown of woods would be a great way to start a morning.

With that said, green curtains would be perfect for bedrooms and other rooms of relaxation.

9. Red

Red curtains join the foray of gold and black curtains. Where gold makes the space regal and black makes the room professional, red can comfortably turn the room into either. Red curtains on navy blue walls create a color combination that emanates a powerful aura, with a domineering and frankly intimidating aura that spreads across the room.

Muted red, such as burgundy, curtains are amazing for formal rooms and high-activity rooms, such as a dining room for a big family with mostly adults. The red curtains would match the maturity of its tenants.

As with gold and black curtains, red curtains may not be appropriate for low-energy rooms and rooms that you want to be less formal. However, you can actually opt for red curtains in the master bedroom to signify passionate love.

10. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Well, if none of the previous nine choices look decent to you, then you would never go wrong with simply matching the hue of the wall and choosing a shade darker. Navy blue curtains, with enough shades away, would make an amazing minimalistic contrast with blue-grey walls.

The primary point of the navy blue curtains would be to highlight your wall colors, making them pop as a lighter color. These two colors are both neutral, so they won’t especially violate your eyes with a fighting contrast.

11. Patterned Curtains

A good choice of curtains aside from a plain color curtain are those with a beautiful repeating pattern. Curtains with a geometric pattern and dots are amazing since they add another layer of dynamic energy other than what their pop of color provides. You can create a color scheme from any of the aforementioned colors and simply add a pattern, and you’re already good to go.


Blue-grey is a great color for your walls. Being a neutral color, it can go well with quite a variety of other colors for your curtains. To help you choose the colors, it’s important that you consider the purpose of the room: is it going to be a busy, high-traffic room, or is it a place that you primarily want to relax in? You may also want to consider the people who would use the room, as younger people may have different preferences from more mature ones.

By thinking about these considerations beforehand, you will be better informed in making these choices.

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