17 Common Types of Windows: Which Do You Like Best?

17 Common Types of Windows Which Do You Like Best

No one can count all the options you have at your disposal when it comes to different types of windows. The best solution for your home will depend on the style of windows you prefer, its purpose, and your budget.

There are a few primary criteria you should consider before making your final decision, including the location and utility of the window, as well as the size of the room. Additionally, you need to take care of wind direction, the climate in your region, and architectural requirements. Let’s take a look.

Common Types of Windows You Can Find on the Market

1. Single-hung windows


The single-hung window has the bottom window panes as a moving part of the window while its upper sash stays fixed. You can move the lower sash up and down as desired. Once you open the window, it will cover the upper sash on the inside.

You should pick out this type of window if you like a classic decorative look matching any home design and need a window for small and narrow spaces. It is affordable, quite energy-efficient, and its installation is not complicated.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t open outwards, and you can’t clean this type of window from inside. Plus, it offers less open area than some other models available on the market.

Price range is from $100 to $350

2. Double-hung windows


This type of window with two movable sashes attached to one frame is probably the most common replacement window in the US. The lower one slides up, and the upper one slides down, which allows better ventilation when you open both sashes about halfway.

The significant advantage is that you can clean the window panes inside and out without going outside.

Most Americans like this model since it is available in many designs that match almost every architectural solution. Plus, it is an affordable and energy-efficient window ideal for narrow outside spaces.

This type of window is not highly airtight and offers limited ventilation. However, it mostly depends on the materials it is made of.

Price range is from $200 to $600

Slider windows

There are two types of windows with sliders you can find on the market.

3. Two-panel slider windows


This sliding window has two sections. You can open the window by moving one of the sashes aside since that part slides horizontally overtop another one. This window will offer you a clear view and excellent ventilation, but keep in mind that it is not airtight.

Except for a lock, this model has no mechanical parts, which makes it a cheap option. You won’t have trouble with the installation and maintenance of this energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable window.

However, it comes in different sizes, which means that the price can vary dramatically.

Price range is from $250 to $1300

4. Three-panel slider windows


It is a wide sliding window that will provide a panoramic view for you. It contains three-panel sliders, including fixed middle one and two on the side. Side sliders move aside and open and close by sliding to the middle.

This durable and reliable type of window requires low maintenance.

Price range is from $300 to $1700

5. Arched windows


With rounded tops, this type of window will be a beautiful architectural design for your home. You can install it above your standard window to provide excellent airflow if you find models opening the same way as a casement window.

Unfortunately, you can’t open most of them, which means that ventilation is not an option, and there is no escape route in emergencies.

Price range is from $325 to $500

6. Picture windows


In a situation when you have no space for a wide-open window, you can pick out a picture window. It will provide ample sunlight without opening the window panes. If you find a model without visible frames, you will get an unobstructed, panoramic view, as well.

Since you can’t open it, the picture window is an ideal airtight solution when airflow is not crucial. On the other hand, large glass window panes gain and lose heat even though you install a highly energy-efficient double-pane model.

There are a lot of advantages to these windows, including low price and maintenance and uncomplicated installation. Plus, you don’t need any exterior window shutters, window awnings, or window blinds. If your home has an alternative way of ventilation, this window is an excellent option for you.

Price range is from $250 to $850

7. Skylight windows


A skylight window is an ideal solution when you wish to add more natural light to your home, but there is no enough space on the exterior walls.

Since it is basically a window placed on the top of a sloped roof, you can install it like a roof vent. It will provide a lot of indirect solar lights and saves energy. To make it waterproof, you should arrange gutters around its frame.

Price range is from $900 to $2,130

8. Bay windows


These beautiful windows protrude from the wall of your house and create a storage area inside. It contains sizeable fixed window panes and two smaller ones (flankers) on each side angled at 30 to 45 degrees.

They allow entering the light at different angles and provide excellent airflow. If you install one in your kitchen, you will get a lovely shelf for plants or your collection of cookbooks.

Keep in mind that the installation and maintenance of this type of window are costly. Plus, locations for its installation are limited since this window blocks a lot of outside space.

Price range is from $2,600 to $7,000

9. Garden windows


A garden window reminds me of a mini-greenhouse meant for growing herbs and other plants. It is a four-sided window that protrudes from the inside of the house and provides enough sunlight for plants.

You will enjoy its aesthetically-pleasing design, durability, and utility. On the other hand, this type of window may interfere with patios, driveways, and sidewalks if you place it incorrectly.

Price range is from $1,000 to $4,000

10. Bow windows


These custom curved windows form an arch and protrude outside of the wall of your home. It can be highly expensive, which depends on the number of window panes.

It is one of the most elegant and highly energy-efficient designs a window can offer. It will extend the interior and provide a beautiful panoramic view. On the other side, it is highly difficult to clean all these panes.

Price range is from $3,600 to $12,000

11. Casement windows


I like this window since its sashes can open both upwards and aside. You can find it with left and right window panes made of solid glass, offering an unobstructed view and ample light.

The casement windows will provide better ventilation than other types of windows. On the other side, they seal effectively when you close and lock it, which improves energy performances.

Price range is from $270 to $750

12. Hopper windows


You should choose this type of window as an efficient solution for compact spaces, such as a bathroom and basement. It opens from the top and sealed, which provides excellent insulation and high energy-efficiency.

Price range is from $100 to $700

13. Awning windows


If you live in the region with a lot of rain, this type of window is an ideal solution for you since it creates a water-resistant awning after you open it. It will provide excellent insulation for your home and save energy.

If you combine the awning window with a large picture window, you will get the best view with excellent ventilation at the same time.

The other option is to install such a window above your front door. However, avoid having it near walkways or driveways as they open outwards.

Price range is from $420 to $760

14. Egress window


These types of windows are designed for safety since they provide an escape route in the case of an emergency. In fact, the security laws of some states require the installation of this window.

The best place to install it is in the basement of your house, which will additionally brighten and ventilate this place. Improperly installed, it may cause moisture problems. Plus, you need to excavate an area in some cases just for it, which will increase overall expenses.

Price range is from $1,000 to $5,000

15. Circle windows


You can choose among round, half-round, oval, or elliptical models and provide unique architectural design and traditional decor to your house. These windows will provide enough natural light and airflow if you find the types that can be opened.

Price range is from $250 to $750

16. Jalousie windows


With a unique style, this window can split into different slats made of glass or metal. When you want to open it, it will ajar like a set of blinds after cranking the lever.

This type of window is a cheap solution for warm-weather regions. It will provide maximum airflow without a view and security measures.

It is not a secure option, but if you add some window security bars, window guards, or wired mesh, you will protect your home effectively from different types of inconveniences.

Price range is from $175 to $375

17 Custom windows

When you want something unique, but standard types of windows don’t meet your wishes and needs, you can look for a custom window. That means you can choose crafted models in the desired dimensions. Since their prices vary significantly, you should make an accurate measurement before going shopping.

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