4 Common Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Which Is Best?

Common Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When installing your kitchen cabinets, one of the things you need to think about is how you want the doors to look. This is because cabinets are typically the first thing people see when they enter the kitchen. Also, because they occupy significantly large wall space, their door color and style can make or break the overall appearance of your kitchen.

That said, it is important that you select cabinet doors that complement the rest of the room. Here are some of the most common types of kitchen cabinet doors on the market today to help you choose appropriately.

Common Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

1. Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The shaker is perhaps the most popular kitchen cabinet door style, not just because it is completely versatile but also because it comes in many designs, colors, and sizes to meet every homeowner’s needs.

If you are looking for durable doors for your kitchen cabinets, shaker could be a great option. The majority of doors in this category are made from American hardwood, particularly oak, cherry, hickory, and maple, making them hardy and long-lasting.

You will identify a shaker cabinet door by its plain, unbeveled rails with recessed center panels. The door usually comes in five parts; four panels that build the frame and a huge square or rectangular piece that goes at the center of the door.

Because of their different sizes and styles, they can be used on any cabinet to match any kitchen design. Whether you have a traditional, transitional, or contemporary kitchen style, shaker cabinet doors would be a stylish and aesthetically pleasing addition.

2. Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Slab doors have one feature that makes them stand out from all kitchen cabinet doors – they don’t have frames. One piece of wood typically makes up the entire door and is attached directly to the sides of the cabinet.

The majority of slab doors are built from engineered wood topped with wood veneer, but you can still find some made of hardwood staves.

If you are looking for kitchen cabinet doors that are minimalistic yet appealing to the eye, slabs are the real deal. Plus they are available in different styles and varieties including high gloss, bright hue, and natural hardwood.

These doors are perfect for modern kitchens, and thanks to their shiny surface, they make the kitchen look brighter and cleaner. You can choose any color ranging from bright red, green, orange, to purple or go for a more natural wooden look.

One of the things you will love about slab kitchen cabinet doors is that they are very easy to clean. Dirt and stains can effortlessly be wiped off with a piece of cloth.

The only downside? The material may peel or warp over time. For that reason, go for those with plywood core, as they are less likely to warp. Just make sure they have a thermofoil covering.

3. Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Want to keep your kitchen cabinets well ventilated? Consider installing louvered doors. Unlike the shaker or slab styles where the cabinets are completely covered, louvered doors come with horizontal and vertical slats of wood instead of one continuous board to allow air to freely enter and leave the cabinet.

The best part about this style is that it is not just meant for kitchen cabinets; you can use it on the main kitchen door, windows, and even on closets.

You can choose between an open louvered door or a closed one based on where you plan to install it. An open louvered door will have wider spaces between the slats and would be perfect for windows, while the spaces in closed louvered slats are hardly noticeable. Closed louvered doors are, therefore, more appropriate for kitchen cabinets.

In addition to choosing the amount of space you want on your louvered door, you can also decide whether you want the slats done horizontally or vertically. Some people like having both horizontal and vertical slats on the same door. Luckily, most manufacturers offer customization options and you can have your doors tailor-made to your style, needs, and preferences.

4. Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass doors add a touch of elegance to kitchen cabinets, allowing you to see what is inside the cabinets. They have grown in popularity in recent years and can be a great option for people looking for something other than ordinary wooden doors.

Depending on whether you want the content of the cabinets to be visible or not, you can choose between transparent, frosted, or embossed texture glass doors.

Go for transparent glass doors if you want the contents of your cabinets to be visible, but if you want the doors to give just a slight impression of what’s inside the cabinet, the frosted glass would be more ideal.

If you want to completely block out the contents of your cabinets, then the embossed texture glass will be your best bet. It comes with beautiful patterns and a decorative texture that provide an obscured view while keeping your kitchen looking stylish.

Which Kitchen Cabinet Door Type Is Better?

If we look at the cabinets doors in terms of style and durability, it is safe to say that no design is better than the other, as all these designs are stunning and will last for many years. However, the wood veneer on slab doors may warp over time, leaving the door looking bumpy and unattractive. But it also makes the door easy to clean.

Ultimately, the decision on which kitchen cabinet to choose will solely depend on your lifestyle, the design of your kitchen, and how much you are willing to spend.

If you are looking for something that will go well with a hardwood floor, then a cabinet door with natural wood grain would be more appropriate. In this case, we would suggest a slab or shaker design.

Some people will want to match their doors with the lighting and ambiance of the room too. If your kitchen looks warmer with the lights on, we would suggest that you go for cabinets with warm colors.

If you want a design that can be used beyond the kitchen cabinets or one that keeps the cabinets well ventilated, then we would advise you to pick the louvered style. And if you are looking for something that lets you see what’s inside the cabinets without necessarily having to open the cabinets, consider transparent glass doors.

When it comes to the price of the doors, however, each design will come with a different price tag and how much you will spend will depend on the number of cabinets you have as well as how much accessorizing you are going to do.

If you already know where you will be buying your cabinet doors, take the measurements of your cabinets and call the store to find out how much each type of door costs. Don’t know how to measure for cabinet doors? Watch this video.

How to Customize Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors to Your Style

Any of the cabinet door designs we have discussed here will truly add a sense of style and elegance to your kitchen. But to really get the most out of your set up, think about the following when choosing your doors:


No matter which design you plan on taking home, it is important that you stick to a neutral color. Choose a style that brings out the texture and warmth of natural wood grain or find a colored style that matches your room.

If the floor of your kitchen is traditional hardwood or engineered wood vinyl, a cabinet door that has natural wood grain would make more sense. It will tie the design of the room together to bring out a more solid, uniform look.


If you plan on painting your kitchen cabinet doors in the future, make sure to pick a material that is paint graded. Styles made of natural wood be a great option for you, as they will be much easier to paint than those covered with wood veneer.

Accessories and Hardware

Other important things to give a thought to are the elements that will enhance the look of your cabinet door. These include things like moldings, handles, and knobs. Make sure to pick a style that goes with the door and seamlessly brings the room together.

The color of your hardware, especially, should complement that of the cabinet door. If you are not sure about what color of knobs or handles will go with your chosen door, ask for guidance from the person selling the doors for you. You could also get free advice online from home improvement forums like this one.

The Takeaway

There are several different types of kitchen cabinet doors to fit every homeowner’s lifestyle and kitchen design. Which one you choose will depend on your personal preferences, how you want the room to look upon completion, and how much you are willing to spend.

The important thing is to choose a design that matches the rest of the room. Hopefully, with this guide, you now know which kitchen cabinet door style best suits your style and space.

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