A Complete Guide To Types of Garages

A Complete Guide To Types of Garages

Whether you want to remodel your new home or recently bought a car, building a garage is an excellent idea that will add value to your house. Many of us perceive the garage as a place to store our vehicle and protect it against the elements.

However, garages can be so much more. It can be used as a spacious place and area (depending on the type of garage) to keep and store your tools or fishing equipment, but also as an additional living space or even a workshop.

Today, there are different types of garages that you can buy and customize; obviously, you can match the exterior of your house, but you can also be creative and pick a different color or design for your house’s exterior.

Some types of garages include attached garages, detached garages, portable garages, workshop garages, barn garages, and others.

Types of Garages

1. Attached garage

As implied in the name, the attached garage is a type of garage connected to your house instead of being built elsewhere on your property.

These types of garages are usually built at the same time the house is constructed, providing a cohesive packaging of the house. For several reasons, attached garages are one of the most common and popular types.

You can position the garage to one of the sides of the house and match the exterior so it offers a seamless transition.

One of the perks of having an attached garage is that a door usually connects the house and the garage. It means you can access it without leaving your home, which is excellent if you live in a colder environment or area that receives a lot of precipitation.

In most cases, these garages are used as vehicles’ storage, but it is common to see attached garages transformed into living spaces or workshops.

Although previously, people mostly owned one car, the number of vehicles per household in the last decade has increased, which explains the need for two-car garages and three-car garages.

2. Detached Garage

Detached garages, unlike attached garages, are not situated next to the house and can be built anywhere on your property.

These types of garages offer flexibility regarding the design and exterior; you can pick a different design and match it with the house’s exterior without looking like a random addition to your home.

What makes these garages great is that you can build them anywhere you want, and they pose an excellent solution for houses that do not have a good access point for an attached garage.

In addition, detached garages do not have to be built during the construction of the house if. for example, you lack funds to make it at the same time. Another great money-saving option is buying prefabricated house garages and hiring professionals to install them.

3. Portable Garage

Portable Garage
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As you can tell by the name, portable garages or portable carports are semi-fledged garages that are an excellent choice for all under-budgeted homeowners.

If you need a space to store your car and protect it from the weather but do not have a budget for a regular garage, we suggest you go for a portable garage. However, note that these garages do not have a garage floor, windows, and doors.

You will have to purchase those and install them separately. On the other hand, the installation process is relatively simple, and they are generally low-maintenance; you can clean them by scrubbing or hosing them off.

Most portable garages are made of triple-layer woven fabric covers, ensuring that a tear or snag will not immediately rip it open.

Also, if you live in an area or neighborhood that requires some type of roofing over your vehicle, boat, SUV, or RV, the portable garage is a cheap and easy solution.

4. Breezeway Garages

A breezeway garage, also known as a portico garage, is a detached and attached garage hybrid. These garages are connected to your house and offer the perks of both attached and detached garages.

A breezeway or roofed outdoor passage is built between the house and garage, connecting them. That way, you do not have to go outside to access your garage; you can do it using the roofed passage.

If you opt for a breezeway garage, there are several options that you can choose from, such as enclosing the entire area or just building a small roof over the pathway.

5. Barn

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Even though a barn is not a garage but rather a farm building, it can also be used to store cars and equipment besides hay or grain. If you own a barn, you can quickly turn it into a garage that keeps more than one car and offers enough space for other belongings.

Barns generally include loft storage, which you can use to store various items and gear without taking up floor or wall space.

Today, you can buy a prefab or modular barn, which are generally affordable; the prices start at $2,000 and can go even higher depending on the size, style, and type. On the other hand, building a barn can be expensive, costing up to $45,000 or even more.

6. Carriage House Garage

A carriage house garage, also known as a coach house, comes with an apartment. Initially, these garages were meant for storing a cart before the age of vehicles and cars came to be.

It is a living space with a garage underneath it that you can use for numerous purposes. Buying a carriage house garage is an excellent idea if you have children because they will eventually want privacy and independence.

Furthermore, the carriage house garage is a great investment because you can turn the upper floor into a living accommodation and rent it. The prices depend on whether the garage is single, two, or three-car.

How to Choose the Right Garage?

Before diving into different garage styles and types, we must go through factors and criteria that might influence your decision or help you choose a suitable garage.

As mentioned, many people use their garages to store their cars, but that space can also be used for other purposes. Therefore, your garage can be multi-functional and can even be considered a significant room in the house or workspace.

When you think about it, you can remodel your garage and turn it into your home office, a ‘male’s den,’ secondary living room, or a fun room for watching movies and playing games. So, before you pick the garage you want, it is crucial to consider its purpose.

Many of us are used to storing numerous tools, furniture, appliances, toys, and even clothes in the garage that we should throw away, but for some reason, it is simpler to keep them in the garage. That is how we end up with a nearly ‘hoarding’ situation in our garages.

But the point is, your garage can be a very organized and functional space; think of it as another room in your house where you can install metal shelving to store everything from fishing gear to childhood toys.

  • There are numerous ways to add shelves and organize your garage to fit your every whim or idea. For example, you may want to transform it into a small gym or an art studio and make it an investment.
  • A garage can be a good, cheaper, long-term solution if you pay to use a storage unit to keep your stuff. In addition, it can save you some money because you will not have to pay monthly fees, and you can have an area away from your house but still close to it.
  • Another important factor is your budget- buying a garage can be expensive, but it is a long-term investment. For example, a detached single-car garage can cost between $10,000 to $27,000.
How to Choose the Right Garage
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1. What Kind of Garage Door Can I Buy?

As you probably guessed, there are different garage door types with distinct advantages and disadvantages today. The garage doors are a highly essential part of the house, it is also the most noticeable, so it is safe to assume that you want your garage doors to be made of quality material such as vinyl, fiberglass, or polyethylene aluminum.

Some of those include tilt-up garage doors, insulated garage doors, sectional garage doors, side-to-side garage doors, side-hinged garage doors, and roll-up garage doors.

2. What Kind of Siding Material Can I Buy?

Siding material for your garage is highly important because it determines the final appearance. Therefore, if your budget can take it, we suggest you use some quality materials known for their durability.

The most commonly used ones are wood, vinyl siding, polyethylene, and stainless steel. Even though the wood siding has charms, it is prone to insect and rodent damage, making it less attractive.

On the other hand, stainless steel is highly durable but does scratch easily.

3. What Kind of Flooring Can I buy?

In addition, there are various garage flooring materials that you can choose from unless you are okay with having a concrete floor. Some of the most popular floorings for a garage are epoxy flooring, carpet, mats, tiles, and concrete.


As you can tell, there are several types of garages, such as attached, detached, breezeway, portable, carport, double-width, and tandem garage, which all have unique features and purposes.

If you need to buy a garage, the most important factors are the garage size, budget, and purpose. For example, if you want to store a truck in your garage, you will need a double garage.

Do you need to buy or build a garage? Which one is the best option for you? Please share your opinion with us! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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