17 Types Of Door Sweeps

17 Types Of Door Sweeps

A door sweep works to cover the bottom of the door, thus preventing dust, water, hot/cold air (and even sound) from entering. Add to that, this gadget allows the door to close more smoothly.

Since there are many different types of door sweeps, it’ll help to learn more about them before buying.

Let’s go!

17 Types Of Door Sweeps

1. Flat Door Sweeps

Also known as the traditional door sweep, it’s made with various materials such as nylon, vinyl, or aluminum. And, if you dislike the color of the sweep, you can easily paint it with whatever shade you want.

Generally, this product is installed with the help of screws. In fact, here’s a video on how to do it yourself.

As it’s more durable than most models in this list, it does a terrific job at blocking rodents, insects, bugs, and whatnot.

2. Brush Door Sweeps

The name indeed speaks for itself.

Instead of having a solid panel like the example above, it comes with a brush. But because of this design, it is less effective in keeping the water out. And, depending on the brush quality, it may not last as long as solid door sweeps.

The good news, however, is this brush sweep is more effective in deterring rodents. They hate the feeling of bristles and find it harder to chew through brush (compared to a vinyl door sweep, which they can devour with gusto.)

Brush door sweeps also do an excellent job of keeping the cold out.

Tip: A brush sweep made with aluminum components is a good option if you want to outfit a metal door.

3. Tubular Door Sweeps

A tubular door sweep is a product that securely fits underneath interior and exterior doors. It’s pretty easy to install and very effective in blocking drafts, insects, and whatnot.

Unlike other sweeps, tubular models do a fantastic job of blocking smoke or odors. As such, they’re recommended for kitchen or bathroom doors.

But even with these superb features, tubular door sweeps are less durable than most products in this list. However, they’re often cheaper.

4. U-Shaped Door Sweeps

Also known as the wrap-around sweep, it offers protection to both sides of the door. As such, it does a phenomenal job of keeping water, drafts, and insects out.

U-shaped sweeps are relatively easy to install, and they can be painted over as well. All in all, it offers two layers of protection – without ruining your door’s overall aesthetic.

Drip Cap Door Sweeps
Image Credit: aldretemhs

5. Drip Cap Door Sweeps

This sweep comes with a unique drip cap design that makes it effective at keeping dust, draft, and insects out. However, if the structure becomes deformed, it won’t perform as well as it should.

As with most of the sweeps in this list, this can be attached to the door threshold with the help of security screws.

6. Self-Adhesive Sweeps

As the name suggests, this type is fitted with adhesive (also known as weather stripping seals.) It’s often made of silicone, and it can be installed on most surfaces – be it plastic, wood, metal, or glass. As such, it’s best used for front doors.

One of the advantages of the self-adhesive door sweep is the easy installation that comes with it. All you need to do is cut the adhesive to the size of your door’s width. Afterward, you just need to peel off the sticker and place it at the bottom of your door.

You just need to be sure once you’ve placed it, though, for it will be hard to reposition the sweep once it’s made contact with the door. And, should you need to remove the adhesive, you may end up chipping the paint off your wood door.

Another drawback of this sweep is that it’s not as effective as blocking rodents and other pests. Additionally, it could easily detach due to tension/door movements.

7. Double-Layer Adhesive Sweeps

This sweep is similar to the self-adhesive model, though it’s notably sturdier. Made of two rubber layers, it does a better job of protecting you from drafts, noise, and insect infestation.

As the name suggests, it comes with an adhesive that you can stick to the face of the door. You can also attach it using screws, though they’re only recommended for uneven door surfaces. But of course, if you want to be 100% sure, go for the latter!

8. Fin Sweeps

These sweeps are equipped with half-inch fins (1 or 2 layers) that help keep dirt and other elements away. As such, it can provide a tight seal – especially when it comes to storm doors.

Fin sweeps are also very easy to install, thanks to the channel that keeps it securely attached to the door.

9. Double Bubble Door Sweeps

Primarily used for exterior doors, double bubble sweeps are installed with the help of screws. They are fitted with drip caps, which make them highly effective at catching water/moisture – and draining it away from your home.

As with most sweeps in this list, you may also paint it to match your color design.

In a nutshell, this model is more reliable than fin sweeps.

Automatic Door Bottom Sweeps
Image Credit: groutrxrichmond

10. Automatic Door Bottom Sweeps

Automatic sweeps are perfect for in-swing/out-swing doors (measuring 1 3/4 inches) with saddle-type thresholds. It has an aluminum housing, a vinyl bulb, and a small pin that helps compress the door.

However, the issue with automatic door sweeps is that they’re difficult to install. But as long as you follow the instructions in this video, you can install your door bottom sweeps like a pro.

11. Shower Door Bottom Sweeps

This sweep is designed to prevent water from spilling off your shower’s half-inch glass doors. You just need to cut it to size and fit it on your door bottom seals.

Since its purpose is very specific, you wouldn’t be able to use these for other doors.

Other examples of shower sweeps include side sweeps, glass-to-glass door jambs, and glass-to-wall shower seals.

12. U Shape + O Ring Sweeps

This sweep, made for exterior doors such as flat-bottomed garage doors or gates, does an adequate job of keeping the elements out of your area. After all, its U shape and O-ring make it dustproof, draft-proof, and waterproof.

Like some of the sweeps in this list, they can be attached with the use of sturdy screws. They can be painted over as well.

13. V Strips

Perfect for doors with narrow gaps, V strips help keep drafts, moisture, and insects out. They’re affordable and easy to install and less apparent than most of the sweeps in this article.

Do note that they’re only meant for minute door openings. So if you’re looking to cover a bigger gap, you might want to consider the other sweep types listed here.

14. Door Draft Stoppers

Although draft stoppers help limit air and sound flow, they aren’t technically door sweeps. But, for the purposes of this article, I am going to include them as well.

Compared to the ‘true’ sweeps in this list, a stopper only needs to be placed at the bottom of your door. Since it protects both sides, you don’t have to worry about drafts and critters entering your door.

Draft stoppers come in various designs, and they’re effortless to install. The only downside to this material is that it gets dirty quickly – so you may have to clean (or replace) it frequently.

Good thing they’re kind of cheap!

Under-Door Draft Stoppers
Image Credit: atlanticpest

15. Under-Door Draft Stoppers

If you don’t want a stopper that shows, then this semi-circular product is perfect for you. It’s placed under door bottoms with gaps measuring between 3 and 13 mm.

Despite being invisible to the naked eye, it’s an effective barrier against draft, dirt, and insects.

16. Door Shoes

These ‘shoes’ can be used to wrap the door bottom – or seal the inside of the door. It’s a little tricky to install, but when done perfectly, you can expect these shoes to offer excellent protection.

Tip: If you want to protect your exterior doors, go for L-shaped door shoes. They’re made of sturdy materials, meaning they’ll last for years (even decades) to come.

17. Brush Weather Strips

Similar to a brush sweep, this strip comes with brushes/bristles that are made up of either nylon or propylene.

Such strips are also self-adhesive, so you can easily stick them to the surface of interior doors. Furthermore, you can also use it to protect windows or cabinets from drafts or insect infestation.

The best thing about brush weather strips is they make good door seals for irregular surfaces. As such, this new door sweep is recommended for such instances.


There are many types of door sweeps, namely:

  1. Flat door sweeps
  2. Brush door sweeps
  3. Tubular door sweeps
  4. U-shaped door sweeps
  5. Drip cap door sweeps
  6. Self-adhesive door sweeps
  7. Double-layer adhesive sweeps
  8. Fin sweeps
  9. Automatic door bottom sweeps
  10. Shower door bottom sweeps
  11. Double bubble door sweeps
  12. U shape + O ring sweeps
  13. V strips
  14. Door draft stoppers
  15. Under-door draft stoppers
  16. Door shoes
  17. Brush weather strips

Given this long list of choices, you’re sure to find a sweep that meets your needs!

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