Stylish And Different Types Of Closet Doors (8 Popular Choices)

Stylish And Different Types Of Closet Doors

Most houses are designed practically and functionally. Architects and engineers do not focus on new designs that are on par with the latest trends in interior design.

That is why in a house there are many spaces with opportunities to be remodeled and you can print your taste and style to the home.

One of those elements is the doors for cabinets. The closets fulfill the function of storing our clothes and many people like to keep a certain style when it comes to dressing. That door that leads to the place where part of your personality is deposited should be intelligently decorated and match the rest of your room’s design.

In this guide, we will review the different styles and functions of closet doors, so that you can give your room a unique touch of personality and good taste.

The Most Stylish Closet Doors

1. Bypass closet doors

Bypass closet doors
Image Credit: riseandshinealways

The bypass door became fashionable in the 50s and remained in force until the late 80s. They have been losing popularity little by little, but they remain on the list because they are one of the most common options.

They are basic sliding closet doors, very light, and perfect for saving space in small places. You can find them in a wide variety of materials such as wood, smooth front, mirror, glass, or melamine.

One of the weak points of this type of closet is that it does not give you easy access to the closet, since they cannot be opened wide, you will always have to take turns and check the left or the right side.

When used with a rail, you must keep the rail in good condition and take care that it is not dirty, since over time the slide doors can derail or get stuck.

This is a very common door. But it needs constant maintenance to avoid becoming a problem in the future when opening and closing the closet.

2. Bifold closet doors

Bifold closet doors
Image Credit: classicimprovementproducts

Bifold doors are one of the most popular styles as it is very similar to bypass doors and also open by track. But the difference is that these doors are made of two panels with hinges in the middle. This allows you to fold doors and open them to the side, having more accessibility in the middle of the closet.

They are very convenient because their popularity has meant that you can find them in different styles and materials. However, they still have the disadvantage of going off the rail, just like bypass doors.

They are a great option for built-in wardrobes since the rail of a built-in wardrobe can be installed separately and you can choose a very good quality and high-performance one, thus avoiding future complications.

3. Pocket closet doors

Pocket closet doors

Pocket doors are very common in older houses. These doors slide into a pocket in the wall. These are great space-saving mechanics, plus they give you full access to the inside of the closet and are very simple and easy to use.

They are usually wooden doors, as it was the most frequently used material before. But now you can find pocket doors in much lighter and cheaper materials than an old solid wood door.

The only problem with these doors is that they can be expensive to install, plus you will have to make a hole in the wall for the hidden door and find special hardware for it.

It is not a DIY project or at least we do not recommend that you do it by yourself if you do not have previous experience or if you are not very keen on installing doors. It is best to hire a professional for this.

But once the installation is done, this door works great and saves a lot of space, as well as provides quick and easy access to your closet. It is the perfect option for walking closets.

4. Accordion closet doors

Accordion closet doors
Image Credit: eduardpatrickb.requejo

Accordion doors are one of the cheapest options you will find on the market. As the name indicates, they are doors made of multiple panels that fold, giving the appearance of an accordion.

In the past, accordion doors were made of very light materials and for this reason, they were prone to be easily damaged or to come off their rail and disengage.

Time has improved them and now you can find them made of more resistant materials such as PVC, acrylic, or vinyl. Some accordion doors look like glass, giving them a more sophisticated and elegant appearance.

There is still a risk of them coming off their rail since they only have one on the top of the cabinet frame or the wall. The accordion doors are very popular when it comes to separating spaces in the house or in the offices.

The materials from which the accordion doors are made make them easy to clean and if they suffer any damage it is not expensive to change them for new ones.

5. Glass closet doors

Glass closet doors
Image Credit: velascosglass

Glass doors are a sophisticated and elegant option. Recommended for walking closets or places that have a lot of space, since the panels are not foldable and you cannot hide them on the wall, but rather act as normal doors.

It’s also an expensive option because the glass must be impact resistant and have a protective coating if it breaks. That is why glass doors are one of the most expensive and luxurious but very sophisticated and modern options.

Ideal for people who focus on the interior design of their wardrobe and want to show what is inside. It also allows you to see from the outside what you need without having to open the door.

6. Pivot closet doors

Pivot closet doors
Image Credit: steelmasterbe

Pivot doors are the ultimate expression of good taste and give your room an air of sophistication. Pivots are used at the top and bottom center of the door instead of hinges.

This makes the door revolve, opening completely from any of its sides. Its ease of handling is one of its best features.

But it is not recommended if you are short on space or have a limited budget, as the hardware for these doors is often very expensive and requires a professional to come and install them.

You can customize a pivot door to match your room’s style. You can also find pivot doors of different materials, although good quality and durable wood is the one that predominates in this type of style.

7. French closet doors

French closet doors
Image Credit: upwardflooring

French doors are the ideal option if you want to give a classic touch to your room. They are one of the most elegant options and you can find them in different styles, from very simple and minimalist models to beautiful wood carvings, with details on the frames and a great finish.

They are not recommended for small rooms, since they are doors that take up a lot of space when opened. But if you have the necessary space, then they become a very attractive option if elegance is your thing.

Combining wood in the frames with the glass in the center is a great way to enhance your wardrobe. If you want more privacy, you can get models with translucent or tempered glass, there are also beautiful models with colored glass or more classic options made entirely of wood.

8. Bookcase closet door

Bookcase closet door
Image Credit: hendelhomes

These doors were used many years ago as secret doors to hide rooms where you could keep valuables such as a safe, weapons, or jewelry.

Today most people keep their money and valuables in banks or specialized stores, so these types of doors have fallen into disuse for their original purpose.

But they have regained value and popularity in wardrobes or pantries. They are usually made of wood and are very heavy. They simulate a bookcase or ornate mantel, thus hiding the room behind them.

It is a fun option that will give your room a special vibe and will make your wardrobe a secret and very personal place.


We hope you have enjoyed this guide to the different styles of doors for your wardrobe.

In the market you will find different options, some focused on an economic budget and high functionality. There are also more durable and classic options or you can find more elegant and sophisticated models.

Everything will depend on the space and budget you have. But thanks to the diversity of options, you can print your own style and decorate your wardrobe in a special and unique way.

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