Storm Door vs. Screen Door: What’s The Difference?

Storm Door vs. Screen Door

The doors are the main element of the house, it is the first thing that the guests will see when they come to visit you. But the classic doors may not be as functional as we would like.

Imagine that you live in a hot place with always clear skies and lots of sunlight. If that’s your case, a traditional wooden front door will keep out sunlight in the summer and can easily deteriorate during the winter.

That is why many homeowners are inclined to buy exterior doors for their homes.

In this guide, we will make a comparison of the screen doors vs. the storm doors. Each has different benefits and drawbacks.

So we will expose everything you need to know so that you can make the right decision on either option.

Why Buy An Exterior Door?

An exterior door is an incredible investment if you want more natural light in your house. They are also an excellent purchase if you want to keep the rooms of your house with fresh air.

If you live in a place with strong drafts, it is better to use an exterior door so that all that wind can enter your house and maintain a ventilated environment.

They are perfect in the spring and fall when the climate is not too extreme for seasonal ventilation. During the summer it can prevent the sun’s rays from heating the doors.

Technology has advanced enough that you can find exterior doors that block out UV rays and keep the air conditioner cool breeze inside without escaping through the cracks.

While in winter you will also enjoy protection against snow, giving your interior door a longer useful life. It also does the same as in the summer, preventing the hot air from the heating from being lost through the cracks, and providing a hermetic seal.

But what type of interior door suits you? There are two large types of exterior doors, each one with different variants to cover different needs. But in general, you will have the screen doors, which are an old design but quite effective and very well known to all.

And you also have storm doors, more modern in design, heavier hardware, and more expensive but very efficient when it comes to protecting your interior doors and giving high energy efficiency.

Next, we will expose all the options and variants that you can find in the market so that the decision is in your hands. Judge correctly, knowing that there is no one better than another, but only the one best suits your particular needs.

What Is A Screen Door?

What Is A Screen Door
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Screen doors are world famous and widely used in hot places, full of annoying bugs that can get into your house every time you leave the door open to ventilate the house.

Screen doors feature a screen that will keep insects out of your home but let in a cool breeze.

They are the most economical option. You can find them in various models, from simple wooden mosquito nets to the most refined and modern, made of more resistant materials, with acrylic or aluminum frames.

These doors can be retractable and sliding. Some models have hinges just like the interior doors.

What Is A Storm Door?

What Is A Storm Door
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Storm doors are much more modern designs and therefore there are more options to meet different needs.

As their name indicates, they are doors that resist storms, which makes them more resistant than screen doors and they provide your interior door with a lot of protection, maximizing the lifetime of your interior doors.

They are made of resistant materials such as tempered glass or aluminum. They also protect your entrances from floods, tropical storms, or snow. They are ideal for very adverse climates and are made of very durable materials.

This type of door also presents several options and very functional models according to your needs, so we will see each one of them and how they can serve you.

1. Focus on ventilation

The model of most of these doors has a thick door frame made of materials such as fiberglass and screen panels in the center that let air through and keep your home cool on sunny days.

They are very similar to screen doors, with the only difference being that the materials they are made of are much more solid and resistant.

2. Focus on view and protection

Full-View Storm Doors are an excellent option if you are looking for heavy-duty doors that both let in sunlight and give your home the most protection you can get.

They are mostly made of glass and have transparent panels integrated into the frame. The storm door frames are made of very resistant materials and are the most solid you can find on the market when it comes to protection for your interior doors.

Nor will you have to worry about unwanted intruders, since by not having mosquito nets, but with a double pane glass, insects have no chance before these doors.

The only points against these formidable doors are their high cost and poor ventilation. But if you have a good air conditioning or heating system, these doors will ensure that the air does not escape anywhere.

In addition, you must evaluate the cost-benefit. They may be very expensive doors, but the life they have makes up for it. You will not have to maintain them frequently or change them after a few seasons.

3. Retractable storm doors: The best combination

Retractable storm doors are the best combination since their design unites the maximum protection of classic storm doors with those that focus on the ventilation of the place.

The appearance of these doors is similar to full-view, two-panel storm doors. The trick is that its clever design allows you to hide the upper screen by pressing it down. At the same time a ventilation panel will unroll from the top of the frame, thus turning your door into a ventilation storm door.

These models are very versatile and you can also find them with modifications in the lower part, designed with an entrance for pets.

They are the most expensive on the market, but you should keep in mind that you are getting two doors in one. It is the maximum expression of technology in terms of storm doors.

Storm Door vs Screen Door: Which Is Better?

Which Is Better
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Advantages of Screen doors

The most significant advantage of this type of door is its price. They are the cheapest option when it comes to exterior doors and their simple but effective design makes installation a breeze too.

You can usually install them yourself and you won’t have to seek out specialists to ensure proper installation. Even if you have never installed this type of door before, there are many tutorials online that can help you.

Its functionality and multiple purposes also make it a great option when it comes to exterior doors.

They keep the interior environment of the house cool, allow natural light to enter during the day, and prevent insects from being able to enter through your door during the evening or at night if you live in temperate climates.

Advantages of Storm doors

Storm doors are ideal for maximum protection of your home and to keep your interior doors in good condition. They avoid all contact with snow, rain, or even flooding.

You can also reinforce the protection with double layers that will protect you from the cold and keep the hot air inside longer.

You have many models to choose from and they are made of resistant materials. Remember that you can find shuttered storm doors for ventilation, protection, and retractable doors, which combine both characteristics at the same time.

Disadvantages of Screen doors

Just as its simplicity is an advantage, it can also be one of its weakest points. Their simple design and cheap, low-strength materials make them prone to breaking and don’t last long.

If you want to have your screen doors for several seasons, you will have to change the panels regularly and make sure that the screen does not have any holes.

If you live in places with a lot of rain, the wood will end up rotting and moldy or if it is metal, it will rust after an intense rainy season.

In addition, the protection provided to the interior door against inclement weather is minimal.

Disadvantages of Storm doors

Storm doors can be a big investment. They are the most expensive on the market and no matter how durable they are, you will have to change them after a couple of years.

It is also difficult to navigate through these doors since they are heavy and you have to open both doors at the same time. It is an easy task if you have your hands free, but it can be a problem if you come with seasonal purchases or bring many packages and bags.


You need storm and screen doors to give extra protection to your interior doors and keep the house fresh, free of insects, and more secure.

Which of them to choose? It will always depend on your needs. Screen doors are a great option if you live in more temperate climates and you don’t have a big budget. While storm doors are necessary if you live in places where snow, rain, and flooding are frequent.

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of the use of these doors and their most essential features.

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