Sliding Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Sliding Windows Everything You Need to Know

Windows are one of the crucial parts of any house or business building. Among them, there are beautiful sliding windows in a variety of styles that stand out with their elegance and reliability.

They can brighten the room that naturally doesn’t have much light and create a visual effect that the walls in the room are higher. Let’s find out the primary characteristics of sliding windows: everything you need to know about them.

Why Choose Sliding Windows

The sliding windows have a simple design. They contain two or more sashes in a single frame and move horizontally left and right. Therefore, you can operate your windows effortlessly and open or close them as much as you want.

Since they are wide, the sliding windows are ideal for large rooms. They will frame natural beauty and provide an enchanting view, which other types of windows ruin with their separate panes.

Moreover, sliding windows can significantly brighten up a room since they are almost entirely made of glass and have no part of the frame that breaks up the center of the glass panel.

The architects and manufacturers often use a term gliding windows as the synonym for the sliding windows. While both names are correct and have the same meaning, most of the popular window brands stick to just one of them.

Sliding Window Configuration


One of the attributes that separate sliding windows from other types is the way it opens. Typically, they have one moving pane and another fixed in the frame. However, you can have two or three movable sashes, as well.

One of the popular designs for rooms with a balcony is a wide sliding window with middle pane fixed and sliding panes on both sides. There is also a variation of this model has two stable middle panes with sliding panes on either side.

The most significant advantage of the sliding windows is their customization. You can have any combination you want. Usually, the center, which takes one-half of the overall width, provides plenty of light. Two sliding sashes opening to the right and left represent a quarter of the width each and have a role in ventilating the room.

Since the movable parts of the sliding windows glide on the rails, you can open and close them with the push of a finger. Therefore, they are a desirable option for spaces that require windows placed on a higher level.

For example, they are an ideal solution for the kitchen when you need to place a window above the sink. Also, you can choose this type of window for the basement, where you may have a problem reaching the window since this part of the house is often filled up.

Energy Efficiency

Modern sliding windows can keep the temperature in your home optimal. Most manufacturers offer windows with high-quality glazing. From low emission glass to double glazing, this type of window can significantly improve the energy efficiency of the house.

Therefore, your heat transfer comes down to a minimum. Plus, depending on the type of glass you order for your sliding windows, you can have a significant reduction of UV rays. That means you will save your furniture and floors from fading and discoloring.

Sliding Window Maintenance


Despite many advantages, sliding windows have one disadvantage – cleaning.  Unlike most other types of windows, which you can open and clean from the comfort of your room, you will need more time and effort to wash sliding models.

Well, you can quickly wipe the inside glass, but cleaning from the outside can be a challenge, especially when the day is cold. You may need to use a ladder to reach the top corners of the window. However, if you live on high floors of a residential building, it will be tricky to remove all the dirt and dust.

Furthermore, most of the dust accumulates between sliding rails, and many vacuum cleaner heads don’t fit this part. Without regular cleaning, you can expect problems with closing your window. Nowadays, you can take advantage of using a window cleaning robot to clean these hard to reach areas.

On the other hand, cleaning the frame of sliding windows is a piece of cake. It doesn’t need any special maintenance other than dust removing from time to time. Also, don’t forget to lubricate the slide rails once a year.

Safety and Protection

Nowadays, you can buy sliding windows that have tempered or laminated glass. Both of these types of glass provide high security. The tempered glass can be even five times stronger than regular glass, and the laminated windows stay in one piece even after the impact.

Some manufacturers include double window locks on the window sashes, as well. That way, when you slide and close the window, it stays exceptionally tight and secure. Also, locked windows ensure privacy while providing bright light at the same time.

If your neighborhood is not safe enough, you may consider installing window alarms. Nowadays, you can find plenty of affordable models on the market. Finally, you will surely want your sliding windows to protect you from insects, especially if you live near a park or river.

With a negligible surcharge, you can get an insect screen in a package. Plus, you can pick out the model fixed in place, as well as retractable or manually adjustable ones.

Sliding Window Frames


When you decide to buy new sliding windows, you can pick among many materials, but wood, aluminum, and PVC frames are the most reliable you can find. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, including weather resistance, price, and durability. Let’s see.

Wooden sliding window frames – They have the most natural look. Plus, you can find a wide selection of colors and levels of quality. The main downside of this choice is maintenance. To properly clean these frames, you need to seal and paint them regularly since they are sensitive to moisture.

Aluminum sliding window frames – These frames are attractive and require low maintenance. You should clean them from time to time, and that is all the care they need. The bad news is that low-quality models tend to rust.

PVC sliding window frames – They are the most energy-efficient choice. That is the only window frame that has multi chambers with insulated air gasp. Window insulation kit is everything you need to repair them if a problem occurs over the years.

PVC frames won’t corrode, and they are fireproof and weather resistant. However, this is the costliest model, so there will be quite expensive if you decide to change all your windows at the same time.

DIY Installation

Installation and repair of sliding windows don’t require that you are highly skillful. Since they have only a few parts, you can quickly do the job on your own. Once you measure the size of the old window, you can order a new one from the manufacturer.

Use a drill to remove screws and pull out nails. Then, take off the existing window from the wall. The next thing is to clean traces of caulking and any debris or dust left in the window space.

Before inserting the new sliding window in place, you need to call someone to help you hold the window panes and fit them correctly. Depending on the size of glass, the window can be too heavy for one person to level it precisely.

Furthermore, you need to secure window stability. Do this by fixing screws in all four sides of the window frame. Finally, test the sliding function. If you have no trouble opening and closing the window, you have done the job well.

Sliding Window Costs

When you need to make the final decision about purchasing new windows, you should take care of your home budget, as well. Luckily, besides their beauty and elegance, sliding windows are also affordable. In fact, they are the most economical models you can find on the market.

Moreover, the simple design of the sliding windows ensures their durability since there is almost nothing to break down over the years. That makes these windows more cost-effective than double-hung or casement ones.

As for the cost, the installation and labor costs can vary based on the region you live in and the floor where the windows should be replaced. For example, the installation on the ground floor or basement will cost you from $10 to $30 per window.

On the other hand, the installation of windows on higher floors will require more work so that you will pay more. On average, you will need to pay from $50 to $250 per sliding window installed. Plus, this type of work requires more time, and you should reserve a few hours to place one window.


Sliding windows are one of the most popular choices when you need more natural light in your room. Luckily, the variety of options available makes them an ideal choice for both households and business buildings.

One of the main benefits these windows provide is a large, horizontal view. Plus, they have an affordable price, last longer, and need almost no maintenance. Excellent decision!

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