Sliding Door vs Hinged Door (Which Is Better)

Sliding Door vs Hinged Door (Which Is Better)

While designing or remodeling your home or office space, design decisions like whether to opt for sliding doors or hinged doors are bound to pop up. 

For this reason, we are here to settle the debate; sliding doors Vs, hinged doors. Which is the better of the two and what is the difference between these two door types? 

At the end of this read you’ll be able to make an informed decision, on whether to opt for the sliding door or the hinged door type.

Hinged Doors

A hinged door is made of solid wooden components fixed to a door jamb that may have two or more hinges. These types of doors are suitable not only as a door choice in your home, but they are also suitable for office spaces and stores due to the strong security system the door offers.

If you are considering a more traditional option for the design of your home, then hinged doors might just be the choice for you. This door type is an older type of door option available today and it is still popular in different buildings.

The typical average-height door will require only two hinges. These hinges may be more in cases where the wooden door is taller than usual and as expected, are stronger than the regular kinds. 

To determine the number of hinges you need, you have to consider the height of the hinged door, which will be determined by the size of your patio or where the door is to be installed.

Types of Hinged Doors
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1. Types of Hinged Doors

There are different styles and sizes of hinged doors which gives you a variety of options to consider. Here are the common types available. 

  • Single Hinged Doors

This style of hinged doors radiates simplicity and elegance. It is a single-door frame with a more formal entrance, often leading to a sunroom or a deck, and designed alongside a large window. You can design this door however you like to bring life to your home.

These doors are common in rooms with lesser wall space and can be paired with a sidelight by the left or right.

  • Double Hinged Doors

If you feel single-hinged patio doors would not offer you adequate space at your entrance, then you might want to consider double-hinged patio doors, also called French patio doors. 

The level of versatility of these doors is unmatched. It fits not just into the traditional patio door style but also matches a contemporary vibe because of the statement it makes when opened. 

  • Folding Doors

If you are considering opening up space as much as possible, this is the option to see. These patios usually have four or more panels that fold up against themselves when the doors are opened.

They create a perfect blend between the indoor and outdoor space and eliminate any obstruction of your view and access outdoors.

Now, all you have to do is observe the pros and cons of the hinged doors so you know what to pick.

2. Pros of Hinged Doors

  • You can open the doors without leaving any side locked
  • There is a variety of styles for these doors in the market since it is a traditional style with many designs
  • The deadbolt lock that comes with hinged doors provides extra security for homeowners
  • Repairs on the hinged doors are easier since all the parts and hardware are accessible

3. Cons of Hinged Doors

  • These doors take up more space since you have to swing them all the way to get them open
  • A hinged door that swings outward will be difficult to operate during winter
  • If you have limited room space, it will also affect the size of your door which means you will have a smaller door
  • A hinged patio door costs more than a sliding door

Sliding Doors    

The sliding patio door is a more contemporary design when considering the general aesthetics of your home. These doors rarely take up extra space since they literally glide to one side instead of opening up wide like the traditional architectural style.

There is a stationary glass with an operating panel which is usually the glass that glides to and from the stationary glass. The sliding door fits into tight spaces and is ideal for rooms that are not so spacious. 

For rooms/patios with more room space, the sliding door fits because it adds more aesthetics and provides proper ventilation to an already spacious room making the room breathable and pleasing to the eye.

Another major feature of the sliding patio space savers is the inclusion of a sliding screen. These screen doors allow you to open a side of the door so fresh air can come in but prevents insects and bugs from flying in.

If you are looking for a door type that will help you maximize natural light in your home, you should be looking at the sliding doors because they are glass doors that will help light up any room naturally.

The sliding doors are installed on metal tracks at the top and bottom frames, so there is no reason to be bothered about how well they hold. It is no surprise therefore that these doors are a popular choice among homeowners today.

1. Different Sliding Door Styles 

You should know that there are different styles of sliding doors and below are some of the popular ones.

  • Basic Sliding Doors

This is the most common style of the sliding patio door type. They have the expected double panel installed with the metal track to hold the door in place and to close this door, one side of the door slides to expose the stationary glass door behind.

Many sliding doors are the basic kind, and a professional will require a deliberate redesign to change or add more designs to these doors.

  • Stacker Doors

These doors are also referred to as multi-slide doors. Unlike the basic doors with two panels, these doors have multiple panels, just like the name suggests, and they can all slide open on a single track without a stationary panel.

This door style is ideal for larger openings and is great for ventilation and when you need to let the natural light in your room. Many sliding doors in public spaces use these sliding doors more since more people are bound to go through them.

  • French Sliding Patio Door

If you are interested in space savers but also need to maintain a classical theme in your home, then the French sliding patio door is your best bet. It has all the cons of the sliding door and still looks stylish in any home.

It has a wide entrance with unique hardware centered around energy efficiency that makes your home look appealing with its classic woodwork. What separates this door style is that it does not have screen doors, as this will affect the aesthetics causing poor ventilation.

Now that you are familiar with the features and types of sliding doors, it would be best to know their advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Sliding Door
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2. Pros of Sliding Door

  • The sliding doors are space savers; they do not require much space for functionality
  • The version of these doors with screen doors allows for proper ventilation in any room
  • These doors have a more modern style

3. Cons of Sliding Door

  • The rollers on the metal tracks may wear out and debris may be caught in them and get jammed, causing difficulty when sliding the door
  • It can be difficult to clean these doors from the outside, especially during the winter season 
  • The French sliding doors do not come with screens, so ventilation is an issue with this style of sliding door

What Is the Difference Between a Sliding Door and a Hinged Door?

To make an informed decision, you should be able to identify and differentiate the basics between these two doors. Here are some differences to consider.

1. Privacy

For the glass sliding doors, the only way you can get privacy is if you install blinds inside the room so you can draw it down anytime you need your privacy. The hinged doors do not require any other installation to ensure privacy since they are made of wood.

As a homeowner particular about privacy, you may opt for the option that will not require additional installation to establish your privacy.

2. Energy Efficiency

When considering the wooden and glass components, you can see that wood is a better insulator than glass. However, there are different glass types and some are better than others.

If you want a sliding door and still wish to promote energy efficiency, check for the energy star ratings of your glass and go with one with low-energy glass and in-built weatherstripping. 

3. Appearance

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Picking a suitable door for you also means it needs to go with the general aesthetics of your home, and the sliding door being the most neutral transparent color, can blend with any color or appearance you may need.

On the other hand, the hinged doors have more varieties and color options, so you must first confirm that the door will blend with your home design.

4. Security

The hinged doors are the most recommended for better security because they come with hard-to-maneuver inbuilt lock bolts that provide extra safety for homeowners.

However, the glass doors can easily be forced open and breached, especially from the outside, which is unsafe. Consider a multipoint locking system to provide more security for the glass doors.

5. Cost 

Typically, a hinged door is more expensive than a sliding door, but this is more complex than you would expect. This is because a multiple-slide slide door is more expensive than a single-hinged door but not a double-hinged one or the fold.

The cost of your door will be determined by the type of door you pick, but on a more general scale, when you judge from the same level, the hinged door is more expensive.

Final Thoughts

Whatever door type you decide to go with for your home should complement the space and fit into your home’s aesthetics, which is why we have provided you with all that there is to know about hinged doors and sliding doors.

You must consider all the advantages and disadvantages provided and pick a suitable choice of the door because this is a decision you will live with every day.

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