Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue (Reasons & Solutions)

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Why is my ring doorbell flashing blue? Is it still working properly? How can I resolve this issue? These are only a few of the questions that you might have if there is a blue flashing light in your ring doorbell.

If it’s your first time using a ring doorbell, it would be a bit problematic to troubleshoot it, especially if you’re not a techy person.

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! We’ve answered some of the common questions about the problems that your ring doorbells might encounter.

Why is the Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

Seeing a blue flashing light in your ring doorbell might mean that there is a problem. You should start by troubleshooting the doorbell. Trigger alarms or check your Internet connection as it might be related to connectivity. If it’s still there, you might want to contact “Ring” support so they can assist you further.

The blue flashing light from your ring doorbell is a sign that it is communicating a status message or error message. You can interpret this signal based on how the flashing light blinks, its speed, and the part of the circle where it lit up.

To help you troubleshoot your ring doorbell, we listed down some of the common blue flashing light issues and their explanation.

1. The Light is a Solid Blue

If you noticed that the ring doorbell has a solid blue light, it means that the 2-way audio is currently active. This kind of problem usually happens when you answer a call or when you connect to the doorbell.

The speaker is turned on so if you answer the call, someone else can listen to it.

2. Blue Light Flashes Fast and it suddenly Turned White

Once you see the blue light flashing fast and it suddenly became white, it means that your factory reset was successful. Your ring doorbell will return to its factory default settings.

3. Light is Spinning Blue

The spinning blue light on your ring doorbell is a normal operation. It means that someone pushed the doorbell button. This is a notification that there is an incoming call.

Blue Light is Moving Upward
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4. Blue Light is Moving Upward

Once the blue light starts moving upward, it means that your ring doorbell is connecting to your Wi-Fi signal. This is a normal operation when you turned off your ring doorbell. Once you open it, the device will connect to your Internet connection.

If you noticed that the blue light is moving upward for a long time, you can check your Internet connection if there is a problem. If your Internet connection is fine, make sure that you contact their support number for help.

5. 4 Blue LEDs Flashing

You don’t need to worry if you see this on your ring doorbell. It only means that it has been set up correctly. You can expect 4 blue LEDs will flash on your ring doorbell when you successfully completed the setup.

6. The Upper Half of the LED is Flashing Blue

This signal can mean two things depending on the situation. While setting up your ring doorbell, the top half will flash blue if you entered the wrong password. You’ll have to re-enter your password so you can finish setting up the Door Bell.

If the top half flashes after the setup, it means that your ring doorbell is currently connected to a power source.

7. There are Blinking Blue Light While Setting It Up

While setting up your ring doorbell, you will encounter a combination of flashing blue lights. If you have no idea what it means, you might think that a problem occurred while setting up the doorbell.

When you are setting up your ring doorbell, you will notice that the blue light is spinning. It will start blinking blue if it’s trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Always make sure that the Wi-Fi is on when you are setting up and that the signal can reach the ring doorbell.

If there’s a problem with your Internet connection, the blue light will move upward.

During setup, entering the wrong password in your Ring app will cause the top half of the blue light to flash. This is an indication that you have to re-enter your password for the setup to be completed.

Once you are done setting up the ring doorbell, the light will flash 4 times and it will display a white circle. It means that the ring doorbell is fully set up and it is ready to use.

Flashing Blue while it’s Charging
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8. Flashing Blue while it’s Charging

The blue light flashing usually happens on first- and second-generation ring doorbells. For these models, you need to charge the battery by inserting the charging cable behind the doorbell. Once it starts charging, the ring doorbell will start blinking blue, which indicates that it is currently charging.

You will notice that the circle light will fill up steadily, which is a sign that the battery life is increasing. If the ring doorbell is fully charged, the light on your doorbell will become solid blue.

If you are using battery-operated doorbells, the batteries can be removed and charged externally. Once you remove the batteries, the light will suddenly go off. You can only see the light on the ring doorbell when the batteries are fully charged or you replaced them with new ones.

9. Flashing Blue Light at Random Times

If your ring doorbell flashes blue light at one-second intervals, it means that you have completed the setup. Once the Ring Doorbell setup is completed, the doorbell will start to reboot. The rebooting of the device happens every time you change something on the setup.

Your ring doorbell will also restart if it loses power or there is an automatic firmware update. Once the update is fully downloaded, the ring doorbell will reboot to integrate the update into your setup.

If you notice that your doorbell is flashing steadily, you’ll just have to wait until it completes the reboot. Take note that this might take a few minutes. Although it is very common for your ring doorbell to reboot, there is something wrong if it is happening regularly.

There are also instances where your doorbell will suddenly enter a booting loop. If you notice that the flashing blue light is not stopping for a long time, it means that your ring doorbell is rebooting repeatedly. You might need to contact support if this kind of problem occurs.

How Do I Troubleshoot my Ring Doorbell?

The blue flashing lights do not always mean that your ring doorbell has problems. It is only a way for you to understand what is happening inside. If your ring doorbell is not working, you need to know how to troubleshoot it and find the issue. Here are some tips that you can follow:

How Do I Troubleshoot my Ring Doorbell

1. Check the Status of your Doorbell

There are instances when your ring doorbell doesn’t work properly because it is not connected to the Internet. The best thing to do is to check the Device Health section of the app and check if your Ring Doorbell is offline. Check your Wi-Fi connection and your router to see if it’s not offline.

If your Wi-Fi is functioning properly, you can call Ring customer support right away.

2. Enter Setup Mode

If your ring doorbell is not working, you can try to enter its setup mode. Click on the setup button and wait for at least 10 to 15 seconds before clicking the button again. Check if it reconnects to the network. If it’s not working, repeat this at least 2 to 3 times before you report it to customer service.

3. Charge your Ring Doorbell

Did you forget to charge your ring doorbell? Don’t expect it to work if the battery is low. If it’s extremely low, the ring doorbell won’t even give you a sign that you need to charge it. You have to know its correct battery level.

If you can’t open it, the best thing to do is to just plug in your ring doorbell and charge it first.

4. Remove and Re-Insert the Battery

If you are using a Ring Doorbell 2, you can remove the Ring Doorbell battery for a few seconds and insert it back. This model of ring doorbell uses removable batteries and you can charge them externally. Make sure that the batteries are fully charged as well.

Final Thoughts

Your Ring doorbell flashing blue can mean different things depending on the situation. However, this blue doesn’t mean that your doorbell has an issue. This is just a way for your ring doorbell to communicate with you by telling you what is happening in its system.

As long as you know how your ring doorbell works, you won’t have any problem fixing it. You can also contact their customer support as soon as you notice some issues.

If you have any experience in using a ring doorbell, you can comment down below and share it with us.

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