Red Door Meaning ( 10 Symbolic Meanings You’d Love To Know! )

Red Door Meaning ( 10 Symbolic Meanings You’d Love To Know! )

Did you know that certain objects have symbolic meanings? In a spiritual sense of view, symbolism takes on various forms, not just objects but also words and other visions. These are pivotal aspects in terms of folklore and cultural tradition. And in this article, we will be focusing on the red door’s meaning & symbolism.

Know more about the interpretation of this object and learn if these symbolisms are connected and beneficial to your life. But before we do that, let’s have a short discussion of the color red, which is the main shade associated with the topic at hand.

What is the meaning of red?

Historically, red has always been intertwined with courage and passion as well as violence and aggression. Although these are the major representations of this particular shade, the symbolism of red alters when it’s accompanied by an object like a door.

Moreover, it’s pivotal to know that the symbolism of a red door has no solid basis or definite origin. This means that the explication largely depends on local and spiritual customs.

What is the meaning of red door based on certain ethnicities and customs?

Painting the door red is more than just for decorative purposes. In fact, some people choose this hue because it symbolizes something, whether a part of their past or simply linked to their tradition. So, we’ve gathered different symbolisms according to various customs.

1. Early Americans believed that it was a sign of hospitality.

During the earlier years, Americans consider a red front door as a symbol to welcome tired travelers and weary strangers. The red door indicates that the occupants of the home willingly accept the weary people into their dwelling. It signifies that you can stay and relax inside after a long trip on the road.

This old early American tradition, however, is not that acknowledged nowadays. At present, a red door represents that a home hopes to be included in the local community. It’s a characterization of being a friendly neighbor, although it does not necessarily mean that they allow strangers to freely enter your home.

2. Traditional Chinese uses this for good luck.

In terms of Chinese culture, the color red is tapped as something that connects with happiness and pleasure. This is a vital part, especially when it comes to house construction since the door is considered the mouth of the home. Hence, it should gather positive elements to bring it into your dwelling.

This is one of the main reasons why many Chinese paint their front door red to generate good fortune and spare them from evil. And it is believed that the locals see the difference in the red shade intensity during the Chinese New Year, which marks a beginning of a new period.

Traditional Chinese uses this for good luck
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3. Feng shui states that red attracts positive energy.

Feng shui is another remarkable Chinese philosophy that takes into account not just the colors but also the arrangement of objects and buildings to achieve balance and harmony with the surrounding environments. For color red, it reflects positive elements such as good luck, passion, vitality, and power.

However, it should be noted that the red hue is a representation of the fire element. This means that excessive usage of red may lead to disagreements among the family. Therefore, feng shui experts recommend you moderate the brimming fire elements by combining them with other energies.

For instance, you can add earthy elements in your front areas like shrubs and other plants to create perfect harmony. You may also add some blue and black colors, which are part of the water element, to soften the red energy.

Aside from the arrangement and incorporation of other elements, it should be noted that choosing the correct shade is very important. Saturated red, for example, is not recommended as it gives the impression of a very strong vibe, making people nervous.

And if you follow the feng shui practice, then you should make sure that the front door is not directly aligned with the back door. Why? Straight alignment of doors means that energy acquired from the front door could not circulate inside because it directly escapes through the back door.

4. Locals from the East manifest this for prosperity.

On the other hand, there are several countries in the East such as India, Pakistan, and Vietnam that reckon the importance of red in their existence. This is why many brides from these nations opt to wear red wedding dresses to attract happiness and blessing.

The same goes for people who paint their door red. They want to welcome prosperity and keep their home surrounded by positive vibes. So, if you see red front doors in a neighborhood, this isn’t just for aesthetics. It may be a tradition that they continue to embrace.

5. In biblical times, red is a symbol of protection from the angel of death.

According to the Old Testament, Hebrew slaves coat their doorposts with the blood of a lamb as a sign of protection. It is said that homes with red are spared from the angel of death who passed each home to slay the first firstborn sons of the Egyptians during the first Passover.

This significant event was part of God’s ten plagues imposed on ancient Egyptians. In fact, it was the last yet most terrifying plague in earlier times. The Passover then became a pivotal part among Israelites as it serves as the signal of their escape from slavery in Egypt.

Because of this biblical claim, some churches paint the doors red to protect the people inside from harm. Likewise, it is also presumed that a red door symbolizes the blood of Christ, which means that you are entering God’s holy ground on earth.

red is a symbol of protection from the angel of death
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6. It is associated with the sign of the cross.

Another biblical meaning stems from the Middle Ages when people constructed cathedrals with all main doors painted red to create the sign of the cross. More so, the red door indicates that you are stepping into the place of God, which means a safe place from all evil.

This belief is connected to the above symbolism about the protection from the angel of death. And during the earlier times, churches were clearly separate from secular law. So, Old Christians often considered churches a place for anyone who is looking for a safe place to seek refuge.

7. Scottish paints the red for houses with no mortgage.

Fascinatingly, painting the door red goes beyond spiritual beliefs. In general, the color red is such a perfect shade to celebrate this great milestone, especially in Scotland.

One definite example is the Scottish tradition, where they use red to indicate a home that is free from mortgage. So, if you see a bright, red door in the community, it means that the owners of the home have already paid off their debt.

8. Irish people regard red doors as a way to safeguard their homes from ghosts.

Now, for another local tradition, we have Ireland. According to Irish folklore, people paint their doors red to protect them from ghosts. The strong, bright red hue is used to ward off evil spirits from entering their home.

Another meaning of a red door in Ireland traces back to the Victorian era. During this time, Queen Victoria ordered the locals to paint all their front doors black to honor her name. However, not all Irish were happy with her order. Hence, some people painted their doors red instead as a sign of rebellion.

Surprisingly, there are lots of Irish beliefs associated with red doors. Aside from a symbol of protection and rebellion, locals often joke that drunkards prefer to paint their door red so they can easily identify their homes! So, the next time you see a red front door, it might just be a helpful trick for drunks!

Irish people regard red doors as a way to safeguard their homes from ghosts
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9. It served as a cue according to the wife of a genius physicist.

Did you know that Albert Einstein’s first wife, Mileva Marić Einstein, coated their entrance door red to make the renowned physicist’s life easier? It’s because he was preoccupied with different things that he couldn’t find their home. Some also believe he had blind spots.

Because of these factors, the famous scientist always ends up at everyone else’s dwelling. To solve the problem, his wife painted their front door so he can easily identify their home through the bright color.

10. The color red is warm and aesthetically pleasing.

Some people opt to paint their door red because of its striking appearance. So, the meaning of having a red door may be linked to their personal preferences. More than that, a red door easily accentuates the overall vibes of your home.

It blends beautifully with a white façade or even a wooden architectural style. Meanwhile, if you opted for a red door, then the other designs of your home should be modest to compensate for the strong, bright hue.


Knowing the symbolism of a red door truly gives you a clearer grasp of different traditions and even historical facts. So, if you’re planning to paint your door red, might as well take into account the meanings.

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