Transparent Window Wild Bird Feeder with Removable Suction Cups

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Transparent Window Wild Bird Feeder with Removable Suction Cups-4

Transparent Window Wild Bird Feeder with Removable Suction Cups-5


What is this product?

This is a transparent window-mounted bird feeder made of acrylic material. It attaches to windows using removable suction cups, allowing you to view wild birds up close as they feed.

How does it attract birds?

The feeder is designed to accommodate various types of bird seeds, which will attract different species of wild birds like finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, jays, robins, and goldfinches to your window.

Is it squirrel-proof?

Yes, this bird feeder is squirrel-proof. Since it attaches to a window surface away from ledges and branches, squirrels should not be able to access and raid the bird seed.

How do I clean and refill it?

The feeder has a removable tray, making it convenient to discard old seeds and debris. You can also wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth. To refill, simply remove the tray and add fresh bird seed.

Can it be used outdoors?

While primarily designed for indoor window use, the feeder may potentially be used outdoors as well, though extended exposure to weather could impact its longevity.

Is assembly required?

Typically window-mounted bird feeders like this require minimal or no assembly. The suction cups should allow for easy installation on the window surface.

28 reviews for Transparent Window Wild Bird Feeder with Removable Suction Cups

    Annette Sills
    June 15, 2024
    I mounted this right at my kitchen window and it's provided me with so many peaceful mornings before my day gets hectic. Self-care at its finest.
    Cory Maney
    June 13, 2024
    We don't have any outdoor space in our city apartment, so this has been an amazing way to bring a piece of nature right inside.
    Jenny Castro1
    Jenny Castro2
    Jenny Castro1
    Jenny Castro
    June 10, 2024
    The only thing better than seeing the birds up close is hearing them too! Their chirps and songs are amplified right at my window.
    Douglas Calhoun
    June 3, 2024
    At first I wondered if the curved shape would be hard to clean, but the removable tray could not make it any easier. Zero hassle!
    Mary Gregory
    May 19, 2024
    The simple, clear design blends in so nicely with my home's modern aesthetic. Not an eyesore like some bulky outdoor feeders can be.
    Melinda James
    May 15, 2024
    For once, a feeder with suction cups that actually stays securely in place! It doesn't budge at all, no matter how forcefully my kids press against the window.
    Henry Horsley
    May 13, 2024
    Great visibility, easy to clean. Suction cups could be stronger though. Attracts plenty of birds.
    Jeanna Thomas
    May 13, 2024
    My husband and I are loving having a new joint hobby to share. We collaboratively identify the visitor birds and add them to our life list.
    Michelle Wales
    May 11, 2024
    My toddler squeals with delight every time a bird comes to eat from 'her' window feeder. It's become a cherished part of our morning routine together.
    Joe Rogers
    May 5, 2024
    I travel for work often, so being able to easily remove the suction cups and take this feeder with me is awesome. Portable bird friends!
    John Britton
    May 2, 2024
    The acrylic has stayed so clear over time compared to other window feeders I've tried. Part of what makes this one superior in terms of up-close viewing.
    Francisco Benevides
    April 30, 2024
    My cats are completely mesmerized by watching all the bird activity happening just outside the window. It's become a fun source of entertainment for them.
    Philip Hatchett
    April 26, 2024
    It took the birds a couple weeks to discover it, but now that they've found it, there's a constant delightful flutter of activity outside my window.
    Leona Nishimura
    April 21, 2024
    I'm amazed by how many different species I've identified coming to this little feeder! It's both beautiful and practical with its clear design.
    Genevieve Gayden
    April 19, 2024
    My home office faces a brick wall, so this window feeder has been a cute way to connect with nature while I'm working. The birds brighten my day.
    Israel Marroquin
    April 16, 2024
    My elderly mom is loving bird watching from the comfort of her reading chair. No more trekking outside to refill the feeder, thanks to this easy solution.
    Michelle Chong
    Michelle Chong
    April 9, 2024
    I'm blown away by the number of species I've attracted just with basic seed mix. The clear design lets me appreciate their unique colors and patterns.
    Elizabeth Jones
    April 8, 2024
    Finally found a squirrel-proof feeder that works! I've saved so much money not wasting seeds thanks to this genius window-mounted design.
    James Clark
    April 1, 2024
    I'm a renter, so I was looking for a feeder I could easily move between homes. This suctioned one is portable and low-commitment. Works great on any window!
    Ben Banks1
    Ben Banks2
    Ben Banks1
    Ben Banks
    March 29, 2024
    My parents gifted me this feeder to enjoy from the kitchen window while I'm cooking and washing dishes. It's genuinely made those daily chores much more pleasant!
    Verna Hughes
    March 22, 2024
    Waking up in the morning to see birds happily eating their breakfast is the most delightful way to start my day. This feeder has brought me so much simple joy.
    Scott Marshall
    March 17, 2024
    I've been an avid bird watcher for years, but my aging eyes struggled to see Details through grimy feeder glass. The clear acrylic on this one is crystal clear!
    Floyd Justice
    March 5, 2024
    I've tried so many window feeders that ended up leaking or falling down. But not this one! It's extremely well-made and sturdy. Absolutely no complaints from this birder.
    Angela Dunham
    February 24, 2024
    I'm so relieved this feeder is actually squirrel-proof as advertised. Those little rascals haven't been able to get to the seed yet. I can finally enjoy watching the birds without that frustration!
    Sara McDonald
    February 19, 2024
    My elderly grandpa has always loved watching birds, so my family by this as a gift. He adores it!
    Shawna Prewitt
    February 18, 2024
    I love how easy this is to use. The removable tray makes cleaning a total breeze. And the suction cups are strong enough that it's stayed put through some heavy winds we've had.
    Renee Goree
    February 15, 2024
    My kids are obsessed with identifying all the different bird species that come to our new window feeder. It's been an amazing educational experience for them (and me!). The transparent design is perfect for observing details.
    Ellena Sparrow
    February 10, 2024
    This feeder has been a game-changer for my bird watching hobby! Being able to see the birds up close through my window is pure magic. The clear acrylic gives an unobstructed view.

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