Suction Cup Type Silicone Anti-Collision Door Stopper

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Suction Cup Type Silicone Anti-Collision Door Stopper4What is this product?

This product appears to be a wall protector or door stopper, designed to absorb vibration noise and protect walls from damage caused by door handles.

What materials is this product made of?

The product is made of PP (polypropylene) or silicone.

What colors are available for this product?

This product is available in white, black, grey, green, pink, yellow, and blue.

What are the dimensions and weight of this product?

  • Size: 5.2 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 10.5g

How many pieces come in a package?

Each package contains 1 piece (1PC).

What are the main features of this product?

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Soft and environmentally friendly
  • Absorbs vibration noise from the wall
  • Can be placed on door handles to protect the wall

Is there any variation in the product size?

Yes, there may be a 0-1cm error due to manual measurement.

Will the product color match exactly what I see in the photos?

The item color displayed in photos may appear slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated the same. There might be minor color variations between the product image and the actual product.

How does this product work?

This product is designed to be placed on door handles. When the door handle makes contact with the wall, this product absorbs the impact and vibration, thereby reducing noise and protecting the wall from damage.

Is this product environmentally friendly?

Yes, according to the product description, it is soft and environmentally friendly.

Can this product reduce noise?

Yes, one of its features is to absorb vibration noise from the wall when the door handle makes contact.

25 reviews for Suction Cup Type Silicone Anti-Collision Door Stopper

    Hector Luis
    May 25, 2024
    We're about to put our house on the market, so anything I can do to keep those pristine neutral walls looking flawless for showings is crucial. This simple wall protection has been a pro tip!
    Chester Wen
    May 16, 2024
    As someone with mobility challenges, finding affordable home solutions that enhance my safety and independence is huge. These door stoppers make worry-free maneuvering so much easier.
    Nicholas Holden
    Nicholas Holden
    May 7, 2024
    There's something so clean and modern looking about the seamless colored molding protection compared to junky old wall bumpers. It elevates the whole vibe!
    Joseph Mendez
    May 1, 2024
    We live in an ancient farmhouse that's seen better days, but adding these soft buffers along high traffic doorways has extended the life of crumbling plaster walls immensely.
    Joseph Carson
    April 27, 2024
    My husband is, bless his heart, a bit ham-fisted when it comes to opening and closing doors gently. I finally got these padded stoppers as insurance against drywall dings.
    Alvera Rains
    April 22, 2024
    We just did a whole remodel on our place, including brand new doorways and gorgeous millwork. I wasn't about to let that investment go to waste - these protectors were a no-brainer!
    Samuel Nock
    April 14, 2024
    I'm a stickler for preserving the integrity of my home, so anything that protects those irreplaceable original 1920s moldings is a must! These soft pads delivered.
    Elizabeth Satterfield
    April 7, 2024
    As someone getting up there in age with mobility issues, having these door stoppers has made a world of difference in my independence and confidence getting around my house safely.
    Henry Pacheco
    March 30, 2024
    I run a home daycare, so between tiny humans and furry clients racing through doorways, my walls were looking pretty ragged. These padded protectors have renewed everything!
    Violet Thompson
    Violet Thompson1
    Violet Thompson
    Violet Thompson
    March 26, 2024
    We have a rental property that was just getting trashed by every tenant until I discovered these protective pads to install. They've already extended the life and look of the place!
    Ernest Rogers
    March 20, 2024
    I'm a clean freak who can't stand seeing dirty scuff marks and dings mar my beautiful walls. These grippy cushioned pads have done an amazing job of eliminating any potential damage.
    Dana Rouleau
    March 18, 2024
    I can't be the only parent of young kids who cringes at every slammed door, just waiting for the eventual crack or hole in my drywall. This preventative solution is worth its weight in gold!
    Terrence Segrest
    March 15, 2024
    We use our formal dining room for essentially everything BUT dining - it's a playroom, home office, you name it. These padded buffers have kept those walls looking pristine through all the activity.
    Robert Morales
    March 12, 2024
    Our charming old home has some ancient doorframes that were getting seriously beat up from door handles whacking against their delicate molding. These protectors are preserving their vintage character!
    Dustin Tanaka
    March 6, 2024
    I don't always love the look of bulky door stoppers or wall protectors. But these slim cushioned pads just blend in seamlessly with my modern decor aesthetic.
    Florence Wright
    March 1, 2024
    We have an open layout with the kitchen flowing into the living room. Adding this low-profile molding protection along that doorway transition has discreetly prevented any more wall dings.
    Robert Larosa
    February 27, 2024
    As someone who's admittedly a bit heavy-handed, I spare no door the aggressive shove treatment. These padded stoppers prevent any damage from my forceful ways!
    Jeffrey Rogers
    February 22, 2024
    We're a pet household with both dogs and cats constantly barreling through doorways, so our walls were looking pretty beat up. These brightly colored protectors are fun and practical!
    William Love
    February 21, 2024
    My elderly mother has really been struggling with her flexibility and range of motion lately. Having these soft stoppers added to her doors has given me such peace of mind about preventing falls or injury.
    Joseph Bunker
    February 18, 2024
    We recently renovated our home with all new doors and beautiful fresh drywall. I wasn't about to let all that hard work and money go to waste - these protectors were an easy way to safeguard the walls!
    James Wallace
    February 12, 2024
    We have a rambunctious toddler who loves flinging doors open with abandon. I was so worried about foreheads meeting walls until we added this protective cushioning everywhere!
    Marlin Russ
    February 9, 2024
    I'm a clean freak who couldn't stand seeing dirty scuff marks all over my white hallway walls from door handles constantly rubbing against them. This simple product has kept everything fresh and mark-free!
    Nicole Daniel
    Nicole Daniel1
    Nicole Daniel
    Nicole Daniel
    February 7, 2024
    We're avid RVers who are constantly battling the annoyance of rattling doors and cabinets when driving. Sticking these soft protectors on every potential contact point has eliminated so much unnecessary noise.
    Haydee Auer
    February 6, 2024
    I have this open concept layout in my house where the bedroom doors are always slamming into the walls of the hallway. It drove me crazy - until I discovered these vibration absorbing door stoppers. Silence is golden!
    Jennefer Agan
    February 1, 2024
    We live in an older home with plaster walls, so every time a door would bang into the wall it would leave an unsightly dent or crack. These cute little wall protectors have been a total lifesaver! No more damage.

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