Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains

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Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains4

Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains6


What is the material and composition of these sequin backdrop curtains?

The sequin backdrop curtains are made of polyester fabric with sequins. The fabric composition is 100% polyester.

What colors are available for these curtains?

The sequin backdrop curtains are available in four different colors: gold, silver, rose gold, and black.

What are the available size options for these curtains?

The curtains come in the following size options:

  • 60cm x 240cm (1 piece)
  • 60cm x 240cm (2 pieces)
  • 2ft x 8ft (1 piece pack)
  • 2ft x 8ft (2 pieces pack)

What is the shading level provided by these curtains?

These sequin backdrop curtains offer a semi-shading function with a shading rate of 40-70%.

What are the recommended uses for these curtains?

These curtains are suitable for various uses, including:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Study room
  • Dining room
  • Commercial spaces
  • Photography background
  • Party decorations

Can these curtains be used as vertical curtains or window curtains?

Yes, these sequin backdrop curtains can be used as vertical curtains, window curtains, or rod curtains.

28 reviews for Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains

    Avis Davis
    June 14, 2024
    Between the reflective sequins, jewel tone color options, and flowy fabric, these curtains are giving such a 1970s vintage Hollywood Regency vibe. I'm in love!
    Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains1
    Kerri Hall
    June 12, 2024
    Wanted something a little out-of-the-box for my home office and these unique curtains delivered. They make my workspace feel special and curated.
    Lindsey Holloway
    June 5, 2024
    Never thought I'd describe curtains as 'elegant' but there's really no other word for how gorgeous these rich rose gold sequin ones look draped over my bed.
    Brenda Trevino
    June 2, 2024
    I'm a professional party stylist and these sequin curtains always make any event feel instantly elevated whether I use them as backdrops, dividers, or decor swags.
    Elizabeth Harris
    May 26, 2024
    Didn't want to spend a ton but still wanted something to liven up my space so I compromised with one panel of these silver sequin curtains. The perfect touch of glam!
    Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains2
    Lee White
    May 25, 2024
    I do a lot of boudoir photography so having these luxurious sequin backdrops to incorporate has been a total gamechanger for creating romantic, sultry vibes.
    Deborah Hinds
    May 20, 2024
    Talk about Midas touch! My plain bedroom feels totally transformed after hanging these rich gold sequin curtains. They truly add such elegance.
    Karla Rieves
    May 18, 2024
    As a performer always in need of fun, eye-catching background options, these delivered that and more. My fans have gone crazy for all the sequin curtain colors!
    Julie Stovall
    May 15, 2024
    My little girl is obsessed with mermaids so you can bet she flipped over these shimmery rose gold curtains I hung up in her room. Her own little underwater kingdom!
    Erin Davis
    May 8, 2024
    I was nervous the sequins would feel rough or scratchy, but the polyester fabric is so soft and drapey. These curtains look and feel so luxurious.
    Joy Atkinson
    May 1, 2024
    I swapped out my basic black curtain panels for these jet black sequin ones and wow, what an impact! My living room feels like an ultra-glam, intimate lounge now.
    Anna Lopez
    April 29, 2024
    For an early 2000s kid like me, these curtains basically let me live out my greatest 'celebrity dressing room' fantasies from all those makeover shows!
    Marie Field
    April 24, 2024
    My daughter is the flowergirl in an upcoming wedding and I knew these adorable rose gold curtains would make the cutest photo op backdrop for her pictures.
    Mayra Fowler
    April 22, 2024
    Wanted to add a dose of New Year's Eve feel to my dining room and a few panels of these shimmery silver curtains were the perfect festive touch.
    Delores Kruse
    April 16, 2024
    As the owner of an event planning business, I knew I needed to invest in these sequin backdrop curtains as soon as I saw them. They'll get so much use!
    Alene Tanner
    April 13, 2024
    Turning my guest room into a feminine, glamorous retreat with these black sequin curtains as the star of the show. They add such an intimate, romantic feel.
    Adell Morgan
    April 3, 2024
    I'm a YouTuber always in need of fun, eye-catching background options and these delivered that and more. My viewers have gone crazy for all the sequin curtain colors!
    Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains3
    Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains4
    Party Wedding Sequence Backdrop Sequin Window Curtains3
    Maritza Speicher
    March 25, 2024
    For the price, I wasn't expecting much in terms of quality. But these curtains look and feel so luxe and well-made. The sequins have such a brilliant shine to them.
    Allene Waters
    March 18, 2024
    I was going for an opulent, almost cabaret vibe in my guest bedroom and a few swags of these rose gold curtains was all I needed to nail the sultry aesthetic.
    Ruth Brown
    March 15, 2024
    I'm obsessed with art deco design, so you can bet I jumped at the chance to add these sequin curtains to my space. They make me feel like I'm living in the Roaring 20s!
    Helen Pfeifer
    March 6, 2024
    Surprising my tween daughter with these for her birthday since she's really into all the shimmery, mermaid-inspired decor that's popular right now. She's gonna flip!
    Sharon Boutwell
    March 1, 2024
    Used a combination of the gold and silver curtains to create a sparkling ombre backdrop for my sister's baby shower photo area. So many compliments!
    Mae Collier
    February 24, 2024
    Honestly a little nervous about ordering curtains made of sequins, but they've held up way better than I could have hoped. No shedding or loose threads at all so far!
    Leticia Smith
    February 21, 2024
    My living room can feel a bit dark since it doesn't get a ton of natural light, so I hung these curtains to bounce some shimmer around and it works like a charm!
    Sandra Larsen
    February 17, 2024
    Decided to use the black sequin curtains as a moody backdrop for my home office and I love how it makes the space feel like a cozy, tucked-away little nook.
    Lorie Martin
    February 15, 2024
    As a photographer, I'm always on the hunt for unique backdrops and these have been an absolute dream. The sequins catch the light so beautifully for portrait sessions.
    Karen Clark
    February 8, 2024
    These sequin curtains were the showstopper at my wedding reception! The rose gold color looked so dreamy and added the perfect touch of vintage glam to our big day.
    Michelle Smith
    February 2, 2024
    My daughter is obsessed with all things sparkly, so I knew she'd flip over these curtains for her bedroom. The silver sequins give off such a fun, playful vibe!

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