Lockable Sliding Magnetic Self-Closing Screen Cat Door

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Product Size:


  • Outer size: 29x24x1cm
  • Inner size: 24x19cm


  • Outer size: 43x37x1cm
  • Inner size: 37x31cm

Lockable Sliding Magnetic Self-Closing Screen Cat Door 3

Lockable Sliding Magnetic Self-Closing Screen Cat Door 4


Q: How do I install this pet screen door?

A: This pet screen door is designed for simple installation. You can install it directly into your existing screen door, window, or porch screen. The instructions provided should guide you through the quick and easy installation process.

Q: What is the purpose of the magnetic flap closure?

A: The magnetic flap closure is designed to keep the door automatically closed when your pet leaves. This feature helps prevent unwanted pests or elements from entering your home while allowing your pet to move freely.

Q: Can I see through the flap?

A: Yes, the flap is made of a clear material that allows your pet to see through the door clearly.

Q: What is the frame made of?

A: The frame of this pet screen door is made of high-quality materials designed for long-life use and durability.

Q: How durable is this pet screen door?

A: With its high-quality construction and materials, this pet screen door is built to be durable and withstand regular use by your pets.

Q: Can this pet screen door be used for both dogs and cats?

A: Yes, this product is suitable for use with both dogs and cats.

27 reviews for Lockable Sliding Magnetic Self-Closing Screen Cat Door

    Kate Allen
    June 13, 2024
    As someone who works long hours, this pet door has been a lifesaver. No more coming home to anxious, restless pets - they can freely enjoy the backyard while I'm away without me worrying thanks to the secure lockable panel.
    Jorge Miraglia
    June 7, 2024
    We recently renovated our sunroom and I was so relieved this versatile screen door was easy to relocate and reinstall in the new layout. My pets' routine didn't skip a beat!
    Clarence Payne
    Clarence Payne
    June 1, 2024
    This has been life-changing for when I'm out running errands all day. No more having to race home to let the pets out - they can come and go as they please!
    Gary Alvarez
    May 29, 2024
    Worth every penny after the bargain $10 dog door I tried ended up being a piece of junk. You get what you pay for - this quality door was an investment.
    Kenneth Barnett
    May 26, 2024
    With two dogs and two petite cats, finding a door that accommodated their sizes was nearly impossible until we found this adjustable gem!
    Janet Delano
    May 21, 2024
    As new homeowners, we love that this is removable and doesn't permanently modify our home. We can take it with us wherever we go!
    Ralph Stgermain
    May 14, 2024
    Finding a discreet, low-profile pet door to blend in with our modern aesthetic was tough until we found this sleek screen model. Not an eyesore like traditional doggy doors!
    Roberta Mayfield
    Roberta Mayfield
    May 14, 2024
    My parents gifted us this after we brought home our new kitten. Such a thoughtful present to make transitioning the little one into our home stress-free.
    Donald Burton
    May 11, 2024
    Top-notch materials at an affordable price point compared to similar products. We did tons of research before finding this well-priced gem.
    Richard Anderson
    May 5, 2024
    My dog barks at every little sound, so I really appreciated how silent and non-startling the operation of this door is. No more ear-piercing yelps!
    William Rhoades
    May 2, 2024
    After our last flimsy pet screen disintegrated within two months, I knew I needed to invest in quality. This model has been worth every penny - it's held up incredibly well.
    Jeremy Dixon
    April 29, 2024
    My puppy is going through a door-darting phase, so the lockable sliding panel has been a sanity saver. I can shut it completely until he's properly trained.
    Dale Woods
    April 22, 2024
    Our previous flapping pet door would wake up our light-sleeping infant every time the pets came and went. This silent, magnetic model has been a blessed solution!
    Damon Jackson
    April 18, 2024
    We installed this off our mudroom and it's been brilliant for keeping that space clean. The pets can come and go without tracking in dirt and mud.
    William Pollock
    April 13, 2024
    We recently adopted a senior cat who is partially blind. This low-profile screen entrance has been so much easier for her to navigate than traditional doors.
    Julian Harris
    April 4, 2024
    As a dog walker, being able to simply slide this closed when picking up pups has saved me so much time. No more wrestling escape artists out the door!
    Jason Roque
    March 31, 2024
    This is one sturdy pet door! We have two dogs and cat constantly barreling through and it still works and looks brand new.
    Avis Bondy
    March 28, 2024
    We're a multi-pet household with indoor and outdoor cats. Having a second story screen door entrance has given them so much more freedom to sun themselves.
    Steven Brown
    March 21, 2024
    I was so impressed with the clear viewing flap. My pup can clearly see if I'm on the other side, preventing any confusion or startling.
    Billy Crouse
    March 11, 2024
    We recently traveled with our cats and being able to easily install this anywhere made their temporary home feel right. They acclimated immediately.
    Courtney Ziegler
    March 7, 2024
    I love being able to lock the sliding screen over the door entrance when we have company over. No more dog rushing out to greet everyone!
    Jeffrey Rangel
    March 1, 2024
    Our old pet door flap was such an eyesore. This streamlined screen model blends in seamlessly with our modern patio doors. No more ugly doggy doors ruining our decor!
    Michael Hawkins 1
    Michael Hawkins
    Michael Hawkins 1
    Michael Hawkins
    February 28, 2024
    This screen door has been a game-changer! No more leaving the patio door wide open and letting all the bugs in. The magnetic closure keeps it sealed up tight when my cat's not using it.
    Glenn Burton
    February 24, 2024
    I was worried the flapping would scare my already skittish rescue pup, but the smooth, silent magnetic closure on this has helped build his confidence.
    Louie McClure
    February 19, 2024
    We have a dog and two cats, so finding a versatile door that worked for all their sizes was tricky. This one fits the whole crew like a dream!
    Mary Palmer
    February 16, 2024
    Worth every penny! Our last cheapo dog door let in so many bugs and leaves. This quality magnetic screen has been an impenetrable force field against any unwanted guests.
    Susan Singer
    February 3, 2024
    As a first-time pet owner, I was nervous about cutting into my brand new screens. But the installation process for this was a total breeze! My kitten took to it right away.

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