Clear Window Bird Feeder With Strong Suction Cups Easy To Use

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Clear Window Bird Feeder With Strong Suction Cups Easy To Use-4


How does this window bird feeder enable close bird watching?

The window bird feeder is made of clear plastic materials, providing an unobstructed view for watching birds up close from inside your house. This transparent design brings nature right to your window, allowing you to enjoy bird watching without stepping outside.

Is the bird feeder durable and weatherproof?

Yes, this outdoor bird feeder is equipped with strong suction cups that provide a stable hold even in extreme weather conditions. You can install the feeder at a certain height without worrying about it falling. Additionally, the feeder’s design helps deter unwanted guests like rats and squirrels.

What are the features of the feeding trays?

This clear bird feeder has a unique design that combines food and water compartments in one integrated tray. The compartments on the tray can hold different types of birdseed. The deep tray holds more birdseed, reducing the frequency of refilling. Moreover, the removable tray makes cleaning and seed refilling effortless and folds easily for storage when not in use.

How does the bird feeder handle drainage?

The wild bird feeder features a tile-like roof that shelters it from wind and rain. The bottom tray has 2 compartments with drainage holes to prevent rainwater from accumulating, keeping the bird food dry and mold-free. This design provides a comfortable and safe place for birds to feed.

Is the bird feeder easy to install?

Yes, the window bird feeder is designed for easy installation without requiring any tools. The package includes 1 window bird feeder and strong suction cups. You can install it on your window in a very short time.