Button Push Furniture Door Lock

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Button Push Furniture Door Lock 3

Button Push Furniture Door Lock 4


How does it work?

The Button Push Furniture Door Lock typically consists of two parts: a push-button on the outside and a latch mechanism on the inside. When the button is pushed, the latch engages or disengages, allowing the door or drawer to be locked or unlocked.

What are the available materials and finishes?

These locks are typically made of durable materials such as ABS plastic and zinc alloy. They are available in various finishes like brown, white, pearl nickel, and chrome to match the interior decor of your RV or caravan.

What door thicknesses are compatible?

Button Push Furniture Door Locks are designed to accommodate door thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 18mm, making them suitable for most standard cabinet and drawer constructions found in recreational vehicles.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, these locks are relatively easy to install. They usually come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware, allowing for a straightforward installation process.

Can they be used in other applications?

While primarily designed for caravans, RVs, boats, and similar applications, Button Push Furniture Door Locks can also be used in residential or commercial settings where a simple and secure locking mechanism is required for cabinets, drawers, or storage compartments.

26 reviews for Button Push Furniture Door Lock

    Nicki Estep
    May 9, 2024
    As a full-time boondocker, I need reliable gear. These locks have held up great, even with constant use and varying climates.
    Keith Alston
    May 8, 2024
    I installed these on my grandkids' toy chest in our RV. Now clean-up time is a fun button-pushing game for them!
    Arthur Mead1
    Arthur Mead
    Arthur Mead1
    Arthur Mead
    May 1, 2024
    These locks have been a huge help in our mobile veterinary clinic. Keeps medicines secure but easily accessible when needed.
    Jonathan Sommers
    April 29, 2024
    We use these in our converted school bus tiny home. They add a nice, finished look to our DIY cabinetry.
    Julian Corley
    April 26, 2024
    I appreciate how these don't require any special tools to install. Just a screwdriver and a few minutes, and you're done!
    Chester Laroche
    April 21, 2024
    These locks have been great for our mobile library van. Books stay put, and kids can easily access them when we're parked.
    Elaine Wagner
    April 17, 2024
    I use these on my vanity drawers in our fifth wheel. No more makeup explosions when we hit those inevitable potholes!
    Sean Pierce
    April 11, 2024
    We installed these on our sailboat's cabinets. They work great even in salty, humid conditions without rusting.
    Geneva Deleon
    Geneva Deleon
    April 8, 2024
    As someone who's always forgetting combinations, these push-button locks are a godsend. Simple, effective, and no memory required!
    Arthur Luna
    April 5, 2024
    I love that I had color options to choose from. The brown ones blend right in with our wooden cabinets in the camper.
    Maria Carpenter
    April 4, 2024
    These were a breeze to install in our pop-up camper. Now I don't stress about things shifting around while we're on the move.
    Karen Horn
    April 1, 2024
    We use these in our food truck to keep ingredients secure during transport. They're a hit with the health inspector too!
    Lawrence Lemire
    March 30, 2024
    I'm impressed with how sturdy these feel for such a simple design. They've held up great even with my kids' rough handling.
    Joshua Jackson
    March 27, 2024
    Our teardrop trailer has limited space, so every inch counts. These slim profile locks don't eat into valuable storage real estate.
    Edith Lore
    March 22, 2024
    I installed these on my workshop drawers to keep my tools organized. No more accidental spills when I hit a bump on the road to job sites!
    Cristine Cunningham
    March 21, 2024
    As a mom of toddler twins, I'm always looking for ways to childproof. These locks are perfect for keeping cleaning supplies secure in lower cabinets.
    Anglea Mann
    March 21, 2024
    We're weekend warriors with our camper van, and these locks give us peace of mind when we're out exploring and leave valuables behind.
    Rena Cottrell
    March 16, 2024
    I use these on my craft room cabinets to keep my curious cat out of my supplies. Works like a charm and looks sleek too!
    Robbin Smith
    March 12, 2024
    These locks have been a lifesaver for our mobile pet grooming business. No more shampoo bottles spilling everywhere during transit!
    Theodore Holmes
    March 9, 2024
    I'm all thumbs when it comes to DIY, but even I managed to install these without a hitch. Great for fellow home improvement newbies!
    Lindsey Victory
    March 6, 2024
    We recently renovated our vintage Airstream and these locks were the perfect touch to keep that retro vibe while adding modern functionality.
    Lexie Hatfield
    March 5, 2024
    Grandkids can't raid the snack cabinet anymore! These locks are simple enough for us oldies to use but tricky enough to keep little hands out.
    Betty Johnson
    March 1, 2024
    Love how these blend right in with our camper's decor. The pearl nickel finish matches our other hardware perfectly!
    George Holland
    George Holland
    February 8, 2024
    As a full-time RVer, I've tried every lock out there. These push button ones are by far the easiest to use, especially with arthritis in my hands.
    Paula Miller
    February 4, 2024
    I installed these on my boat's galley cabinets and they work like a charm. No more seasickness-inducing clatter of dishes while we're cruising!
    Dana Ashcraft
    February 1, 2024
    Finally found a solution for our RV's pesky cabinet doors that always fly open on bumpy roads. These push locks are a game-changer!

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