8/1Pcs Punch-free Anti-collision Door Stopper

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8:1Pcs Punch-free Anti-collision Door Stopper4

What is this product?

This product is a Door Stop, also known as a Door Stopper, Door Handle, Doorknob Bumper, or Protective Door Stop. It’s designed to protect walls and furniture from damage caused by door handles.

What material is this product made of?

The product is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

What color is this product?

The product is transparent.

What sizes are available for this product?

There are two styles available:

  • Style A: About 44 x 25 x 13mm, with a door handle ring inner diameter of 18mm
  • Style B: About 32 x 25 x 14mm, with a door handle ring diameter of 18mm

How many pieces come in a package?

Packages are available with different quantities: 1 piece, 2 pieces, 4 pieces, or 8 pieces.

What are the main features of this product?

  1. Door Stopper
  2. Door Handle protection
  3. Transparent design
  4. Doorknob Bumper
  5. Furniture Protective
  6. Protective Door Stop

Will this product fit my door handle?

Both styles have a door handle ring diameter of 18mm, so it should fit door handles of this size. However, it’s always a good idea to measure your door handle before purchasing.

Is this product visible when installed?

Since the product is transparent, it will be less noticeable than opaque door stops, which can help maintain the aesthetic of your door and walls.

Is there a difference between Style A and Style B besides size?

The main difference appears to be the size. Both styles have the same door handle ring diameter of 18mm.

Are these door stops easy to install?

While specific installation instructions weren’t provided, PVC door stops like these are typically designed for easy installation, often with self-adhesive backs or by sliding onto the door handle.

26 reviews for 8/1Pcs Punch-free Anti-collision Door Stopper

    Jose Eley
    May 23, 2024
    We have these beautiful vintage glass french doors that were impossible to stop hitting the walls until we added clear bumper protection around the knobs. Investment preserved!
    David Brown
    May 15, 2024
    I couldn't get over how affordable a pack of these bumpers was compared to a tray of drywall patch to constantly fix wall dings. An easy cost-saving decision!
    Juan Shriner
    Juan Shriner1
    Juan Shriner
    Juan Shriner
    May 8, 2024
    As someone who works from home, being able to eliminate that harsh slamming sound of the office door hitting the wall with these buffers has been so soothing for my productivity.
    Christine Pool
    May 1, 2024
    Normally I'm a big fan of decorative door knobs and pulls that make a statement. But protecting my walls is priority, so these discreet clear protectors have been ideal.
    Carrie Quarles
    April 27, 2024
    We're in the process of renovating an older home with really crumbly, delicate plaster walls. Having rigid door stops was just going to create more issues, but these soft bumpers are perfect!
    Wesley Eastman
    April 23, 2024
    My mom recently downsized into one of those modern ranch-style home with an open layout. She loves how subtle and unobtrusive these transparent bumpers are while still doing the job.
    Monica Simpson
    April 18, 2024
    Listen, I get that these might seem unnecessary. But if you've got pricey custom millwork or antique wood doors like I do, a $10 pack of bumpers feels like a smart safeguard.
    Robert Johnson
    April 12, 2024
    We live in a pretty small, compact house where every sound has a way of reverberating and amplifying. Absorbing those harsh door knocks with these buffers has been surprisingly calming.
    Paul Saavedra
    April 9, 2024
    We recently did a full repaint of our hallways and I wanted to preserve that fresh new look. These little protective rings have extended the life of the paint job immensely!
    Joe Aiken
    April 1, 2024
    I'm a clean freak and those dirty black scuff marks old-school rubber bumpers would leave on my doors and trim used to drive me insane. These crystal clear guards have been a breath of fresh air!
    Barbara Garza
    March 29, 2024
    Between kids racing around, pets zooming through doorways, and my general clumsiness...let's just say our walls were looking pretty beat up before we added protective bumpers!
    Carlos Bly
    March 26, 2024
    As a mom, it feels like I'm constantly redirecting door slams and telling the kids to "be careful!" Installing these buffers everywhere has really helped minimize my nagging.
    Aaron Spence
    March 21, 2024
    We have an open concept home with the living room, kitchen, and dining room all flowing together. These discreet clear bumpers prevent awkward doorway transitions from getting too gnarly.
    Julio Hill
    March 18, 2024
    We traded out all our hollow-core doors for these expensive solid wood numbers during our remodel. Investing in a pack of these bumpers feels like inexpensive insurance against dents!
    Herman Baranowski
    Herman Baranowski1
    Herman Baranowski
    Herman Baranowski
    March 15, 2024
    Not going to lie, I kind of forget these invisible bumpers are even on my doors sometimes! They just blend in seamlessly while doing their protective job.
    Sharonda Berry
    March 11, 2024
    My elderly mother has really been struggling with her motor control lately. I'm so relieved to have these clear bumpers providing a cushion against any accidental wall impacts when she's getting around.
    Cody Lowry
    March 9, 2024
    We're about to put our house on the market, so having these trim door knob protectors installed has helped keep potential dings and dents away during showings. Smooth selling, here we come!
    Gina Battle
    March 1, 2024
    I run an in-home daycare, so you can imagine the daily abuse my doors and walls take from little humans. These protective bumpers have been a game changer for preserving everything!
    Edna Cook
    February 28, 2024
    In our last place, we had these stunning paneled wood doors that eventually got so dinged up from swinging open. I wish we'd installed these clear sleek bumpers from day one!
    Omar Matthews
    February 25, 2024
    Listen, I'm a total klutz who's constantly bumping into things and leaving marks everywhere I go. Having a ring of grippy protection around all my door knobs has helped hide my clumsiness.
    Kent Moyers
    February 20, 2024
    We recently did up my son's bedroom with this fresh coat of bright white paint and I was already cringing seeing door knobs rubbing up against it. These seamless bumpers to the rescue!
    Catherine Morris
    February 17, 2024
    My husband has this annoying habit of flinging doors open with abandon. I finally got these protectors to stop him from putting holes in our drywall every other week. Marriage saver!
    Adam Gregory
    February 12, 2024
    We have a very open concept layout, so doors are always making loud crashing sounds into the hallway or living room walls. These simple bumpers have really helped deaden that noise!
    Angelica Bruno
    February 8, 2024
    One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing that harsh knock of a door handle banging against the wall. But with these cushy clear bumpers, it's just a soft gentle thud now. Ahhh, silence.
    Peter Gates
    February 5, 2024
    As a renter, I'm always so paranoid about damaging walls and getting hit with charges when I move out. Installing a few of these low-profile door protectors has been such cheap peace of mind!
    Alan Spivey
    Alan Spivey1
    Alan Spivey
    Alan Spivey
    February 1, 2024
    We just had all new doors installed during our renovation and I wasn't about to let those gorgeous wood handles ding up the fresh paint job. These clear bumpers have been an absolute lifesaver!

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