How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install a Door?

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install a Door

Once you decide to buy in Lowes and determine the door price that suits you, you also need to calculate the cost of installation and labor. For a start, ask for a quote and an approximate estimate on the official site.

However, the final installation cost will depend on various factors since unexpected work may occur. That is why you need to know exactly how much does Lowes charge to install a door and all possible additional complications.

Measuring Fee

Measuring Fee

You probably think that it is easy to determine the exact dimensions of the opening and that measuring tape is all you need for that task. However, a Lowes contributor explains that this company can’t guarantee that the door will properly fit if you want to order based on the dimensions you measured yourself.

Instead, Lowes experts recommend accepting their help. They will come to your house and professionally measure the opening and frame. Unfortunately, you need to pay $30 to $50 for this service.

The Door Types

The Door Types

The primary factor for determining the price of installation is the type of door you want to order. The two main kinds are a slab and a pre-hung door. So, be prepared that the mounting process and time necessary for it will be different.

For instance, the pre-hung unit comes with all the necessary elements, so its price is always higher. You will get a pre-installed slab, hinges, and frame so that it will only take about half an hour to install this model.

The reasons Lowes charges more for this door type are its higher weight and size. Plus, they will need to send more than one person to mount it correctly.

On the other hand, the slab door is just the door itself. That means the contractor installs it on the existing frame. If the old frame is inadequate, you need to pay for the new one. However, if you choose the model that differs in size and configuration to the old one, mounting will last longer, and you will need to pay for additional carpentry.

Lowes installation cost

Door type

Slab door

Pre-hung door

Solid core

$80 $100 $160 $180
Hollow core $30 $40 $70


Labor cost

$120 $180 $199


On average, the slab door installation starts at around $30 to $40 for models with a hollow core. Solid core slab piece cost more and Lowes charge for mounting it from $80 to $100. If you decide to buy the pre-hung package, the installation cost will be from $70 to $180.

National average door installation costs

 Average cost range


$150 to $300

$30 to $400


$100 to $300

$150 to $300

Frame Construction

$200 to $650

$750 to $2000

However, keep in mind that the primary price includes only the door mounting, which means that the contractor comes to your house, takes the old door off, and sets a new one. You will always pay the labor cost separately. Plus, any adjustment on and around the door will cost you extra.

Door Material and Style

Door Material and Style

Door material will also affect the installation cost. Be prepared that Lowes charges differently for doors made of wood, steel, and fiberglass. Each of them comes in many variations and price range. For example, installing the sturdy exterior door will cost more than a hollow core interior unit.

  • Wooden door cost – Wood is probably the most common material for both interior and exterior entrances. However, there is a huge difference between solid wood, solid core, and hollow core. While you can expect to pay approximately $50 for the internal hollow-core door, the set-up of the exterior door made of solid wood will cost you up to $500 per piece.
  • Steel door prices – The standard steel variant costs $150 to $300. You can expect Lowes to charge between $500 and $1,230 to install or replace a steel door. Be prepared that the prices will go up if you pick out a model with glass.

The Differences in Prices According to the Door Style

Some styles of doors are easy to install, like a single-entry slab door. If you choose this model, you will pay it for $500 to $2000 in total, including material and labor costs. Others require more work and effort. Therefore, you need to plan a more significant impact on the home budget.

Type Material Labor



$400 to $4800 $200 to $1000 $600 to $5800
Double $250 to $4000 $500 to $1000

$750 to $5000

Single entry

$300 to $1500 $200 to $500 $500 to $2000
Entry with sidelights $1200 to $5000 $800 to $1500

$2000 to $6500


$300 to $4000 $200 to $500 $500 to $4500
Bi-fold door $50 to $1050 $100 to $300

$150 to $1350

Fire rated model

$100 to $500 $300 to $800 $400 to $1,300
Basement $100 to $1000 $1000 to $5000

$1100 to $6000

French door – Typically, the French design consists of two identical glass panels that open outwards. Lowes install decorative models for $400, but some can reach several thousand dollars, depending on the glass quality.

Double door – Typically, the double door and its installation will cost you in range for $750 to $5000 in total. Style and material affect the final bill more than the labor cost. You can find in Lowes offer a luxurious wrought iron door, which surpasses $7000. However, you should count on higher labor costs if the contractor works with load-bearing walls since it increases project time.

Single entry – For the installation of the classic slab or pre-hung door with no additional elements, Lowes prices range between $200 and $500. The crucial thing is whether the door has a solid or hollow core.

Entry door with sidelights – This model has vertical pieces of glass on both sides of the front door. This way, you provide more natural light in your home. Be prepared to set aside at least $800 to install the sidelight.

Patio door – Unlike the French type, the patio door slides when you open it. You can choose a one-piece model or the one with several smaller panels. Lowes offers the patio door from $300 to $4000, while labor costs are from $200 to $500 per one entry.

Bi-fold door – This model consists of several glass panels, and you can fold it like an accordion. Typically, it has two and seven panels that glide on the track. Therefore, adjusting it to work correctly is potentially demanding. Lowes has a wide price range for the bi-fold door, which will depend on the number of panels.

Fire-rated door – This type of door has a fire-resistance rating and prevents the spread of smoke. The contractors use it more in commercial buildings. However, the building code of some states considers the fire-rated entrance mandatory. Lowes charges the installation from $300 to $800 on average.

Basement door – Basement entrance installation is one of the most expensive services that a professional contractor can provide. Works include digging and installing a wooden frame, but also the stairs if you need them. Thus, the labor and installation costs exceed the cost of materials and can reach up to $5000.

Additional Expenses

Once you decide to replace the door, some work that you didn’t plan can quickly appear. Those can be simple changes, such as painting the new entrance in a shade that suits you, or complex works involving more experts. Some of the most common additional costs are:

  • Casing replaces – Whether you decide to replace casing for aesthetic reasons or it is old or rotten, the labor cost will start at $100.
  • Structural changes – If the contractor needs to cut through the supporting walls, installing the new header is mandatory. You need to hire a structural engineer for $100 to $150 per hour. Plus, you may need drywall, electrical, and even plumbing work. In such a case, you need to pay about $50 to $100 for rerouting per hour.
  • New door frame – If the old, damaged frame doesn’t fit the door you purchase, you need to replace it. Frame set-up costs $7 to $16 per 1 sq ft (0.09 square meters).
  • Waterproof layer and sealing – It is necessary to protect the house exterior from moisture, mold, and weather conditions in general. The protective coating on the door calls for an extra $80 to $200.
  • Labor warranty – Lowes includes a 1-year labor warranty on the door installation in the final bill. However, once the warranty expires, the company advises a professional inspection once a year to ensure everything functions properly.
  • Door disposal – If you can’t dispose of the old door properly, you need someone to do it. Lowes charge $30 to $40 for this service.


How much Lowes charges for the door installation depends on the model you choose, its dimensions, and complexity. That means you may pay $100 or a few thousand for this job. You can get an approximate estimate of the costs when you send a quote with details about your project.

However, it often happens that costs become higher during the process. The most common reason is structural changes in the walls.

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