How to Install Door Stopper? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Install Door Stopper (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

In many buildings, the door tends to leave unsightly marks on the wall. But installing a doorstop can prevent this problem. Luckily, doorstoppers are affordable, and you can quickly get them in any local store.

If you don’t know how to install door stopper, this guide will reveal to you how to get this do

Different Types of Door Stopper

  • Fixed Post Doorstop
  • Floor mounted door stop
  • Hinge Mounted Door Stops
  • Spring-Loaded Hinge

Step By Step Guide on How to Install a Fixed Post Doorstop

The Fixed Post Doorstop keeps your door from slamming into the wall. Besides, it works best with slighter doors. It is also sturdy, affordable, and it prevent the door from denting the wall.

A fixed post doorstop has two main parts. One part attaches the doorstop to the wall while the other end has a sturdy post and a rubber pad. If you want to know how to install doorstopper, you can use the following steps to set up a fixed post doorstop.

Step 1: Get the Doorstop


You can buy this stop from any online or offline store. Go for a hard post with a rubber pad or ask the sales rep in the store. To use the product, you will have to drill a hole in the wall.

Step 2: Choose a Spot for Fixing Your Doorstop


Start by opening the door until it becomes parallel with the wall. Then use a pencil and mark the area on the baseboard that lines up with the edge of the door. Then, measure 1.5 inches (38mm) from this first mark and create another one that faces the hinges.

Ensure not to mark on areas that exceed this distance mentioned above. If you don’t take this tip, you might end with a hole, especially on doors with hollow interiors.

Step 3: Make a Hole and Attach the Fixed Post Doorstop


After drawing the marks on the baseboard, get a 1/8-inch drill, and bore a hole on the second pencil mark. When the hole becomes ready, place the doorpost on the hole and rotate the screws with a threaded screwdriver. To tighten it properly, rotate the screwdriver clockwise.

As soon as the door stays flush on the wall, the doorstop becomes secured. Open the door completely to check if it works correctly. If it touches the wall, then you have installed the doorstopper correctly.

How to Install a Floor Mounted Door Stopper

Floor-mounted doorstop is great for doors with the hanging rack at the back or if the wall the door slam on are weak. Like most door stopper types, this doorstop keeps your door handle from bashing into nearby walls. To install the floor door stops, open the door, and fix it to the door’s edge.

Step 1: Keep the Door Open


Try to open the door to your preferred position. However, it would help if the door stays horizontally to the wall near the door’s hinges.

Step 2: Measure and Mark Out the Space for the Door Stop


Take a tape measure and head to the edge of the door on the hinges side. Now measure 2 inches from the front part towards the hinge end. At the end of the 2-inch measurement, make a mark with a pencil on the floor and at the door’s edge that faces the adjoining wall.

Step 3: Drill a Hole in the Flooring


Get a drill bit and bore a hole into the mark on the floor. For this task, use a drill bit that has a smaller diameter than the screw on the doorstopper. But if you want to install the door stopper on concrete flooring, try getting a masonry bit with the exact diameter as the anchor that will hold the screw.

If you are working on a concrete floor, drive the anchor (with a hammer) into the hole. Push the provided screw through the head of the doorstop.

Step 4: Fix in the Door Stop


Set the floor doorstop on the hole in the floor. Ensure the doorstop’s bumper faces away from the wall. After setting the doorstop, screw in the doorstop with a Phillips screwdriver.

Now, check if the doorstop works correctly. Take this step by opening the door completely and check if it touches the wall.

Step by Step Guide of Installing a Hinge- Mounted Doorstop

Hinge pin door stop is the best option to install on your door. Unlike the other door stopper types, it is easy to install and works great to prevent the door from touching the wall. Installing it on your door will keep your walls safe from scuffs.

Step 1. Get the Right Hinge Mounted Doorstop


Before you start any work, get the best hinge pin door stop in any hardware store. A good Hinge pin door stopper has a compact metal body, metal ring, and two rubber pads.

Step 2. Remove the Hinge Pin on The Door


Shut the door and remove the pins on the upper hinge with a flat-head screwdriver. If you want to use this tool, push the screwdriver into the flared head of the pin and pry it out.

Step 3. Attach the Hinge Pin with the Doorstop


From the top of the doorstop, push in the hinge pin until it gets to the hole underneath. Then use gentle movements to rotate the pin on the hinge. With this action, the stopper stays on the hinge and keeps the pin in position. Complete this stage by hitting the pin into the hinge with a hammer

Step 4: Adjust the Doorstop to Desired Opening Distance


With the pin well-secured, rotate the threaded rod of the stopper’s adjustable pad to determine how the door will open. You can use your fingers or the flat-headed screwdriver to make the adjustment.

If you add more turns, the door comes to stopper faster when you open it. As with the other types of door stoppers, open the door to test the device. If it doesn’t get to the right distance, you can adjust it again.


A stopper keeps your door from creating scuff marks on the wall. Even the decorative door stops perform the same function. This article has revealed how to install the three types of stoppers – the fixed post, the floor-mounted, and the hinge-mounted door stopper.

If you don’t whether to install door stop on door or wall, this article provided a great guide on that.  Follow the steps on how to install doorstopper correctly.

  • Mark out the spot on the floor and door
  • fix the stopper,
  • And ensure to check if it works correctly.

If you have additional ideas or want to ask questions, you can leave a message in the comment section.

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