How to Remove Window Screen Easily? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Remove Window Screen Easily? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Using a dirty, torn, or broken window screen will not be a good idea. This could make the window look unattractive or attract insects into your home.

For this reason, it will best to know how to remove the window for cleaning, repair, or a new window screen replacement. But before you do that, the first thing is to check if it is inside or outside.

The removal process of every window is not the same, so you should keep this in mind. Each window screen comes with a specific removal process, but it is easy to remove and fix back.

For interior style, you have to install the window screen into the millwork grooves around the window. The exterior screen uses a plunger-pin system to stay in place right outside the window. In this article, we compiled a step-by-step guide on how to remove a window screen. 

Easy Steps on How to Remove Window Screen

Window screens come in different types and styles and are easy to remove. Follow these steps to remove it by using the right window screen removal tools.

1. Check the Style of Window

The first thing on how to remove a window screen is to decide the style of the window before removing it. Any window can come off for removal easily, so there is no need to worry. Here are some common window styles you may see:

  • Double Hung Window: Most homes use this window style, and your window might be quite different. The sash is operable and can move up and down to allow for better ventilation.
  • Casement Window: This window style hinges to the side and opens when you use a hand crank. It doesn’t come with pins or finger lifts like the double-hung and sliding windows.
  • Sliding Window: Most people use sliding windows in places that are difficult to reach like the bathrooms or windows above kitchen sinks. They open with ease when you release the latch holding the glass to the frame.

2. Check the Type of Window

There are several types of windows, and each has its method of removal. Once you understand the types of windows, it is easy to know how to remove a full window screen.

  • Interior Window Screen: Interior window screen stays in place with the support of a tension. They are common in sliding windows, and you can find them around the window grooves.
  • Exterior Window Screen: This type of window hangs outside the window with the aid of plunger-pins. That’s why most double-hung windows come with an exterior window screen.

3. Take off the Window Screen

Since new window screens come with a new mesh, no need to cut the old mesh before taking the window off. Here is how to remove window screen from outside and how to remove window screen from inside:

How to Take out Interior Window Screens

Step 1: Pull the Lift Tabs Upward

The lift tab is at the lower side of the screen once you open the slide. As you pull it, the pressure will make the screen move up until it’s out.

Step 2: Lift the lower part of the screen

Hold the screen bottom with your right hand, and your left on the finger lifts and pull out the screen.

Step 3: Pull the Screen in Your Direction

Use both hands to hold the screen and slide the lower part through the opening. Tipping the screen to one side will make it come out easier.

How to Detach Exterior Window Screen

Step 1: Remove the Sash

If your window type is modern double-hung, you can easily remove the sash. Look for the plunger pin inside the screen, pull it inward close to the middle of the window, and release it.

Step 2: Hold the frame around the screen and shove outward

Slightly pull down to separate the window screen from its position. Check to make sure no one is standing below the window outside to avoid accidents. Avoid leaning on the window and ensure you stand firm on the floor.

Step 3: Tap the Screen to One Side and Remove It through the Opening

First, pull the screen to your direction and bend it, so you move it out. Although the frame is solid, you can bend slightly to pull the screen out.

Removing Window Screens Based on Styles

Removing Window Screens Based on Styles

There are many window styles out there, which make it necessary to know how to remove the screen of different types.

Sliding and Single-Hung Windows

  1. Open the window as wide as possible and move the screen to the top part of the window.
  2. Hold the tabs at the lower part of the window screen. Then try pushing it outward away from the window frame.
  3. Rotate the screen to make it easier to come out of the window frame.

Casement Window and Full Screens

The casement window looks different from traditional sliding windows in various ways. However, their removal methods are simple and similar in many ways. If you want to know how to remove the screen from a casement window, follow these tips:

  • Search for the tabs located on each side of the window screen.
  • Pull the tabs together to make the window screen pop out for easy removal.

The same process goes for removing a full-window screen that comes with any windows or with the window regulator. However, flexible full-window screen brands require pulling both sides and squeezing the screen to make it come out easily.

Detaching Double-Hung Window Screens

Double-hung windows are windows that open at the top and bottom. Window screens are of different styles as much as there are window types. Double-hung windows have similar features with casement and full-screen windows, except for its securing points.

Here is how to remove the Double-Hung window screens.

  1. Raise the lower part of the window sash completely to remove the screen. Move forward and to the center of the two tabs located at the bottom of all double-hung window screens. Raise the screen 3 inches upward and remove it from the window frame.
  2. Firmly hold the bottom of the screen with both hands and move the tabs to the center. Compress the whole screen, twist it to the left, and push it out of its frame. Two springs on either side of the screen will pop out, making the screen to come out quickly.
  3. Finally, hold the window screen, turn to sideways, and bring it out for replacement.

Safety Precautions When Removing a Window Screen

Whether it’s how to remove the screen from a sliding window or casement, you should observe the following safety precaution.

  • Avoid leaning on the window to avoid falling off and injuring yourself. The window screen is not strong enough to hold your balance and cannot prevent from falling.
  • Ensure that no friend or neighbor is right under the window outside to avoid dropping the screen on them.
  • Do not stand or climb on your furniture to reach closer to your window screen. If you aren’t tall enough, it is safer to ask a friend or neighbor to help you out.
  • If yours is not coming out of the window frame, call someone with a great experience. It is better to seek help than to try and then end up ruining the entire window frame.

Wrap Up

Window screens, like any property, can break or grow old due to exposure to rain and wind. Knowing how to remove an old window screen without tabs will help fix the problem. The process of replacing a window screen is simple and easy to master and put into practice.

The procedures on how to remove a window screen are clear if you understand the style and type of window. Once you have this sorted out, you will discover that how to replace a window screen is easier than you thought.

Take a closer look at your window screen to see if it needs replacement. Put that in your budget or get down to changing it immediately because a new one makes the window looks more attractive.

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