How to Remove a Pocket Door? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Remove a Pocket Door (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Most new homes have pocket doors installed in them, but as expected from standard home fittings, they get worn out and old, requiring you to change them to new doors. You could save some money for yourself if you know how to remove a pocket door yourself.

No matter how simple it sounds, this removal process is not a piece of cake. Moreover, if you’re new to pocket door repairsyou’d want a hand here and there. The procedure also requires you to get quality pocket door hardware for the removal and installation.

Furthermore, whether you’re a first-timer or an expert, you will know how to remove pocket doors with our guideAlso, for the sake of clarity, we divided them into two segments. Each section of this pocket door guide deals with how to remove pocket doors with or without the trim.

What are Pocket Doors?

As seen in modern buildings, a pocket door is a unique style of door that slides right into the side walls. Instead of the regular swinging outwards or inwards, the pocket door slips sideways in

opposite directions. This mode of opening and shutting saves you ample space in both paths.

Thus, you wouldn’t need the half-round area in front and back to enable the closing and opening of a door. Since there is no need for such a room, you can maximize the space just after the door for your chair or table.

You’d see pocket door mostly in areas of the home where there’s a need to maximize space. Often, people install these pocket doors in the bedroom, bathroom, or cluttered living to the area.

Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Pocket Doors

Step 1: Scratch Off the Caulk on the Door Stop


First, you should open the door entirely as you need to gain passage to the door stop where you’ll see the caulk. Then, you may want to get a sharp object like a utility knife or razor to scrape off the caulk along the doorstop gently. Ensure that you slowly scratch on the caulk lines of the stop because any mistake will cause loss or spoilage.

After you have scratched out the caulk and access the doorstop, take out the wood if you won’t need them again. If you intend to recycle the wood, then you won’t use a pry bar to take down the wood.

Step 2: Removing the Door Stop


After eliminating the caulk, the next thing is to take out the doorstop entirely from its frame. Even though it’s not much of a task to remove the stops, you’ll still need a pry bar to take them down. If you see a doorstop fastened to the side with a nail, you don’t need to be scared as it means no harm.

All you need to do is remove it from the wood first to prevent any dent on it. Of course, of the wood spoils, then you are getting a new one. It would be best if you close the sliding pocket door so that you have enough room to lift it out from the frames.

Step 3: Lifting Out the Pocket Door Entirely


When you’re lifting out the pocket door entirely from its tracks, you’ll find out there is a part you need to open. Then, go over to the open side to lift out the door. When both sides of the screen are open on the same side, begin to pull it towards you.

In the process of pulling, try and lift the door slowly to draw the rollers out of their tracks. You’d need a helping hand if the door is too large for one person. This person would aid in pushing and pulling the door where necessary.

Step 4: Pull Out the Pocket Door


Finally, after carrying out these initial steps, you can now remove the pocket door and keep it aside. Yes, it entails moving it away from your exit. This juncture usually presents the biggest challenge for some persons. The door’s size also determines the level of difficulty it would pose; you might even need to get help.

However, if the track gets into the wall, you would want to call a professional for door removal. Doing it yourself might take up all your time and energy without getting the job done.

How to Remove a Pocket Door without Removing the Trim

Step 1: Take Out the Jamb Stops


If you still need the trim for pocket doors, you should start by removing the jamb stops. You’ll find these at the head and the single track that has a J-shape. For a more effective process, take out the jamb stops from the door angle that faces the track’s closed side. It will be easier if the screw attached stops are backed out on this side of the track.

Step 2: Dismantle the Roller from Its Position


By the time you finish with the initial step, then it’s time to remove the stops to enable you to pull out the rollers. When the stops are off, try lifting the door from the bottom by swinging it gently. Furthermore, when pulling it up, try to disengage the rollers from its place.

Important Tips

  • If you are removing the door due to warping, you can prevent your new door from such problem by painting it. However, to do this, you should know how to paint a pocket door without removing itfrom the tracks. After learning the process, you can paint the face and edges of the four sides to prevent warping.
  • Install the hanging pocket door hardware on top of the door and slide the rollers into the track. Then, while hanging the door on both hangers, adjust till it is level. Also, install the door grip before removing the door when installing drywall over the pocket. Hence, place a few layers of the drywall mixture on the junctions before fixing it in the door.
  • Install the pocket door guidesat the opening of the door both inside and outside. Ensure the door is flush to avoid pocket door wobbles by nailing the head jambs and two-piece to either side of the door. Fasten the door casing with the frame using a nail and pocket door studs. After which you should install the strike plate.


If you are using a pocket door, it will be good to learn how to remove a pocket door in case of repair or replacementThe steps above will help you immensely and teach you how to fix a pocket for that is stuckFollow the guide and tips to remove worn out pocket doors.

In summary, ensure you.

  • Remove the caulk
  • Take out the door stops
  • Swing and Lift out the door and its rollers

Kindly tell us your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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