23 Easy Homemade Window Cleaner Recipes

23 Easy Homemade Window Cleaner Recipes

Perhaps you prefer to use natural products, maybe you want to save a bit of cash or it could be that you’ve just realized you’ve run out of store-bought cleaner – but for whatever reason, it’s perfectly possible to make your own window cleaning solution at home.

There are loads of recipes online, so we’ve scoured the internet to see what other people have been trying – and as a result, here are our favorite 23 homemade window cleaner recipes you can DIY easily.

1. Cleaning windows with vinegar without streaks


Many window cleaning solutions we buy nowadays are filled with nasty chemicals that are bad for the environment – and pretty bad for us too. If you don’t want to use unnatural chemicals, there’s a magic ingredient you can use instead: vinegar. Vinegar has amazing cleaning properties and can be used for a range of applications, including washing windows. This recipe shows you how to mix up your own at home so you can keep your windows clean and free of streaks using only all-natural ingredients.

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2. Homemade window cleaner recipe video

Here’s a short and sharp video that shows you one YouTuber’s preference for a homemade eco-friendly window cleaner that consists of only dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and water. He shows how to mix them together in the proper proportions, and in only a few moments, the solution is ready for use. As he says, if you have a large house and perhaps pets and kids, buying cleaning products can be expensive – so this is an idea that can save you some money.

3. Homemade window and glass cleaner


Unsurprisingly, thanks to its exceptional power as a cleaning agent, vinegar features heavily in many of the recipes we found, and this one is no different. In this post, you will find how to mix up a natural window cleaning solution that doesn’t contain the kind of ingredients we’d probably rather avoid. Furthermore, there are some extra tips on window cleaning techniques, making it well worth a read.

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4. How to make glass cleaner at home

This video we found on YouTube is simplicity itself. It only lasts a minute and a half, but there’s still time to show how to mix the four required ingredients together in a bottle and shake them up while still leaving time at the end for a quick demo of the solution in action. Great for people who don’t like to overcomplicate things.

5. The right way to make homemade glass cleaner


The Spruce is a well-respected website and an invaluable resource for all manner of homemade items and DIY projects. Here, they give you two recipes for easy-to-make homemade glass cleaners that are sure to do a great job. There’s nothing more to the first one than just vinegar and water – but they also suggest making a scented version if you find the odor too pungent. The second one is a little more sophisticated, and there are some bonus tips at the end, too – so go check it out.

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6. The best window cleaner ever


The name this blogger has chosen for her homemade window cleaner makes quite a claim. We’re not sure if we think it’s literally the best ever, but it’s certainly highly effective. The ingredients are things you are likely to have at home – or things you can get hold of easily and for not much money. There are some detailed instructions for mixing it up, and we also like the notes about window cleaning at the end. A good option if you’re looking for something quick, easy and inexpensive.

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7. The best homemade window cleaner II

It seems that there’s some competition for the title of best homemade glass cleaner since this YouTuber also claims the accolade. We’re not going to pass judgement – we’ll just say that the presenter in the video believes her homemade version is better than any store-bought cleaner she’s ever purchased. Check out the video and mix some up – and then you can decide for yourself.

8. 6 amazing homemade window cleaner recipes


Here’s a blog that brings you not just one but six different recipes for homemade window cleaning solutions. Some of them are gentle and natural while others are harsher and more industrial. However, what they all have in common is that you will be able to mix them all up with ingredients you probably have in your home already. This means if you are looking for ways to keep your windows clean without wanting to spend money on store-bought products that are packed full of chemicals, this is a great place to look for ideas.

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9. Make your own window cleaner with vinegar and dish soap

This is a short and sweet video that doesn’t try to make a big fuss about something simple and uncomplicated. To make glass cleaner, you need these four ingredients, you need to mix them together and you’re good to go. We like the relaxing music too.

10. How to make your own window cleaner

This is a recipe for a simple but effective window cleaning solution that you will be able to mix up in no time. The site includes a list of ingredients a


s well as a detailed set of instructions for how to proceed. As with most of the recipes we found, it includes vinegar, which can leave a bit of a pong. But as they suggest here, you can try adding essential oils, which largely masks the smell.

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11. 20 DIY natural cleaning recipes

If you’re looking for ideas for all kinds of DIY cleaning solutions, this is the video you’re looking for – in just over twelve minutes, this YouTuber manages to introduce 20 different recipes and ideas for you to try, including an all-purpose cleaner and a window and mirror cleaner. A fantastic resource, and we love her energy and enthusiasm too.

12. Best homemade window cleaners


We all know the problems with the kind of cleaning products we buy from stores – they’re not good for the environment and they cost more than we would like to pay. On the other hand, if you use one of the three recipes from this blog, you can mix up natural, environmentally-friendly and affordable solutions that are all much better alternatives. Furthermore, you can adjust the recipe as you see fit, so why wouldn’t you want to try?

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13. Best Essential Oils for Cleaning

Essential oils are surprisingly versatile, and if you want to know all about how to use them to make a range of natural cleaning solutions, you should give this video a watch. As the presenter explains, you might be a little hesitant about switching over to natural, homemade cleaning products if you’re used to store-bought items – but this video will probably convince you to give it a go.

14. Battle of the homemade glass cleaners


As this blogger explains, not all recipes for homemade cleaner fluid work out – so take her advice and avoid trying to make one from black tea and vinegar. However, through trial and error, many people have come up with cleaners that are effective, and if you want a couple of ideas for how to make them – as well of some information on how they fared when the cleaners went “head to head” – you can find out by reading this post.

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15. Basic window cleaner with lemon oil

This video is another take on a very basic homemade window cleaner made with water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar, this time with the addition of lemon oil to give it a light and refreshing scent. This is ideal since it masks the vinegar and alcohol odor, making this cleaner much more pleasant to use.

16. Homemade glass cleaner recipe


You might want to prepare your own homemade glass cleaner for financial reasons or perhaps because you want to help protect the environment – but it could just be that you need something to clean your windows in a pinch and you need something quick and simple. In that case, this is the kind of recipe you need. Easy to mix using only stuff you probably already have, meaning you can make some for any window-cleaning emergency that might arise!

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17. DIY pro glass cleaner similar to Windex

This mixture is different from many of the other versions in this list because it is unashamedly a chemical-based solution. As the YouTuber explains, he has some background in chemistry, and this is his attempt at making a simple professional-grade cleaner that you can reproduce at home for taking care of your windows. So if you feel like trying a little amateur alchemy at home, this could be the potion for you.

18. Versatile homemade window cleaner


One of the best things about homemade window cleaners is that they are so versatile, and this one is suitable for use on windows, mirrors and any other types of glass, leaving them clear and streak-free. This recipe has a couple of more unusual ingredients, but another advantage of homemade cleaner is that you are free to experiment, so you can play around with the recipe until you’re completely satisfied with the results.

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19. How to make streak-free mirror and window cleaner

This video made us smile. While many of the videos we found go for a minimalist approach to producing homemade window cleaner, this one has taken the opposite route and made it as dramatic as possible. Ok, so once you get past the introduction, the main part of the video is useful and will teach you how to make a practical window cleaning solution. And who says you can’t have a little fun along the way?

20. Cheap and easy homemade window cleaner


This recipe is about as basic as they come – it’s just a vinegar and water combination. However, even just four cups of this is enough to clean ten large windows, and as one of the commenters points out, the vinegar smell doesn’t even linger. With that in mind, this could the perfect inexpensive way to clean your windows without the need to buy a chemical-based solution.

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21. 10 homemade window cleaners and streakless glass advice


If you’re looking to clean your windows without the need to purchase a specialist cleaning product, this site is a mine of information that is sure to come in useful. Here, you have the recipes for ten different homemade window cleaners – and as if that wasn’t enough, there’s even some bonus advice on how to keep your windows in perfect condition. A wonderful resource for anyone who prefers to make things themselves.

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22. Super-simple homemade glass cleaner

If you suddenly discover you are out of glass cleaner and need to mix something up in a hurry, this is a video that will show you what to do. It’s another simple mixture based on rubbing alcohol and vinegar – but those are the ingredients that work, so why try to reinvent the wheel? Furthermore, the presenter takes the time to explain why those are the ingredients we use, so if you’re interested in the reasons for what you’re doing as well as the results, this is a video you might enjoy.

23. Natural glass cleaner with surprise ingredient


Lots of the natural cleaner recipes we have found are based on either vinegar or rubbing alcohol – or a combination of both. This recipe incorporates both of these highly effective ingredients but adds something many other recipes don’t include: corn starch. As the blogger explains, she couldn’t find out why it works – it just does. But if you only want clean windows, why ask questions? Just mix up a batch, and you’re ready to go!

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Many similar recipes – and one or two more creative ones

When it comes to window cleaners, things like vinegar and rubbing alcohol appear time and again, but some people have tried to be a bit more creative and have experimented with using some other ingredients, too – with great results.

We’ve enjoyed finding these recipes for you, and we hope you enjoy reading the descriptions and watching the videos. Above all, we also hope you’ve been given some fresh ideas about the kinds of mixtures you can try to keep your glass clean.

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