How to Install Window Well Covers? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Install Window Well Covers (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Nowadays, many windows installed in basements have window wells that pull up groundwater regularly. This reason makes it essential to add window drains to all your wells. These drains have closed lids to prevent dirt from seeping into well and to block the free passage of water.

You should ensure that the cover doesn’t get filled with dirt to avoid clogging the drain. One way to achieve this is to install the best window well covers.

If you fail to add a drain to the wells, then you should expect large water pool near the foundation when the rain comes. As you should know, this is not good at all.

The reason is that this water-pool can all water to break into the window due to build up the pressure causing cracks and weak spots on the wall. What happens next is flooding, which would cause expenses for the basement owner. Hence, it is necessary to know how to install a window well cover.

What Are Window Well Covers?

Window well covers are instruments used to avoid the collapse of wells. These covers are just like window guards for your basement window.

They come in semi-circular, square-shaped, or bubble-shaped galvanized steel shields. Basement owners can attach this item to the side of their buildings to prevent dirt from getting into the basement window.

If you plan to use Steel window well covers, this type fit into the side of a house and attaches seamlessly. It works great to stop water and other debris from getting into the basement. However, some of them are transparent and can allow the passage of light.

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Window Covers

Step 1: Consider These before Buying a Window Well

  • Measure your window wells carefully using the guidelines below
  • We have two main kinds of underground window wells they include: the transparent and large window well covers. The transparent window well covers are mostly installed on top of the basement wall and they allow the passage of light. For the large window well covers, this type serves as an escape route.
  • Worried that your kids may fall from a light window cover? Then you should install the ones that can support up to 100 pounds of weight.

Step 2: Get the Window Well Measurement

Ensure to get the front and back measurement of the window well, and at the points where it joined to the house.

Try to get the most extended length then get the perimeter of the window well from side to the edge of the house. Ensure to take note of the window well shape, whether it’s square, round, or forms a spherical curve on circular corners.

Also, find out if the ends of the covers should tuck into the window opening beneath the siding. Centralized it on the window well with the back end lapped against the building and ensure the window well edges support the whole sheet.

Step 3: Measure the Sides of the Cover


Measure like four inches to six inches from the side of the cover that rests on the wall and mark the points with tape. Also, mark the end that meets the well cover with the tape. For large window well covers, do the same thing on the side and front of the cover with two clips or more.

Step 4: Remove the Cover


Take out the cover from the window well. Insert a 2 x 4-inch chunk under the plastic beneath one marked tape, and then bore an opening that is slightly wider than the screw diameter, that came with the cover. The chunk of wood prevents the plastic from damaging during the boring.

You should be careful, however, as old drills can spoil plastic, thus breaking the bottom. So make use of newer ones and fix the plastic tightly to the wood.

Step 5: Replace and Test

Tighten the clamps to the cover firmly and ensure the prongs hold the edge. Test it on the window well and ensure there are no bends in it or buckling of clips when fastened.

How to Select a Window Well Cover to Install


Resistant To Moisture

Select window well covers that are reliable and rust-resistant. If you must use bubble window covers made of clear plastic, then you should be ready to get new ones often because they spoil quickly. So it’s best to go with steel window well covers or aluminum that can be very sturdy and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Perfect Fit

It’s best if you go with a custom window well cover that can fit perfectly with your window wells. They are better in the sense that they lap on the walls of the window wells and endure better security against dirt, debris, and water flooding. And you won’t have to kick the covers off the frame mistakenly.

Solid and Sturdy

Pick Window covers that carry solid and sturdy, that’s the heavy-duty window well covers. If your window opens into a flower bed where your kids can’t easily access, then you won’t need these kinds. But if it opens to a deck that has access to both kids and adults, who might mistakenly step on it, then you should get the heavy-duty window well covers.


Get window well covers that have an excellent warranty that covers damage, repair, and can last for a more extended period.


Choose a cover that matches flawlessly with the outside of your building, one that offers both aesthetics and functionality. Select an enhanced mesh cover for better protection for kids. Mesh also aids the passage of light into the basement, which is not obtainable with other models.


Classic bars offer both security and prevention of debris for your window wells, while the polycarbonate that is in steel frames is sturdy and aids the passage of light into the basement. They are not airtight but restrict the flow of air in the basement to an extent.

Make a Decision on the Type

Resolve whether you want a flat window cover or a bubble window cover. You should go for the later if the top of your window extends beyond the window well, or you could go with square, oval, or round shape type.

Size Matters

Choose the correct size of well cover for the drilled holes. Measure out the breadth of the window wells. Take it from the points of attachment that’s the middle point of the hole to the wall to get the projection.

Afterward, measure the top of the well and that of the window to find out the height. You should use this measurement to get the best fit and the shape for the well. If they are not in stock, you can order custom window well covers.

Wrap Up

Window wells are necessary for our basement, and its covers help to protect them from dirt invasion. This fact makes it essential to know how to install window well covers for better protection of the drain. Our guide will go a long way to help you get this done, but always remember to:

  • Know the necessary dimension of your window well
  • Get the right window well cover
  • Ensure that you get the correct weight depending on where the well opening is.
  • Order custom window well covers if you don’t get your perfect fit in the store.

We await you in the comment section for your question and comments.

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