How to Hang Window Boxes? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Hang Window Boxes

One of the ways of beautifying the outside space of your house is by hanging window boxes. It comes in a variety of colors and types, so you can choose whichever suits you best. You can even hang them around your kitchen space if you love to grow flowers or veggies.

Furthermore, you can decide to change the window boxes every season, or you just leave it all year round, letting the plant to continue growing. You can hang window box brackets on your home exterior if you don’t know how to attach a window box on a brick wall. However, with this step by step guide, you will know how to hang window boxes in your home.

Ways to Hang Window Boxes

We have two common methods of hanging window boxes. You can choose to use

  • Vinyl Siding Hooks
  • Mounting Brackets

Steps on How to Hang Window Box with Mounting Brackets

Step 1: Indicate the Exact Point of Installation

With a marker and a tape measure out and mark 1-inch from the base of the window. Ensure your marker ink is directly on the window frame. After marking the first spot, do the same for the second side of the window where you will attach the bracket.

Some windows swing open; if you use this type, then you will have to make your measurement six to eight inches (15-20cm). You should do this because the window swings out and will be blocked by the window box if you don’t give enough space.

Step 2: Fix the First Mounting Bracket on the Side of the Window

Fix the First Mounting Bracket on the Side of the Window

Check the mounting bracket for two or three openings of the screws and nuts. Align the bracket with the window ink mark and place it slightly under the ink. Inside one of the three holes, insert the screws with a drill machine, into the center hole of the mounting bracket. The hole on the top is for the window box attached to the brackets.

However, if there are only two holes on your bracket, fix it into the top hole. Check if the bracket is straight with a level. Do the same for the second bracket before hanging it to ensure it aligns straight with the first one. This measure is to ensure your window box doesn’t bend or slant on the window.

Fasten the second screw into its hole when you have rechecked if the bracket is on the marked line. This screw hole is on top of the window box, and the window box will conceal the screws when you finish your installation.

Step 3: Hang the Second Mounting Bracket In Line with the First One

Hang the Second Mounting Bracket In Line with the First One

Install the second mounting bracket beneath the window, at the ink spot directly adjacent to the first one. Use a lengthy level to check the alignment of the brackets this time. Drill the two or three holes in to hold the bracket in position.

Step 4: Install the Window Box on the Hanged Brackets

Install the Window Box on the Hanged Brackets

After hanging the mounting bracket firmly to the sides of your home, you can now install the window box on them. Ensure you place the box right at the center of the brackets. The simplest way of doing this is by measuring out the overhang of the mounting brackets. Either side of the window box should hang three inches over the brackets.

Ensure that your window us facing outwardly if your window box side is angled.

Step 5: Fasten the Window Box to the Mounting Brackets

Now you have to fasten the window box to the mounting brackets to prevent them from falling off. Drill in the polished 2.5-inch screw into the box holding holes on top and the one behind the bracket.

That’s it; you have your window box up there. You can beautify it the window with different beautiful flowers to improve the aesthetics of your home exterior.

How to Hang Window Flower Boxes on Vinyl Siding

Step 1: Buy the Hooks for Vinyl Siding

Do not drill holes or make use of nails on your vinyl siding. You will need a Vinyl siding hooks before learning on How to hang Window boxes on your vinyl siding. These hooks are specifically for box installation on vinyl sidings alone. They are available in any home repair store in your locality.

One vinyl siding hook can carry up to 5.4kg of window box weight. Hence, you should know the size and weight of the box before buying. This measure is to prevent any incidence of error, as it may be costly to correct.

Step2: Fix Two Vinyl Siding Hooks beneath your Window

One good thing with vinyl siding hooks is that you don’t need to have any special tool to install them. You only have to fix the siding hooks at the center of two siding panels. Gently place the rounded edge of the hook between the sidings beneath the window.

After placing it, continue to rotate it on clockwise direction until it locks into place, you can stop once you hear the lock sound. You should know the hooks only work on vinyl siding and nothing else. You shouldn’t use when you want to hang Window box on brick or stone house siding.

Fix in at least two hooks in a window box, and ensure it fastened well to the side of your home. Once you have fixed them in, you can move them to any length you want for your window boxes. Make sure you don’t scratch the side of the house when installing.

Step 3: Install a Metal Window Box on the Vinyl Siding Hooks

Aluminum or steel window boxes are the best metal window boxes you can hang on your vinyl siding hooks. The reason is that they come with spaces that fit in easily with the vinyl siding hooks.

Ensure that you installed the hooks on the ends of the window box so that the window box balances well. If you opt for a wooden box, open two holes at the back of the window box where you will insert the vinyl siding.

Wrap Up

Window boxes contribute significantly to the aesthetics of our home exteriors. Knowing how to hang Window boxes will help you save more money since you will be needing a professional. Hiring an expert may be great, but it will be expensive, especially for a house with vinyl siding.

However, you will have to recheck so that you don’t make a mistake while hanging because it might be hard to correct. Hence, always remember to:

  • Make accurate markings before hanging the mounting bracket and ensure they are correct.
  • Check with a level of the bracket is straight
  • Don’t drill hole on a vinyl siding

You can ask your questions or drop your comments in the comment section.

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