How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling? (7 Easy & Fast Ways)

How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling? (7 Easy & Fast Ways)

Do you have curtains needed to be hung ASAP? Acquired knowledge in installing these accessories with ease through our detailed guide below. Here, you will learn the most convenient ways how to hang curtains without drilling!

On top of that, we will include some relevant information and tips for your guidance. But first, let’s kick off with the possible reasons why people opt to hang curtains with no puncturing of walls or doors!

Why Do People Prefer Hanging Curtains without Drilling?

Curtains are truly great accessories that improve the ambiance of the room. While these are stylish add-ons, attaching these to your windows or doors may be a tedious task, especially if you need to drill holes. But did you know that you can actually hang curtains even without drilling holes?

There are many reasons why people hang curtains without using nails or screws. It may be due to limited space around the window and on the ceiling, which makes it difficult to add a curtain rod. Another possibility may stem from using super lightweight curtains, hence using rods is not suggested.

Likewise, if you are renting an apartment, most owners have certain restrictions. These often include a prohibition of creating small holes in the drywall or having major adjustments in the room.

Aside from these situational factors, others opt to not drill hollows to preserve the solid surface. They simply don’t want to add permanent marks to your furniture. Whatever your reasons may be, don’t worry because our list of techniques below will surely help you out in solving your problem.

How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling?

From applying adhesive hooks to using magnetic rods, there are lots of ways to add your curtains and doll up your residence. So, here are some of the most efficient techniques that you can capitalize on for your next DIY project.

1. Make use of adhesive hooks.

First on the list would be the ever-handy adhesive strips or hooks. These nifty tools are very useful in hanging heavy curtains as well as dangling decors like frames and fancy objects. Another thing that makes adhesive hooks quite popular is the fact that these are easily accessible.

You can buy them in most hardware stores and even online. These come in different sizes, offering you a variety of options. Additionally, adhesive hooks vary in strength. This means some are catered to a specific weight, ranging from 4 pounds up to 20 pounds per hook.

Therefore, you need to be careful before making your purchase. Make sure that you pick a hook that withstands your curtain weight. Applying the adhesive strips is another crucial factor to consider. In doing so, pull the layer that covers the adhesive and then apply the elastic area to the wall.

And if you plan to apply the adhesive on top of the window frame, you should check the measurement beforehand. Also, don’t forget to clean the area and wipe off any moisture for a strong hold on the wall. In case you have to remove the adhesive, be cautious as well.

It’s because improper peeling can lead to sticky patches, or worse, wall damage. So, softly slide the hook from the adhesive pad. Afterward, peel the adhesive off the surface using a peel tab. If there are sticker residues, heat the pad using a hairdryer. Then, rub off any sticker excess.

Make use of adhesive hooks
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2. Try some command hooks.

Command hooks or command strips are another remarkable option for curtain rod installation. These are also useful for hanging coats, bags, and wall decor. More so, the price varies according to the hook material as well as the size.

A typical command hook holds up to 5 lbs., making it a great pick for lightweight curtains. For small windows, you normally need 2 pcs. to securely hang curtain rods. However, if the length and width of your window are big, then you might need an extra hook to add support in the middle.

To ensure that the hooks would be installed in a perfect position, measure your curtains and your windows. You can use a pencil to create marks on the area where you place the rod and the top of the curtain.

Subsequently, peel off the adhesive and attach it carefully to the hook. Then, press down the material on the wall for 30 seconds or so. According to the general instructions, you need to wait for 30 minutes before adding your curtain.

3. Capitalize on magnetic curtain rods.

Aside from adhesive hooks and command hooks, many also love magnetic curtain rods, especially renters who can’t add permanent blotches on the wall. Magnetic rods are very easy to install. And since these make use of magnets, you can adjust them accordingly.

These materials perfectly fit metal doors, file cabinets, and window casings. Just like both adhesive and command hooks, magnetic rods vary in size. The most common sizes are 9 to 16 inches and 16 to 28 inches. Price also depends on the finish of the material.

Although magnetic rods are great, heavy curtains are not recommended for this type of material. Unlike hooks, these only cater to up to 8 pounds. Also, you need to check the alignment of the rods as this may shift when placed in a high-traffic section.

When installing these accessories, you first need to check the measurement of the window opening. This is a significant step so you’ll have an idea of the best curtain size.

During this step, be sure that the rod bracket would fit the edge of both the metal door and its window. Afterward, push the bracket on the door. Before you place the magnetic rod on the bracket, thread the curtain in advance.

Capitalize on magnetic curtain rods
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4. Install tension rods.

Another recommended method to hang your curtains is to use a tension rod. This tool can be adjusted according to your preferences, expanding from one side of the window frame to the other. Additionally, this is such a breeze to install.

When buying a tension rod, it’s recommended that the size is quite similar to the measurement of your window frame size. Since you need to check the sizes, it’s best that you purchase this from home improvement stores. This way, you can get insights from the experts.

Also, try to check if the tension rod fits perfectly into the window frame. So, screw and then unscrew the rod to make an evaluation. If you think it’s a perfect match, then it’s time to place the curtain onto the rod. Afterward, attach the rod to your window.

Because of these features, tension rods are suitable for light curtains. These are also fantastic choices for decorative curtains used in boutiques and coffee shops.

5. Utilize some twist and fit rods.

Using a twist-and-fit curtain road is a notable technique too. Its function is quite the same as a tension road, hence you won’t be needing any drilling tool to attach this material. On the contrary, a twist-and-fit rod is more suitable if you want more decorative ends.

From the decorative ends, you can actually attach another curtain rod. With this kind of placement, the curtains perch in front of the window giving an extra dimension to the entire look. So, if you’re looking for functionality mixed with style, you won’t get disappointed with this one.

Along with hanging curtains, twist-and-fit rods are also useful for storing shoes, keeping kitchen utensils in place, and piling artsy crafts. Thus, if you’ve got extra rods, maximize them to the fullest and arrange your essentials in one go!

Utilize some twist and fit rods
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6. Grab a stick-on rod.

With a combination of functionality and seamless application, stick-on rods are surely an ideal choice for curtains that are light. Installing this is similar to adhesive hooks, but only with one application. The positioning of your curtain is also something to consider.

Because the adhesive is placed on both sides, it’s best to use this inside the bathroom, specifically for your shower curtain. It may also fit inside your closet to hang clothes. Moreover, you need to know the measurement of the area where you’ll put the rod.

When you install the rod, start by removing the tape from one end, and then the other side. Then, carefully place the material and let it sit for several minutes for a more durable hold.

7. Go for no-drill shades.

How about skipping the rod and curtains at once? Regulate the light that enters your home and get the needed privacy for you and your family with the no-drill shades! These are pretty impressive since you won’t be drilling holes into your wall.

It also ensures that you can easily block the light by just pushing the shades down. Meanwhile, if you need better ventilation and air quality, you simply drag it up. Apart from being easily adjustable, you are free to choose your preferred design and fabric.


Hanging your curtains without drilling is definitely achievable. So, go over our list above and pick the most suitable choice for your own house or rental home. Likewise, don’t forget to know the dimensions first, from the top of the curtain to the side of the frame, and the window size in general.

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