How to Fix a Leaky Window? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Fix a Leaky Window (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Do you notice your window leaking during heavy rain? As you should know, the leaking window can cause more damages other than a defect to the building structure. It could affect the aesthetic beauty of the interior and create messy floors in your home.

Luckily, you don’t need to call a window repair expert when this happens. With our guide on how to fix a leaky window, you can easily pull this off on your own. But before that, you need to identify where the leaks are coming from.

How to Detect a Leaky Window

It’s not always easy to detect the leaks without taken away the whole window. Finding where window leaking during heavy rain might also prove challenging.

However, if you’re lucky or you look closely, you could spot a water leaking from the top of the frame. In some cases, it could be that the window is leaking water from the bottom. Once you identify where it is leaking, use the guide below to get it fixed.

Step By Step Guide on Fix Leaking Window

Step 1: Take Out Worn Out Caulk

Before you embark on working on the leaking window, you should identify the old caulk and remove them. Removing the worn-out caulk will allow you to add a new one.  Failure to take it out might lead to a poor final result after fixing the leaks.

The caulk is at the small fragment space in between the frames and the window. To remove the worn-out caulk, you can use a spatula or knife.

Step 2: Get the Caulk Gun Ready


This step doesn’t take much of your time. If you don’t have a caulk gun and tube, you can head to any local store nearby to get them.

Once you get them, before you begin the process, put the tube into the caulk gun. Ensure both items are a good match or fit perfectly so the caulk would spray equally on the leaks.

Afterward, cut off the tip of the caulk nozzle, but if the leaks passage is not quite big, cut out a little with a few inches. That will work great for the most significant cracks.

If you want the caulk to come out more, you can cut the nozzle further.

Step 3: To Break the Seal

It is essential to create a hole through its seal to determine how the caulk overflows. For you to be able to cut open the nozzle, you can insert the tip of a nail inside.

After that, push it down until notice it has to break through the seal.

Step 4: Apply the Caulk


This step is an important part you must not miss – it’s time to apply and seal the leak. Use the gun to spray the caulk, move it at a slow pace along the crack area. Do not apply much pressure on the trigger when carrying out this task.

After you have sealed the leaks, you should apply the caulk at the frame part to prevent any future damages.

Once you have done everything mentioned above, use a spatula to smoothen the caulk. This measure is to make it flat on the window surface and unnoticeable.

Step 5: Clean Up the Left Over caulk

After you are done, use a clean paper towel to wipe out the caulk on the nozzle and around the tube as well before it dries up. Doing this will keep the equipment safe for use next time without hassles.

How to Fix Leaking Window Frames

Repairing a window frame can also prevent window leaks. But you need to identify if the window is leaking from the window frame. To pinpoint this, you need someone to spray the window with water while you take a closer look to know where it leaks.

If you noticed it is close to the wood and it is the area causing the potential problem, you will need to take out the trim from where it is leaking. Then take a close look at the frame area to know if recaulking will be an option.

Use a putty knife to take out any damaged woods, and then use epoxy wood filler to fix the open space. Then replace the damaged trim, and attach it back with a nail to the window frame. Ensure to do this carefully.

Get a waterproof caulk, apply it to the edges, and then leave it for some time to dry. Afterward, paint the window frame with a matching color as the previous one.

Replacing the Weather Stripping


Worn out weather stripping can be the reason why the window is leaking. The only way to get it fixed is to change it quickly before it causes further damages.

To identify this component, you need to realize what type of window you got.

  • Sliding window type. The weather stripping is present inside the frame where the functional portion slides in.
  • Single-hung window: The weather-stripping is present in the frame that you can lift.

Steps To Change the Weather Stripping Successfully

  1. Carefully cut out the weather stripping on each side of the window and pull it out. Ensure to make use of dry clothing material (rag) to wipe the sides thoroughly, and then allow it to dry.
  2. Measure the frame that you would use.
  3. Finally, you take off the back of the weather stripping, so the top remains in its original state.

How Can Prevent Window Leaks?

Most modern windows might not necessarily need maintenance, but you still need to carry this out to keep it in good shape. One of this maintenance is to regularly check the caulking of the window both inside and outside to know if sealing it will be necessary. Continuous replacement of the caulk can keep the seal in keep shape, thus preventing future leaks.

If you are using the non-fixed hung or slider window, ensure to check the drainage channels if it is clean. The reason is that dirt and blown leaves could enter into this channel, thus stopping the smooth flow of water. And if you don’t notice it earlier, water will accumulate around that area, thus permeating into your home from the window walls.

If you do carry out maintenance regularly, but window leaks still occur, it’s best to call an expert to come to check it out.

Wrap Up

Window leaks can cause many hazards to your home structure. With this said, it’s essential you know how to fix a leaky window so that is easier to tackle such a problem when it happens. However, regularly checking for damages and proper maintenance could also prevent the window from leaking.

To fix the window leaks here are essential measures to take:

  • Identify where the window is leaking
  • Remove old caulk and recaulk
  • Check the window frame and repair if necessary
  • Replace the weather stripping if it is faulty

If have any question or find this article interesting, you can leave a message in the comment section.

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