How To Dress A Window Without Curtains? (11 Easy & Fast Ways)

How To Dress A Window Without Curtains

A vast majority commonly opts for the mundane way of adorning the windows with multicolored, monochromatic, or patterned curtains. The curtain style doesn’t make much of a unique statement because, in the end, all you have are curtains. But you can definitely add more creative and flattering touches to your windows, that don’t involve curtains at all.

If you are trying to add a unique touch to your house decor, you have to get rid of the curtains and choose something that not only has a stylistic appeal but also balances the natural light. So, have you brainstormed about experimenting with some alternatives to dress your windows? If you’re feeling a bit out of ideas, we have some creative ways to help you give your windows a fashion overhaul.

Creative Ideas to Dress Windows Without Curtains

Windows are a great light source in your house, however, it takes some creative zest to make them look unique and interesting. If you’re about to hang some boring curtains or even interesting curtains, your window space will soon be camouflaged. However, there are quite a few creative ways to make them stand out.

1. Opt for Elegant Blinds

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about not using any curtains at all, it can easily relieve the stress a little bit because they look very similar to regular curtains. They come in a vast variety of styles and bring a very modern and sleek appeal to your house decor. With the blinds, you have the option to choose from vertical or horizontal designs. You also get to manage the opening and closing of blinds seamlessly.

2. Add Some Lace!

Believe it or not, lace has not grown out of fashion even to date! You can use beautifully patterned monochromatic lace (preferably grey, white or black) to link the window panes. To apply the lace on window panes, instead of using glue, you can make a paste with cornstarch and use that, so it can be removed and cleaned easily later on.

Alternatively, you can hang together different colored (complimenting) or similar laces in a vertical fashion to give an appearance of loosely hung lace-blind. This style may be way too zesty for some, so always select what you feel aligned with. A great advantage of using lace to dress up the windows is that they are quite feminine and also allow appropriate light to filter in. Plus the pretty patterns make up for a great creative touch.

3. Frost the Windows!

Using a frosted window dress-up style is a very trendy option and it is quite simple as well. There are two options to go about this, one is to use frosted window glass but alternatively, you can easily get a frosted patterned glass paper to stick on the windows. One of the best things about this style is that it levels the interiors without giving a dark and dreary look to your rooms.

Frost the Windows!
Image: frenchcathedrals

4. Decorate With Plants

If you are a nature lover, you’re definitely going to adore this window dress-up concept because it brings in all nature’s beauty right to your windows. You can choose to put some plants on the window sill or use different heightened plant stands to add a creative arrangement touch. Some people opt for faux plants but, we would recommend going with the real ones because it surprisingly elevates the overall appeal. This organization also gives your plants an ideal place to flourish because of the availability of appropriate sunlight.

5. Hang An Art Piece

If you’re not too keen on letting the natural light in, you can opt for a beautiful art piece to decorate your windows. However, it doesn’t have to cover the entire window and you can select something that only partially covers it. For instance, you can hang a macrame on the window frame and it will not only make it appear fancy but will give it a feminine and hip vibe. Alternatively, you can use dream catchers or windchimes as well.

6. Tint The Glass

Tinted or stained glass is fabulous, yet a very simple option. It looks very artistic and you can use different shades of one color or go for a multicolored design. When sunlight filters in through these stained glass panes, it will add a mesmerizing hue to your room. If you do not feel like getting the full glass painted, go for a partially tinted look. Another huge advantage of this option is that it is very cost-effective.

7. Use Vintage Shutters

Vintage styles are here to stay and you can use vintage shutters to adorn your windows and enhance the aesthetic appeal manifold. However, these would be best if your style sense and home decor have that antique or vintage touch, so these shutters can blend in with everything else. You can get customized shutters and choose any color of your liking, but we highly recommend going for either white or earthly colors because they bring in a more rustic and natural feel.

Use Vintage Shutters
Image: arlatka

8. Add Some Shelves

Windows, especially kitchen windows or side windows are a great space to use for shelving if you’re not too bothered by rich natural light filling in your space. This idea is particularly amazing for small-sized windows because they don’t allow a lot of light to filter. When you add wooden or glass shelves to them, it’s a great place to show off. You can use these shelves for lining up your indoor plant collection or show off some unique decorative collection or perhaps picture frames of family and friends.

9. Add A Mirror

This is another handy and quick option but it will work best if you’re not keen on letting natural light in through the window (that you’re considering to style). You can use a full mirror to cover the entire window or you can go for a vertical mirror and cover only half the window with it and add a hanging plant, wind chyme, or a dream catcher on the other half. You can also add some glass shelves to the other half, and place some accessories or your makeup or perfume collection.

10. Glass Bottle Decor

This may sound a little eccentric but if you have no other use for the window space, you can level up on the artistic streak a little by substituting colored bottles for tinted glass. Alternatively, you can show off your unique bottle collection and use a combination of some hung bottles and place some on the window sill. You can add more variation to this style by using some transparent and colored bottles. This is a very simple idea but it appears very artistic and gives the same filtered light appeal as with the stained glass.

11. Use the Valences

If you are very sensitive about your privacy then valences can be a very good option. You can choose a beautiful style for your window and cover the upper part of the window pane, the rest of the window will be left as it is. However, a good alternative to valences is a simple privacy screen, that you can place near the window and remove whenever you want. The privacy screen is quite portable and conveniently does the job!

Use the Valences
Image: rosicora

Should You Never Have Curtains?

Nobody said ‘never’ because you should always keep your options open. Obviously, it all depends upon your preference and unique taste but you need to understand that these days there is a huge design shift when it comes to creative decor and curtains aren’t the only option left. However, you can use a combination of curtains and other dress-up options for your windows to give an interesting appeal to your house. But be careful not to go too overboard with experimenting with different designs because it can easily turn into chaos and everything will look messy instead of appealing.

A good rule of thumb is to go for curtains if the view outside the windows is not too appealing or if you’re really keen on the coziness that comes along with curtains. However, if the view outside your windows is amazing or if you want to add an interesting touch to a space, it would be best to ditch the curtains and opt for a creative decorative style. After all, if you have invested a lot in having beautifully crafted windows, they do deserve some extra love and adornments.


So, now you are well aware of all the different options that you can use to dress up your windows without even thinking about curtains. You can easily select a style that goes with your persona and house decor. Don’t feel hesitant about not using curtains because it is about time that we make some changes and let creative design touch the window decor as well. Gone are the days of heavy window drapes, you have all sorts of window dressing designs to choose from. So, leave us a comment below to share which style speaks to you.

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