How to Cut a Door? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Cut a Door

Doors are the entry points to any house or room, but sometimes they need adjustments to open correctly. Installing a new carpet might require you to cut the door to gain easy access. Another reason is that you might also have to trim the height and the width to get the exact size for proper installation when you buy a new door.

Cutting a door is quite simple, and you can do it without calling a professional. In this article, I will show you how to cut a door properly. With the right tools, you can get this done right away.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cut a Door Width

With the right tools and taking a good precaution, you can cut the door’s width. Here are the steps on how to cut down a door width.

Step 1: Measure the Door Frame

Measure the Door Frame

Get the measurement of the door’s length and width using a measuring tape, and subtract ¼ inch from the figure. The result is the measurement required for the new door to fit properly.

Use a pencil or marker to draw a line for the width measurement and where you need to saw off. Then, run a painter’s tape starting from the marked lines.

Step 2: Make a Scoreline

Make a Scoreline

Run a utility knife over the marked line slightly deep. Make sure the scoreline runs along with the places you are going to saw off. Adding a scoreline is important when cutting a door as it prevents splinters from jumping off during the cutting

Step 3: Cut the Door Along the Marked Line

Cut the Door Along the Marked Line

Move the door to a wooden cutting bench and cut along the scoreline. Use the best circular saw blade for cutting doors to carry out the task. You should do the same thing to the other side of the door and then take out the painter’s tape.

How to Cut Down an Interior Door

Step 1: Get the Measurement

Stretch a measuring tape along the part of the door you want to measure to find out its dimensions. Depending on how the door turns, swing it close to the flooring material. Measure from the floor up to a part on the door for clearance. Mark the measurement with a pencil at the door’s width and then add 1/4in in case the clearance isn’t enough.

Step 2: Mark a Cutline with Utility Knife

Mark a Cutline with Utility Knife

Create a fairly deep line along the pencil mark from one point to the other in a straight line using a utility knife. The scoreline you are creating will help to prevent any splintering when cutting the door. The cut should go deep for at least 1/116 inch into the door.

Step 3: Unhinge the Door Carefully

Unhinge the Door Carefully

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the door from its hinges and place it on safe sawhorses to avoid scratching it. Spread a thick towel or cloth on the surface before carefully dropping it. Use masking tape to cover door from the line and then 6inches towards the center of the doctor. This masking tape will help prevent the saw base plate from scratching the door finishes.

Step 4: Make a line for the Saw Baseplate

Make a line for the Saw Baseplate

Use a measuring tape to measure from the marked line to the edge of the saw base plate. Mark the measurement at several points along the width on the masking tape. Line the marks by using a straightedge.

Step 5: Set Straightedge Along the Line

Set Straightedge Along the Line

Place the straightedge along the lines created on the masking tape and clamp it down. This straightedge will act as a cutting guide for the circular saw.

The saw base plate edge should lie along the straightedge to make the door stay rigid enough for a straight cut. Use your safety glasses to keep sawdust from entering your eyes.

Step 6: Cut the Door

Cut the Door

Bring out the circular saw with eighteen teeth per inch and place it at the cut line’s starting point. Switch on the saw and push it into the wood, and with the aid of the straightedge, the saw will cut through along the line. Remove the masking tape cover and put the door back on its hinges.

How to Cut a Steel Door

Step 1: Detach the Steel Door from Its Hinges

Detach the Steel Door from Its Hinges

Before you cut the bottom part of a steel door, you need to remove its hinges. Use a screwdriver to unscrew this ironware. Afterward, bring the door out from the position and place it on a safe surface. You may need extra hands to help you carry the door to the cutting position since steel doors are heavy to lift.

Step 2: Get the Measurement for the Cut

Get the Measurement for the Cut

First, determine the area to cut off and then run a measuring tape along the steel door to get the measurement accurately. Once you find the points, mark them with a marker, and use a straightedge to make the line as straight as possible.

Step 3: Get the Saw Ready

Get the Saw Ready

Although you might have a good circular saw, it might not be able to cut through a metal door. Hence, get the best circular saw blade for cutting doors made from metals material. Use the saw to cut through other unusable metal material available to make sure it can perform the task as intended.

If the saw blade on yours is for cutting wood only, you can replace it with the one made for steel doors.

Step 4: Use the Circular Saw to Cut the Door

Use the Circular Saw to Cut the Door

Put on all your safety gear before picking up the equipment and cutting the door. This will help prevent any form of injuries or problems while cutting. Place the door in position and make sure the blade is firmly fixed into the saw.

Place the saw at the start of the cut line you marked on the door, and then turn on the button Wait until the machine gathers speed. Once you notice a high and steady speed, put the moving blade at the beginning of the line and cut through.

You don’t need to add much pressure when cutting the door. Instead, allow the saw to cut through by its speeding blade.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with cutting a door to make room for easy opening if you plan to install a carpet. If you can cut a door yourself, you won’t bother asking where can I get a door cut to size, which many people often ask.

With the essential tools in place and following the guide above, you will know how to cut a door with ease without the help of a professional.

If you have a problem cutting a wood or steel doors, or have any questions to ask, use the comment section. We want to hear about your experience and learn from them.

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