5 Best Ways to Clean Window Blinds

5 Best Ways to Clean Window Blinds

A dirty window blind can be quite difficult to clean. The reason is that wiping off the window with sponge might not go a long way to make it look sparkling clean. So you might need to uninstall the blinds and wash them thoroughly.

Luckily, you can use several methods to clean this window covering items. Read on, as we reveal to you the best ways to clean window blinds of different kinds. These include horizontal, vertical, and mini blinds.

Cleaning Horizontal Blinds without Removing

Step 1: Shut the Blinds

This method comes as one of the best ways to clean window blinds in your homes with pets. After all, this process makes it look cleaner than dusting them.

Start by twisting the stem to shut the blinds. You can find more dust and dirt by laying them flat and making them straight.

Before washing them, you can unhook the blinds from its hanging position. But in this case, there is no need to take it out.

Step 2: Dust out the Blinds


Get a vacuum with a brush attachment or Feather duster and run them over the blinds. As you move this item over it, this will take out the dust. If you don’t have these cleaning tools, you can use a dry towel.

If you notice any stubborn stains while cleaning, use your hand to clean them off. For vinyl or white plastic blinds, you might need to clean them regularly. The reason is that these types easily lose their original look if dirt as much on them.

Step 3: Soak a Towel in Soap Water Solution


Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with lukewarm water. Then, dip and soak a rough washcloth or microfiber towel into the solution. Remove the fabric and squeeze until it becomes slightly wet enough to tackle any dust or dirt.

Keep in mind, that the process on how to clean wood blinds doesn’t require using a damp cloth. The reason is that moisture can seep into the material, thus resulting in discoloration and warping.

You should also keep harsh cleaning products away from wood surfaces, especially the ones labeled “synthetic.” When used, these chemicals can damage the finishing on the slats.

Run a Vacuum over Horizontal or Vertical Blinds

Step 1: Open Up the Blinds a Bit


How clean horizontal blinds or the vertical ones involve twisting the stems until the shades become partially closed. When you do that, the slat should face you while maintaining a downward angle. Since you have slightly closed the blinds, you can deep clean the space between them.

Using a vacuum machine is good, although the cleaning of its cleaning brush attachment itself cannot enter tight areas of the blind. But since it has bristles feature, it can reach such spots and draw dust into the device.

Overall, you should use this method for blinds with a small amount of dust and dirt.

Step 2: Fix a Brush Attachment to the Vacuum Cleaner

Pick up the vacuum cleaner and draw out the suction hose. Then connect a rectangular or round brush attachment to the rear end.

Since it has a sturdy build, it can handle loads of dust. Also, the bristles can push out the mess while the pipe sucks it out.

Step 3: Move the Brush across the Blinds


Switch on the vacuum and adjust to a minimal suction setting. Begin at the top of the shade and move the brush across the blind while touching the narrow strips. If you have excess debris, repeat the process until it has clear the dust.

Resist any need to press the brush on the slats. Instead, use a gentle sweeping motion. Avoid applying pressure so as not to deface the window blind.

Step 4: Clean Out the Other Part of the Blind

Adjust the stem of the blinds at an upward angle. Then, close them but leave a little space. Now, suck out all the dust from the bottom of the slats.

If the dirt on the window blinds isn’t much, this method will keep it clean. You can also use this simple method for slightly discolored or slippery windows blinds.

Step 5: Clean the Entire Length of the Blinds


Hold the outer part of the upper slat with one of your hands. Then take a moist rag with the other hand, and then slide from one end of the slat to another.

Move to the remaining strips and clean them with the same method. Ensure to move it up, down, top, and bottom over the blind. If you notice any stubborn stain, continue cleaning until you have a neater surface.

Remove and Wash the Blind

Step 1: Take out the Blinds from the Window


The first step on how to clean fabric blinds is to remove them from their spots on the wall. But the method of removal depends on the type you want to wash.

Pulling down fabric blinds from the wall comes as an ideal part of this process. It’s easier to remove stains when window covering is out. If you don’t know how to do this, you should seek help from a local expert.

Step 2. Stretch Out or Roll Up the Blinds


Unroll the full length of the blinds. But if you use a Venetian blind on your sliding window, close or open them. Doing this, help the material keep its natural shape.

Lay the slats on an even surface and clean with a duster. You can also use a vacuum that uses a brush attachment.

Step 3. Wipe Down with Warm Water Solution


Toss in a few drops of mild soap into a sink filled with warm water. Next, place a microfiber cloth in the solution, take it out, and then squeeze out the moisture. Gently use it to wipe the blind, that way clearing the ugly spots on the shade.

Step 4. Dry the Blinds

Spread the washed damp shades on a flat surface. You can leave them in that position for as long as it takes to remove all the moisture.

For a quick dry, you can place them in the sun them or between large bath towels. You can also put them under a ceiling fan.

How to Spot Clean Vertical Blinds

This method comes as the best way to clean blinds without taking them down. Here is how to gout about this cleaning process

Step 1: Make a Solution Using Soap and Water


Find a large bowl and place up to 4 cups of warm water. Into this container, add a tablespoon of liquid soap. To mix the soap thoroughly, shake the bowl until you have bubbles. You can use this solution to wipe stains on fabric, plastic, and vinyl blinds.

Step 2: Clean the Blinds with Micro Fiber Cloth


Soak a sponge or microfiber cloth into the soapy solution, take it out, and squeeze until partially damp. Next, move to the top of the stained area and put some of the liquid.

Rub downwards until you have covered the spot. Do this gently as extra pressure can ruin the fabric. Surely, your blind will be looking clean now.

Step 3. Wipe out the Solution and Dry

Dip another microfiber cloth in a new container of water. Use it to wipe down the blinds. Ensure to wipe thoroughly to avoid leaving any moisture stains. After removing the solution, wring the cleaning cloth.

Now, dry the blinds by opening the windows slightly. Within 1 -2 hours, the washed area should have dried completely. Afterward, shut the windows to prevent dust stains on the blinds.

Clean the Blinds in a Bathtub

Step 1. Run Microfiber Cloth Over the Blinds


The best way to clean blinds in the tub involves removing the dust from the surface. For this task, use a microfiber towel.

However, shake the cleaning towel after wiping each slat as this will prevent you from spreading the dirt. After cleaning one end, head to the opposite side of the blind and perform the same task.

Step 2. Separate the Blinds from the Rail

Open the blinds as this will help you work on each of them with ease. You can start by holding the top and pry open the grip with your finger. When it comes off, take the shade down, and lay it on a flat space.

Step 3. Place the Blind in the Bathtub


Run warm water into your bathtub until it reaches a level that can cover the blinds entirely. At this stage, add dish soap to help tackle any stains on it.

Dump the blinds in the water and allow it to soak for up to an hour. After that, drain the liquid from the bath.

Step 4. Allow the Blinds to Dry

Place large bath towels on the ground – you should go with large options. Using a new microfiber cloth, wipe the dampness from the blinds. Place the shades on the towel to dry or hang on a hook.


After some time, window shades tend to get dirty, discolored, or dusty. To regain their elegance, you will have to know the best ways to clean window blinds. With such knowledge, how to clean mini blinds and even larger ones will be a difficult thing for you.

If you use wood blinds, vacuum and clean with a rag. For horizontal shades, suck out the dirt and wipe with a moist towel.

You don’t know how to clean blinds in the bathtub bleach solution, since this method could be quite expensive. So Instead of that, fill up the tub in soapy water and soak the fabric. Drain and leave to dry.

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