How To Choose Curtain Rod For Sliding Glass Door? (Ultimate Guide)

How To Choose Curtain Rod For Sliding Glass Door? (Ultimate Guide)

Sliding doors provide a considerable source of light to any space in your home and generally give us a very good view of the outside or provide a nice view from inside the house.

But they can become a problem when we want to cover them with a curtain to keep our privacy and we don’t know how to do it.

You should keep several things in mind since most curtains come in standard sizes, but finding the right size for your sliding doors can make our task difficult.

In this article, we are going to solve all your doubts regarding which is the right curtain rod for your sliding door. We will also talk about the correct installation and everything you should consider when choosing the style with which you will decorate this space in the house.

How To Choose Curtain Rod For Sliding Glass Door?

Practical Measures Needed When Choosing Curtain Rods

To choose the correct slide rod for your windows, you must have a clear idea of the style of curtains you want to have.

But many times the style of curtains that we want does not go according to your windows. The space, color, style of the room, or shape of your sliding windows may not be in harmony with the style you want to choose.

That is why you must take into account some practical information about the space that you are going to decorate so that you can then make the best decisions.

  • Have the correct diameter. Not measuring your blinds correctly can lead to practical problems down the road. If the curtains are too close to the floor, they will easily get dirty and make it difficult to clean that area. People can also trip over them and they will end up bringing them down.
  • Keep in mind which direction your door or window opens, since the curtains should open in that same direction.
  • Curtain clips or tiebacks. Sliding windows let in strong drafts when open, so it is recommended that you use curtain tiebacks. That way you will keep the curtains in place. In addition, you will have another element to highlight your ideas of decoration and a combination of colors and patterns.
  • Choose curtains that open and close easily. Pocket blinds are very popular and have a very elegant and refined design. But they are not a good option for sliding windows, since they are not easy to slide along the track. It is better to install curtains with grommets or pleats.
  • Avoid horizontal curtain panels. They can be a very modern and innovative design but they are not always practical. We only recommend horizontal panels when the sliding windows will be kept closed most of the time and you have other easy access to the outside or patio.
  • The choice of color is essential. Remember that sliding doors have large windows that let you see the outside. You should treat the design of your curtains as if they were the frame of a canvas. You must also take into account the color of the living room or where that patio door is located. It is generally recommended that the color of the curtains match the color of the walls.

Choose The Right Curtain Rod For Your Sliding Glass Door

Choose The Right Curtain Rod For Your Sliding Glass Door
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Regardless of the style of curtain you choose, you should keep in mind that your curtain rod must be strong and long enough so that the curtain and the sliding door have high functionality.

A beautiful style will be of no use to you if it is not functional. And to have that functionality you must take into account two elements: The size and what material it is made of.


The sliding doors come in standard sizes of 182 centimeters high and approximately 230 centimeters long. There is also the option of having custom-made curtains made. On the Internet, you will find many pages that offer this service. Etsy is a great example of custom curtains that are what you’re looking for.

You must have accurate measurements of the length and width of the curtain.

Remember that the curtains should be raised about 10 centimeters from the ground and that the curtain track should be about 40 centimeters longer than your windows.

If the track is not long enough, it will be difficult to remove the curtains and leave the window area completely clear. A very short track will make your curtains look very stretched. The curtains must be loose enough for aesthetic reasons.


In general, the type of rod should be in harmony with the other materials you have in the room. If your furniture and bed are made of wood, then a logical choice is to buy a wooden bar.

You should also take into account the weight of your curtains. You cannot use a bamboo cane bar if the fabrics are very heavy, as it will collapse.

Avoid buying curtain rods that do not have a center support bracket. The center posts ensure that the curtains will not collapse under the weight.

Another great solution is an iron bar since it resists up to a ton of weight.

Telescopic rods are a great option if you are going to use light curtains, otherwise, avoid using them.

To ensure a sturdy support for your curtain rod, you need to drill holes in the wall. You can install the rod with adhesive hooks and holders. But this is only recommended if you are going to install sheer curtains or curtains that are very light.

Types Of Curtain Rods

Types Of Curtain Rods
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There are two types of curtain rods, transverse and decorative rods. Each one has certain qualities and the best option will depend on what you want to achieve with your curtains.

Traverse rods

These bars are designed to cover long distances. They are bars with a more sophisticated mechanism, therefore, they are usually expensive. But it has a built-in hook track that makes its use very easy and practical.

With this mechanism, you can pull the curtains without any type of obstruction. We can say that they are the most practical and efficient, but many people do not like them because of their bulkiness.

Decorative rods

These curtain rods can be found in single and double formats. They are flimsier than cross bars and the passage of time causes their supports to give way. That is why you should review them periodically and add new support or reinforce the ones you already have.

The good thing about these supports is that they allow you to play more with the decoration and add more details to your decorating ideas.

If you choose this option, we recommend that you take some time to look for decorative bars with central support, otherwise this type of bar can prevent free movement in the area.

Steps To Install The Curtain Rod

Steps To Install The Curtain Rod
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  1. Measure your sliding doors. The most important thing is the length of the doors. Remember that the height of the curtains should not reach the floor. Give an extra 4 inches on each side of the curtain rod so that you have roomy drapery and are not stiff.
  2. Buy the curtain rod and the curtains of your choice taking into account the advice in this guide.
  3. You will need a drill and screws to install the curtain rod. If you don’t know exactly where to put the screws, you should check the manual, which usually comes with the curtain rod, and should tell you how to install them. It is best to always refer to the manual before doing it yourself.
  4. After installing the rod brackets, attach the curtain rod. Each product is positioned differently but generally, they must be placed on supports and then snapped into place. Some models are designed to be adjusted with screws. Always check the manual to know your type of rod and the materials you need.
  5. Finally, install your curtains. It is better that you help yourself from a bench or a small ladder. Curtains with rings are the best option for curtain rods because they allow you to slide them without any problem. They may not be as elegant as pocket blinds, but they will make your way easier and prevent your blinds from getting damaged.


Choosing a curtain rod can be a problem if you do not have clear ideas and if you do not know what the functionality of your curtains will be.

We hope that with this article you have a clearer idea of what your options are. Always remember to have the measurements of the length and width of your windows, choose the appropriate material for the support, and that the rod is always longer than your windows so that you can wear baggy and stylish curtains.

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