17 Easy Homemade Window Seat Plans

17 Easy Homemade Window Seat Plans

Window seats can be wonderful additions to any home, making the best use of otherwise wasted space while also giving you somewhere to sit and look out of the window. The problem is, paying for a professional to fit one can work out very expensive.

Another alternative is to build one yourself since if you have some basic DIY skills, they’re not too hard to make. For those who want to try, we’ve been online to see what other people have been doing – and here are out top 17 homemade window seat plans you can build easily.

1. Built-in Window Seat Bench Plans

Built-in Window Seat Bench Plans

To get started, this is a very well-written plan for a window seat bench. The first photo at the top sets the scene and allows you to start imagining what could be possible in your home, and this is followed by some clear instructions that are very easy to follow. What we especially appreciate is the very precise diagrams that show you exactly how to measure and prepare the components. All in all, an excellent plan and one that could be well worth attempting to replicate at home.

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2. DIY Window Bench Seat Transformation

As the intro to this video explains, this is a project designed for medium to advanced DIYers, so if you’re a novice, you might want to look for something a bit easier to start with. However, if you have the necessary skills, this could be a rewarding job that will yield impressive results.


3. Build a Window Seat with Storage

Build a Window Seat with Storage

One of the great things about window seats is the way they utilize that empty space below a window that would otherwise be wasted, turning it into an attractive decorative element. However, this plan goes one step better – not only does it show you how to make an beautiful seat that you can sit on while you gaze out of the window, but it also provides some extra space for storing things out of sight. An ingenious idea and a great DIY project to attempt.

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4. My Window Bench – A Time-Lapse Video Tutorial

Here’s a fun video to watch if you want to get an idea of what this kind of project entails. It’s simply a time-lapse video of one YouTuber making his own window bench, and it’s fascinating to observe as it all takes shape. It’s also super-cute when his little helpers arrive to give him a hand!


5. How to Build a Window Seat

How to Build a Window Seat

This site gives this project a difficulty rating of “easy”, meaning it’s a simple DIY project that anyone can attempt, even beginners. However, as you can see from the photo, the results you will achieve are sure to impress any visitors to your home – especially when you tell them you made it all yourself. The only real downside is that this project won’t be cheap and requires a certain amount of financial investment. However, if you don’t mind spending a bit of money, it could be just the plan you’re looking for.

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6. How to Build a Window Seat with Chelsea

What we like about this video is the way it gives you the perfect demonstration of why window seats are such great ideas. In this YouTuber’s home, there is an unused alcove that is just going to waste – it’s the ideal spot for a window seat, and this video documents the project this DIYer undertook to install one.


7. How to Build a Window Seat – The Spruce

How to Build a Window Seat – The Spruce

When it comes to great ideas for home improvements of all kinds, The Spruce is one of the best sites around and is full of inspiration for every kind of project. As this contributor explains, adding a window seat can create that comfortable, cozy feel that transforms it from a “house”, a simple pile of bricks, into your “home”, the place where you live. It’s a simple plan that most people will be able to manage, so if you want to incorporate something like this into your interior space, check it out!

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8. DIY How To: Bay Window Seat

The bay window seat in this video is super-impressive. It’s not quite like many of the other designs we’ve seen because it sits on legs, creating a space underneath, instead of being solid. It also looks extra-cozy, and we’re sure lots of other people out there will want one in their homes too.


9. Building a Window Seat with Storage in a Bay Window

Building a Window Seat with Storage in a Bay Window

If you have a bay window and you want to make the most of the space, this plan can show you how to create a beautiful window seat that will also give you loads of extra space for storing things out of sight. It’s quite a large project and will require a few specialist tools, but for anyone with more than just rudimentary DIY skills, it could prove to be a rewarding challenge to take on.

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10. How to Build a Window Banquette with Leather Seat

The window seat in this video has it all. It makes perfect use of the wasted space under the window while providing storage beneath for things you want to keep out of sight – and the leather seat on top just looks so comfortable. This is a plan that might cost a bit more to replicate, but if you want something as classy as this, you probably won’t worry about spending a bit more to build it.


11. How to Build a Window Seat with extra storage

How to Build a Window Seat with extra storage

This is another plan for a window seat that also offers you somewhere to store your stuff. It’s a very simple plan that doesn’t require lots of specialist tools and equipment, unlike some of the plans we’ve seen. It also includes clear instructions along with lots of useful photos to show you exactly what you need to do to complete the project. Another great plan that’s well worth reading.

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12. How to Make a Bay Window Seat

If you are looking for some inspiration for the kind of thing you can build at home, you should give this video a watch. As a plan, it’s a little thin on practical details, but it shows you the basics of how to attempt a project like this, and if you combine this video with a couple of other plans, you are sure to be able to create something similar in your own home.


13. How to Build a Window Seat with Built-in Bookcase Tutorial

How to Build a Window Seat with Built-in Bookcase Tutorial

Window seats can be great for many reasons, but one of the best things is to just curl up on one with a good book and simply enjoy the sunlight and the view. With that in mind, if you want to create your own special reading zone, why not make a window seat that incorporates a bookshelf? It will look amazing, and it will give you the perfect place to head every time you want to lose yourself in the pages of a good read.

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14. How to Build a Window Seat

For anyone who wants to be entertained while learning about DIY, this video is for you. This YouTuber has a very particular sense of humor, which adds a certain flavor to his video. However, the plan itself is great and will show you exactly what to do to build your own version. And who says you can’t have a bit of fun along the way?


15. All You Need to Know About Window Seats

All You Need to Know About Window Seats

This is perhaps not technically a plan for building a window seat in your home, but for anyone thinking of trying, it’s essential reading, nonetheless. It gives you a broad overview of window seats, talk about their advantages and why you would want one – and it gives you lots of tips and pointers to consider before you start building yours.

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16. How to Make a Window Seat with Storage

In this video, the YouTuber makes a highly practical mock paneled window seat with a lift-up lid for built-in storage. What we like here is that the video is very easy to watch, with clear instructions and time-lapse shots showing the DIYer in action. This is the first part of the tutorial – so if you enjoy it, you can go to his channel to find Part 2.


17. How to Build a Bench from Kitchen Cabinets

For us, the essence of DIY is all about salvaging old pieces of junk and turning them into something new, attractive and functional. If you agree, check out this video of a YouTuber repurposing some old kitchen cabinets and turning them into a bench. So the resulting bench isn’t necessarily a window seat – although it could easily serve as one – but we thought the concept was so ingenious we had to include it in our list.


So many wonderful ideas to try

We always love searching for DIY plans online because every time, we always get so inspired by the amount of creativity and originality we find. Each time, we are always left with that irresistible urge to get out our toolbox and try for ourselves.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we did finding them for you – and above all, we hope you’ve found all the ideas you need to get started on your next exciting DIY project.

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