15 Easy Homemade Window Box Plans

15 Easy Homemade Window Box Plans

Window boxes are such an elegantly simple way to enhance the appearance of your house. They’re also ideal for growing flowers, plants or even vegetables if you don’t have anywhere else to put them.

Of course, you can buy pre-made window boxes, but since they’re so easy to make, they also make a great DIY project to get stuck into. We’ve had a look online to see what other people have been trying – and here are our top 15 homemade window box plans you can build easily.

1. How to Build a Wooden Window Box for Flowers

How to Build a Wooden Window Box for Flowers

If you need instructions for making quick and easy window boxes for flowers, this could be a great first place to look. There are downloadable plans for you to use, and with the right tools and a little DIY know-how, you should be able to finish this project in a single weekend. We appreciate all the photos that show what you should be doing – and the final results look fantastic!

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2. The $20 Window Planter Box – Easy DIY Project

This is a fun video that should appeal to a lot of DIY fans out there because it shows you how to make a simple but attractive window box for only around $20. You’ll need a few basic tools – for example, a miter saw – but if you have everything already, this is an inexpensive project you can finish off in an afternoon that will hardly cost you a thing.


3. How to Build a Window Box Planter in 5 Steps

How to Build a Window Box Planter in 5 Steps

As the winter draws to a close and the warm weather starts to return, it’s time to think about planting and growing things again – so here’s a blog post with lots of photos and personal anecdotes to get you in the mood for spring. A window box can be the ideal solution if you’re short on space – or even if you just want to add a decorative element to your home – and this plan shows you how to do it.

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4. How to Build Cedar Window Planter Boxes

When it comes to woodworking, cedar is one of our favorite types to work with. If you agree and are looking for a plan to make a window box from cedar wood, this video we found on YouTube is well worth a watch. As you will see, the plan is super-easy to follow, and we like this YouTuber’s style because he makes it simple to understand everything he’s doing. It’s fun to watch as the project progresses – and the results are highly impressive, too.


5. How to Build a Simple Window Box

How to Build a Simple Window Box

For anyone who hasn’t quite made up their mind if they want a window box or not, check out this site because the photos are sure to convince you to have a go. The good news is, once you’ve been persuaded by all the photos, this is a very simple and affordable plan to follow. You don’t need amazing carpentry skills or expensive tools – with just a few basic materials and the desire to try, you can create something just like this to adorn your home.

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6. How to Build A Window Box for Flowers In One Day

Let’s be honest, making window boxes is among the easier DIY projects you can attempt, but if you specifically want a plan that won’t take too much time to complete, this could be the one for you. In this video, you learn how to make beautiful and attractive window boxes for your home – and you will only require less than one day to finish them. The video is a little longer than some, but there’s loads of useful info in there, so if you have just 17 minutes to spare before you start your project, you’re sure to learn a few useful tips that may come in useful.


7. How to Make a Window Box

How to Make a Window Box

For some people, the idea of making anything for their home sounds great in theory – but they might be worried that they don’t have the necessary skills and that anything they try to create will just end up looking ugly and amateurish. However, everyone has to start somewhere, and if you feel like taking on a project that will help you learn the basics, this plan for a cute window box could be ideal. It’s simple, doesn’t cost much – and it’s sure to look great when it’s done.

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8. How to Build a Window Box

If you’re looking for a shorter video that will give you hints, tips, instructions and inspiration all in just a few minutes, this video is worth checking out. In it, you’ll see as the window box takes shape and is eventually attached to the wall on a pair of brackets. Once it’s fully installed and filled with flowers, it looks great – and we’re sure many people will be thinking they want to try something similar.


9. How to Build a DIY Window Box Planter

How to Build a DIY Window Box Planter

As this post explains at the beginning, window boxes add instant charm to any home – but you don’t need to spend money buying one from a store because they’re so easy to make yourself. In the plan, you’ll find a list of the necessary tools and materials as well as clear and logical step-by-step instructions for how to complete the project. There are plenty of useful photos and diagrams that show you how it should look – and the finished job looks highly professional.

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10. DIY Window Boxes: Build It Yourself for a Perfect Fit

DIY Window Boxes- Build It Yourself for a Perfect Fit

If you live in a city apartment, you might yearn for your own plot of land to tend to, but many people might imagine that something like is just an impossible dream. However, there are solutions that don’t require you to move to the suburbs – and one is to build a window box for flowers. And if that sounds like a solution you’d like to try, this post shows you how.

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11. How to Build DIY Window Box Planters on a Budget in 5 Easy Steps

How to Build DIY Window Box Planters on a Budget in 5 Easy Steps

There might be many reasons why you would prefer to make a DIY window box than buy one from a store. It could be that you just love the thrill of creating something with your own two hands – but for many people, the financial savings are a major advantage. If that sounds like you and you are looking for a plan for a window box that won’t set you back too much cash, this could be the one you’re looking for.

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12. How to Build a Window Planter Box

For us, sometimes the simplest projects are the best. When you’re making something like a window box, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just need a solid plan that will give you functional yet attractive results. If you agree, check this video out for an easy plan that just gets the job done.


13. How to Make a Window Box

How to Make a Window Box

Adding a window box full of flowers is an easy way to give your house a striking look with a minimum of effort. They can be so easy to make, and if you are starting to think about all the beautiful flowers you want to grow when the spring and summer arrive, now could be the time to start planning. A window box is a fun project that almost anyone can accomplish, and this post gives you all the information you need to get started.

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14. DIY Window Boxes for Cheap!

If you are interested in installing some window boxes to your home to add a touch of class and style – but want to spend the least amount of money possible – this is a plan you need to see. In it, this DIYer makes a set of window boxes for only $4 each! That’s right…they cost almost nothing. But as you can see, they look amazing all the same, and if you want some too, this plan is easy to replicate at home.


15. How to Build a Window Box

How to Build a Window Box

For anyone who doesn’t know about it, WikiHow is an amazing resource for learning how to do just about anything you can imagine, and that’s where we found this set of instructions for building a DIY window box. Like all the other WikiHows, it includes a clear step-by-step guide along with lots of useful images to help. There’s also a Q&A section at the end where people can leave their comments and questions, allowing everyone in the WikiHow community to learn from each other’s experiences. An invaluable resource that’s well worth checking out.

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Loads of great ideas to try at home

It’s always so much fun to go online and look for plans for DIY projects because the amount of creativity and DIY passion on display always inspires us to go and have a go ourselves. When we see all the wonderful projects people have been trying, we get that familiar DIY itch too.

Window boxes make great projects for DIY beginners to attempt – but they are also hugely satisfying, even for seasoned pros. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, we hope you enjoyed the plans we found, and we hope we’ve helped you find some ideas for your next DIY project!

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