How Much Does A Door Cost?

How Much Does A Door Cost

Once you decide to replace your old door or install the new one for the first time, the ultimate question is how much does a door cost. For a start, you should include initial costs, such as the price of the door and labor cost. Unfortunately, that is not all, and you will probably face some extra expenses, as well.

The next thing is to research the market in detail since the prices of construction items can vary significantly. Nowadays, you can find too many options while looking for the perfect door for your home. So, check for various types of doors available, compare costs, and calculate all additional expenses before starting a job. Let’s do it together.

Types of Doors

There is a difference between acquiring an interior and a front door. The only way for your home to stand the harsh weather conditions is that your front door is resistant to heat, cold, rain, and snow.

Furthermore, it should keep the burglars away, so it needs to be safe and hard to enter. Keep in mind that the high-quality entry door is more expensive than interior one because of all these extra benefits. Let’s see the difference.

1. Interior Door Cost


You can find interior doors in various styles, so you can’t define their price quickly. Therefore, you should research the market in detail to avoid unnecessary expenses. Keep in mind that the custom-made door’s price is always higher, and it is tough to establish its optimum rate.

The installation price varies from $1,000 to $3,000, and it is sometimes higher than the cost of the door itself. Therefore, you should check these expenses before deciding on a door type to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Prices of Interior Doors According to the Type

I will list the price of the standard doors available that you should consider as an option for your home:

Interior doors type cost

Dutch door

$200 to $800
French door

$ 200 to $2,000

Flush door

$20 to $200
Pivot door

$400 to $3,000

Pocket door

$60 to $1,000
Panel door

$500 to $2,000

Sliding bypass door

$300 to $5,000
Barn door

$ 300 to $2,000

Roller door

$600 (single) to $1,350 (double)
Bi-fold door

$100 to $2,000

Accordion door

$700 to $1,000

  • Dutch door – This single door comes in two halves, and you can open either a top part of the door or a bottom one when needed. It is an excellent solution for your kitchen.
  • French door – In most cases, you can find double French doors made of many glass panels.
  • Flush door – It is the simplest, cheapest, and the plainest door of all. In fact, this model represents the least expensive door you can find on the market.
  • Pivot door – You need to push this hinged door from both sides to open it. This model is an excellent choice for kitchens and areas where opening the door by using a knob is not convenient.
  • Pocket door – This model of doors saves space since it slides into the wall. That is the reason it is quite expensive to install.
  • Panel door – That is the door with style. The wooden panels will highlight the construction and give a sophisticated look to your home.
  • Sliding bypass door – It is a highly practical option that is not expensive or complicated to install.
  • Barn door – This model represents the authentic farm look as they slide on a rail like a barn door. Don’t forget to count on the price of a sliding mechanism once you decide to purchase this particular door.
  • Roller door – It is a highly expensive door type and is hard to maintain correctly. However, it is a space-saving, convenient, and reliable option.
  • Bi-fold door – It is an interesting model that opens in an unusual way. Once you open it, the panels fold against one another.
  • Accordion door – This type of door is an excellent solution for places without enough space. Plus, this model is not as expensive as pocket doors. The downside of this option is that you can damage it quickly.

Prices of Interior Doors According to Material

Another factor that affects the door cost is the material. Be aware that you will get better quality if you pay more for the top-rated material for your interior door. Plus, it will make your door safer and more durable.

Wooden door


If the door is made of solid wood, its basic price will start at $200. The thick wood is a natural and high-quality material, so you can’t expect it to be cheap.

In case you decide to buy the door with a solid core, you should know that it features thin layers of wood that surround the wood pulp inside the structure. This type of doors is less expensive, and the underlying price starts from $50.

If you decide to buy so-called shallow core doors with empty core, you should pay less. Believe it or not, the start price for this model is only 20$.

MDF doors are the most affordable model made of processed wood. The bottom price line will be about $20.

Glass door


Glass is a popular material for interior doors as it spread the light and visually enlarges the space. The variations of this type of doors are numerous, from a standard model with a metal frame to a sliding door. The minimum price for the glass door is about $500 to $600.

Metal door


Nowadays, metal doors have become more and more popular as they are cheap, safe, and practical. You can expect that the popularity of this option will rise rapidly in the future.

It is excellent news since the price of metal doors decreases drastically because of more competition on the market. You can find the right model for your home from the minimum rate of 600$.

2. Entry Door Cost


There are various styles of entry doors with different features on the market. So, you should consider it before making a final decision. Don’t forget that the custom-made door always costs more.

Prices of Entry Doors According to the Type

There is a list of the standard doors available on the market.

Entry doors type Cost

Sliding door

$1,000 to $4,000
French door

$ 300 to $ 3,000

Pre-hung door

$ 250 to $2,500
Accordion door

$ 700 to $12,000

  • Sliding door – This type of door is suitable to be balcony or garden entry. Thanks to the sliding mechanism, it is the cheapest solution you can find, which means that you get the best possible view for a reasonable price.
  • French door – This model with glass panels and wood construction is the best solution for you if you need the view through your front door.
  • Pre-hung door – It is the most popular type of front door these days that come with the door frame.
  • Accordion door – It is a stylish model with a complex mechanism. So, you can expect that its price is pretty high.

Prices of Entry Doors According to Material

The front door cost is mostly in correlation with the type of material used. Let’s see.

Wood door


Natural materials for the front door become a rarity in recent years. By raising awareness about nature protection, wooden doors have become more expensive, and the basic price is about $500.

Iron door

It is a massive and highly protective model that saves energy. You can expect the minimum price for a single door to start at $300. The double doors are at least $500.

Steel door


Although these doors are pretty cheap, they are not so weather-resistant and will rust over time. On the other hand, they require low maintenance. You can find them at the beginning price of $500.

Aluminum door

This easy-to-maintain model won’t rust. You can find aluminum doors at a minimum price of $300. As you can see, it is a more expensive model than a PVC door but more durable.

PCV door

PVC doors are more popular nowadays, thanks to modern technology. They are easy to maintain, and you don’t need to paint them or worry about rust. The average price is not too high, and you can find the right model for $250.

Fiberglass door


It is a cheap and easy-to-maintain option. You can find the basic model for $200. The downside of a fiberglass door is that it doesn’t last for a long time.

Composite door

If you look for an energy-efficient door, you should choose this type. This model is slightly higher in price, but it will pay off in the long run. The starting price is approximately $450.


Keep in mind that the prices listed are not written in stone. They will depend on the numerous variations of materials, locks, knobs, and frames you have at your disposal.

So, these expenses are the guidelines to help you determine the budget. That way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you start looking for the perfect front or interior doors.

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