How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

How Long Does Window Tinting Take

Many who go to a tint shop would want to know how long does window tinting take? No matter how you want to go about it by yourself or going to a tiny shop, car tinting takes time. The best thing you can do is exercise patience because there are no shortcuts.

Tinting your window pane follows a detailed procedure and needs paying close attention to detail. Handling the process in haste would cause more harm than good. It could bring about peeling, or air bubbled tint, and that isn’t pleasant sight for your car.

The amount of time it takes for excellent tinting varies due to a couple of reasons. This article gives you great insight to know how long does window tinting take?

What You Need to Know about Window Tint Film

Various tiny layers of polyester make up window tint. This material prevents excess ultraviolet rays from coming through the window. Also, it works more like a window film for privacy day and night.

The window tint has different levels of shades and standards of performance. It all depends on what you desire for your car tint.

Factors that Determine the Time of Car Tinting


1. Size of the Window

One factor that determines how long it takes to tint a car window is the size. Bigger windows take more time to tint as they need more carefulness to finish. Smaller windows require less time and are mostly faster.

2. Number of Windows to Tint

The number of windows you want to tint will determine how long it will take to complete the process. Most people like to darken the entire windows in the car. These include the rear windshield, all side windows, and a little strap on the top of the front windscreen. Some people, however, prefer one or two of the side windows.

3. Type and Complexity of the Window

The type of car window you have will determine the total time the tinting takes. Different shapes and materials of windows also affect the timing of the tint. Some window models have a simple design, while some are just too complex.

4. Removing an Existing Tint

If there is an existing tint on your car, it will surely take more time to complete than a plain vehicle. The old shade will take more time if it’s cheap, but the costly ones don’t take much time.

How Long Does Window Tinting Last?

The total time it will require to complete a car window tinting process depends on many things. One of them is the type of car that needs tinting.

Also, the area space of the window will affect the time it takes to tint it. Another thing is if you are to remove an old tint and the complexity of the window shape.

The number of windows affects the timing too, the higher the number, the more time it will take. That’s why an SUV will take longer than a salon. A salon that has four doors will take less than an hour and a half or two hours.

Cars with more than four glasses or a complex shaped glass will take over two hours to complete. For instance, the corvette car that has a domed rear window.

However, coupes with just two doors, ironically take more than two hours. The reason is that spaces are not quite much to do the tinting as there is no back seat space.

If there is an existing tinting, this also factor into the time it will take to tint the window. The reason is that the installer has to remove the glue before putting a new one. That’s an additional two hours or more.

Some window tint installers are faster than the others. They might take less than two hours, but if they are slow, it will take more time.

Hand-Cut or Machine Cut


Tint films that are already cut by the manufacturers are easier for those in the DIY category. This type saves time as there will be no need to start cutting to the window shape again. However, you cannot compare it to the ones that are cleanly cut by expert installers.

Most expert installation shops make use of machines to cut the tint film to the exact window shape. The device helps to reduce the overall time for tinting the car window while giving it a touch of quality. But it still pales in comparison to the hand-cut ones.

An expert with a steady hand can cut your window without errors to fit accurately.

How Long Does It Take Window Tint to Dry


You should keep a few things in mind after installing your window tint. After the installation process, it undergoes a drying period known as curing time.

This curing time is the duration it will take for it to dry. After that, it will take a while for a window tint to dry, so you have to wait. This period is when the glues that hold the hue will dry off.

Since temperature and humidity are essence determinants in the drying time, the total period for tinting depends on the weather. On days with enough sunshine, three to four days is adequate to dry your window.

Cloudy days have longer drying times than sunny days. The window tint cure time in winter goes well beyond four days because of the dampness in the atmosphere.

You can discuss the period of drying with your installer. They will tell you how to know if the window tint is dry.

If there is a cause for an extension, the installer will also let you know. You can also discuss if there is any wag to speed up window tint drying so that you could enjoy your darkened windows faster.

Best Period to Do a Window Tint

The best time to window tint is the spring or fall season. The gentle atmosphere helps the shade to stay on the body of the windows. Humidity and rain may disturb the process in the spring, mainly in the southern regions of the country.

However, the two seasons are the best time to tint your car window.

What to Consider for Window Tint

There are a lot of things you should check out before embarking on a tinting journey. If you intend to contract a professional for a quick job, you should consider these things.

How Long the Company Has Been In The Tinting Business

Ensure to find out how long the shop has been tinting the car window before contracting them for your job. Staying long does not determine expertise; however, if that shoo has tinted for some time, then they must be doing something beautiful.

What Is The Quality Of Their Film?

Ensure you go for quality even if it means paying more. How long window tinting lasts on a window when using cheap or low quality is shorter than the high-grade type. Therefore, it is advisable to use high-quality tint.

Any Installation Warranties?

If you have witnessed his long bubbles stay on window tint, you would ask for installation warranties. Ensure the installers offer guarantees in case of bubbles or peelings.

Wrap Up

It’s always classy to install tint on your car or building windows. However, you need to know how long does window tinting take before embarking on the project. This approach will help you schedule out a perfect time for the tinting project.

You should be aware of some essential things to consider when tinting your window pane. To install a Tint on your window, you can decide to call an expert or DIY to save your money. Whichever way you want, this article has provided great insight on how long window tinting does take.

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