Fiberglass vs Steel Door: Which is Better?

Fiberglass vs Steel Door

In your home, the exterior door is the first point of security from the outside elements. The two commonly used types for entry are fiberglass and steel door. However, choosing between the fiberglass vs steel door could pose a little difficulty since it’s not only for aesthetics.

Any choice you make should offer maximum protection, preserve energy, and look beautiful. But which one is better – fiberglass or steel door? Read on let’s find out about these two types of exterior doors.

Which One Is Better? Fiberglass Vs Steel Door

To understand the difference between these two doors, we should look at their difference and side by side comparison. With these would know which entry is the best between fiberglass vs. steel doors.

1. Appearance



Fiberglass doors have several colors and styles. Also, most homeowners prefer to go with it because it provides not only security but also amazing aesthetics. Moreover, it comes in a woody appearance, which is another endearing factor.

Furthermore, you can customize a fiberglass door to your preferred color of paint or design. This feature enables the door to portray the homeowner’s taste.

Steel Entry Doors

Steel Entry Doors

One problem you’ll have with the steel front door is that you can’t paint it to match your home. Besides, it doesn’t come in many styles or options, so it’s not often the go-to type of door among homeowners. Although it’s difficult to customize, it provides an excellent energy-saving function for most homes.

Fiberglass and steel entry doors come with the wood finish, but the fiberglass door spots the actual woody grain appearance.

2. Installation

It’s best to call a professional to install your doors for you since any mistake would weaken your security. Ensure to get the best job you can for your entries. Here are side by side comparison for the installation of Fiberglass vs Steel doors.


Installing a fiberglass door requires getting the right dimension of the frame, fixing the hinges, and hanging it. Most of the work is for the professional you employ, like attaching shims to the door sides. However, this kind of door is easy to install since its pre-hung. All you need to do is to mount them on the hinges provided, and then tighten them against the frame.


Before you install an external steel dooryou must know the frame measurements, and then purchase a door that will fit the dimensions of your doorway. You also need to use anchors and wall frames to fasten a new steel door to the frame. You may even add drywall three to the jamb.

3. Security


When it comes to security and protection, exterior steel doors edge out the fiberglass. Since they are made with a thicker substance, steel doors win in this contest. While the steel gives better security due to it hold tightly to the frame, the fiberglass is easy to maneuver.

4. Costs


The cost of these doors depends on its density. The more the thickness, the higher the price. Thus, primary steel door cost around $200 to $500 while higher quality ones edge closer to $1000. For installation, if a steel door with 32 x 80 x 1¾ inch dimension, you set aside $600 to $1800.


To get the premium quality of this kind of door, you should have at least $800 to $1000. However, a higher class could cost between $1500 to $2,500. Moreover, these expenses depend on the company that handles the installation. For a top-notch installation of a 32 x 80 x 1¾ fiberglass door, you should spend about $3,200 to $5,000.

5. Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Fiberglass doors have more energy-saving abilities than steel, but both are way better than wood. However, fiberglass lasts longer and works better with the climate through expansion and contraction. It ensures that the atmosphere in the home is under control without external temperatures. But the steel is only better than wood in this aspect.

6. Endurance

Fiberglass doors don’t shrink or warp like the wooden ones. They are the best barriers to humid its harsh weather. Besides, they come with lengthy warranties since they can last a lifetime on the frame. Some companies’ issues lifetime limited warranty for the buyer and a third party.

You also get paint and stain warranties for up to 10years. Nonetheless, the best steel entry doors are the ones with the 20-gauge category mostly from Legacy Steel line. These won’t break or warp; they among the most durable doors available in the market.

7. Maintenance


You don’t need much maintenance in both kinds of doors. However, you need to perform a few tasks to keep them in top conditions. As a homeowner, you may choose to clean or repaint your fiberglass door to your taste. You can also spray with a pressure washer (set on low to avoid dents) for easy clean, then oil it.

For steel doors, hose down more often to prevent rust. Also, try to oil them well to preserve durability and form. But you should know that it’s not every time that you wash them.

8. Durability

Fiberglass is less likely to scratch than steel doors even though the dent doesn’t enter the insides. Steel has a thinner external layer, and so it dents when kicked hard but remains firmly fitted to the frame.

One of the disadvantages of a fiberglass door is that it is lightweight, making it easier to bend or break. If you kick it so hard, it might dent, ding, or crack, unlike steel, which is more robust. However, it doesn’t rust, making it an excellent choice for exterior doorways.

 9. Heat

Steel doors are good conductors of heat, which means they transfer warmth from outside to the house. It heats up when the sun hits it, but the fiberglass doesn’t hold warmth at all. Since it doesn’t conduct heat, it remains cool even after the sun’s scorch.

For you to know how strong fiberglass isyou should understand how it works. Unlike steel, it withstands extreme rise and fall in temperature. Heat-induced cracking is not one of fiberglass door problems because it doesn’t expand or contract due to heat.

This issue occurs more in steel doors, which makes them break down after a while. So, with this knowledge, the choice is yours to make when choosing between fiberglass vs steel garage doorDo keep in mind, though, that this is one of the areas with most temperature fluctuations.


Your front door is the first and most important point of security for your home. For this reason, you should go for a durable material like Fiberglass or SteelEach of them has its strong points as well as its downsides. Hence, the steel entry doors don’t have fiberglass problems and vice versa.

Moreover, fiberglass doesn’t crack or break down due to the rise and drop in heat. Also, it doesn’t absorb heat like steel. Both doors are a significant upgrade on wood, which warp, shrinks, and bends.

Finally, we have given you a detailed comparison between the fiberglass vs steel door. Anyone you plan to install all boils down to your preference.

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