19 Easy Homemade Shed Door Plans

19 Easy Homemade Shed Door Plans

Sheds can last a long time, decades even, but unfortunately, the doors often need replacing long before then. Shed doors can cost a lot, and it’s much cheaper to just make your own – and if you want to try, here are some DIY shed door plans we found that show you how.

1. Shed Door Plans

Shed Door Plans

If you’re looking for a plan for a shed door, this could be a great place to start. It includes plans for both single and double doors, and gives you a range of options, allowing you to adapt these plans to your needs. We like the clear instructions and the useful illustrations, making this an invaluable resource for anyone who needs to build a shed door.

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2. How to Build Shed Doors

This video is the final part of a series that shows you how to build a shed from scratch. In this last instalment, you watch as the DIYer constructs the doors for his shed, demonstrating everything you need to know. The YouTube page also includes a list of the materials, making it easy to recreate this project at home.


3. Shed Doors and How to Build Them

Shed Doors and How to Build Them

There is more than one way to build a shed door, and the way you go about it will be determined by your requirements as well as by the shape and size of your shed. This blog gives you plans for several options, meaning you’ll be able to find something that’s useful for the project you want to attempt.

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4. Make Your Own Garden Shed Doors for under $100

As this YouTuber so pertinently points out, garden sheds may last for many years, but very often, the doors don’t. This means you are likely to need to replace them several times during your shed’s lifetime, and if you don’t want to spend money buying ready-made doors, this video will show you how to make them yourself.


5. Building a Shed Door

Building a Shed Door

With many DIY projects, the secret is to keep things as simple as possible, and that’s just as true when building a shed door. However, just how simple can you make things and still make a good job of it? If that’s a question you’re pondering, this site has the answers you’re looking for, helping you to construct the perfect door for your shed.

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6. How to Build DIY Shed Doors

In this video, this DIYer shows us how to make a set of lightweight and inexpensive doors for a shed. He estimates that the total cost was only around $40, which is way less than you expect to pay if you buy a set of doors from a store. He has some relatively advanced equipment, but many DIY enthusiasts will have access to similar tools, so this is a video that should be easy enough to copy.


7. Shed Door Plans

Shed Door Plans

To build a shed door, you only need a few basic materials along with some simple tools that most people will have easy access to. This page will give you the list of everything you need to prepare before beginning the project, and once you have everything ready, it guides you through the steps you need to follow to make a success of it.

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8. DIY Man Cave/She-Shed – Part 18 – Making the Door

For a start, we love the title of this video. And for sure, if you are building your own man cave or she-shed, one thing you won’t be able to do without is a door! As you can also guess from the title, this video is part of a longer series – so if you want to check out the rest of the process of constructing this shed, you can find the other videos on their YouTube channel.


9. Build a Simple Cedar Shed Door

Build a Simple Cedar Shed Door

For some people, a shed is just somewhere outside for storing tools and other items, and the way it looks doesn’t matter too much. As long as it performs its function, you might not give it too much thought. However, some sheds occupy a more prominent position, and you’ll want them to look as attractive as possible. If that’s something you can relate to, here’s a plan for making a beautiful cedar shed door that will add to the overall effect of your outdoor space.

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10. Easy Build Shed Doors

As you can see from the introduction to this video, the aim here is to build a set of doors that are inexpensive yet look great. The video is quite short and consists mainly of a time-lapse video of the DIYer working on his doors. However, it’s fun to watch as the doors take shape, and it gives you all the information you’ll need to recreate this project at home. Another recommended watch.


11. How to Measure, Make and Install a Shed Door

How to Measure, Make and Install a Shed Door

Here’s a quick and easy plan to follow for building a shed door. This DIYer has many years of experience, and if you want a plan you can trust that’s written by someone who knows what he’s talking about, this is an option that should be of interest.

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12. Custom Shed Door Designed and Built in one short video

The thing we liked most about this video is that it doesn’t just show an old-fashioned DIYer making a shed door from wood. Instead, it starts with a design phase that involves drawing up the plans on a computer. Once that’s done, the YouTuber moves on to the practical phase, and shows you how he turned those plans into a physical shed door. A fascinating insight into modern design techniques.


13. How to Build Double Shed Doors

How to Build Double Shed Doors

If you have a large shed, you might need double doors – especially if it’s used for storing larger items like sit-on mowers or anything similar. In that case, this is a plan that should be worth checking out. It teaches you how to make DIY double doors for your shed, giving you a list of the materials, tools and safety equipment you’ll need before taking you through the construction process itself.

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14. How to Build a Shed Door

This is perhaps not the most exciting video about shed doors – but if you want thrills, you can watch a horror movie. However, if you just want a solid plan that takes you through the steps involved in building a shed door in a clear and thorough way, this plan is probably the kind of thing you’re looking for.


15. How to Build DIY Shed Doors in 13 Simple Steps

How to Build DIY Shed Doors in 13 Simple Steps

This is one of our favorite plans for shed doors because of the way it is laid out so clearly. The instructions are easy to follow, the photos show you what you need to do for each step, and the final result is highly impressive. This is a professional plan that most people will find extremely useful and informative.

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16. Build a Barn-Style Door for a Shed for Under $40

Here’s an original plan – why go for a traditional swing door for your shed when you can make a barn-style door instead? And if that sounds like something you might be interested in trying, check out this video. This YouTuber has loads of charisma, and we love her creative touches too. This is a video that you can learn a lot from – but that will also keep you entertained too.


17. How to Build Shed Doors

How to Build Shed Doors

If you’ve never seen it before, WikiHow is a wonderful resource that gives you instructions for just about anything you can imagine – including building DIY shed doors. The plans are invariably clearly written and accompanied by plenty of useful illustrations to help you visualize what you’ll need to do. We also like the comments section at the bottom where the WikiHow community can share ideas and tips on the project. Highly recommended.

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18. Measuring, Making and Installing Shed Doors

Measuring, Making and Installing Shed Doors

Instructables is always a reliable source of DIY plans, and here’s one from the site that tells you how to make a shed door. It breaks the project down into logical steps, explaining how to complete each part. There are also a few good photos to help, making this another plan that merits a look.

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19. DIY Shed Building Tips

DIY Shed Building Tips

This is a plan for building an entire shed – we think it’s is a useful plan to include because it shows you how the door fits into the overall project, but if you only need to know about the door, you can skip through to that part alone. We like the way there are lots of photos of people actually doing the work, and it gives you plenty of tips to help you complete your project successfully. Another invaluable resource.

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Loads of creative ideas to choose from

As you can see, there are loads of talented DIYers out there, and the amount of creativity on display is inspiring. Whenever we go online to look for plans like this, we always end up getting that DIY itch ourselves and just want to get out there to have a go.

We hope you’ve found these plans useful, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them as much as we enjoyed finding them for you. And above all, we hope that these plans have helped you find the ideas you were looking for to start your next DIY project.

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