19 Easy Homemade Dutch Doors Plans

19 Easy Homemade Dutch Doors Plans

Dutch doors are practical, convenient, stylish – and nowadays, increasingly popular. You can buy one and have it fitted, but that’s expensive – especially when they’re so easy to DIY.

For anyone who wants to attempt it, we’ve been online to see what other people have been trying, and here are the results – our top 19 plans for DIY Dutch doors.

1. DIY Dutch Doors on a Budget

DIY Dutch Doors on a Budget

As this page explains, Dutch doors are increasingly popular nowadays, and they can be used in both contemporary and classic settings. If you are looking for some inspiration for the kind of things you can achieve with a Dutch door, this is a great place to start looking. We love the photos on the page too – they should really start to fire your imagination!

Check this Dutch Doors DIY Idea


2. Wood Door into a Dutch Door

If you want a super-quick tutorial for how to convert an old wood door into a Dutch door, check out this YouTube video. It’s only two minutes long so there are no frills – it just has the DIYer demonstrating what you need to do, which you can then try copying at home. She makes it look so simple – which is great because sometimes there’s no need to overcomplicate things!


3. DIY Dutch Door Tutorial

DIY Dutch Door Tutorial

Dutch doors have many uses. They can keep animals out, children in and provide good ventilation when you’re cooking something with a particularly pungent odor. In fact, they’re such a great solution for lots of reasons – and if you’re looking for a plan that will show you how to DIY one for your home, this is a great place to start.

Check this Dutch Doors DIY Idea


4. Dutch Door for Baby Goats

There are lots of reasons why people might want to install Dutch doors, but this has got to be one of the most original. They have some baby goats on the way, and they need a solution that will stop them from escaping. This useful video takes you through installing the door. Let’s just hope it’s enough because we know how mischievous baby goats can be!


5. Build a Dutch Door!

Build a Dutch Door!

Whenever we need a DIY plan for just about anything, we always know that the Instructables site is unlikely to let us down – and we weren’t disappointed this time either. Their plans always include clear instructions, useful photos and plenty of illustrations to show you what you need to do for each step. So if you want to make a Dutch door for your home, Instructables will show you how.

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6. A Dutch Door DIY that Doubles as an Indoor Gate

A Dutch Door DIY that Doubles as an Indoor Gate

Dutch doors can be used as external doors – but as you can see from this plan, they also have their uses as internal doors. Perhaps you have young children who you want to keep in one room or maybe you don’t want to let you dogs roam wherever they please. Whatever the reason, a Dutch door can be an attractive and practical addition to your home, and this is another great plan for DIYing one.

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7. Dutch Door Build

One of the fun things about looking for DIY plans is to see the different styles of blogs and videos that people create and this one is definitely fun to watch. As the YouTuber explains, someone set him a challenge, saying he couldn’t make a Dutch door out of a hollow door – and being the kind of guy he obviously is, he couldn’t resist accepting the challenge. Check it out to see if he managed.


8. How to Create a Dutch Door

How to Create a Dutch Door

If you don’t want to spend money on a new Dutch door, you can always convert an existing door into one instead. This project is rated as moderate, but it will only cost you around $100, which is much cheaper than buying a ready-made one. There’s also a video to show you how, so it has everything you need to get stuck into your Dutch door DIY project.

Check this Dutch Doors DIY Idea


9. Building a Dutch Door for My Patio

This is a thorough and matter-of-fact video that takes you through the steps of this DIYer’s Dutch door project. As he explains, he built a pair of door jambs with sidelights before, but he never got round to making the door – until now. He’s obviously a careful and methodical DIYer that most of us can learn a few tips from, making this another video that’s well worth a watch.


10. DIY Dutch Door for $63

DIY Dutch Door for $63

This was one of our favorite Dutch door plans. This blogger needed a solution for keeping her dogs from running outside all the time but didn’t want to spend lots of money. Her answer? Chopping her old door in two and converting it into a Dutch door. Simple, effective and very inexpensive – she estimates it only cost her $63!

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11. DIY Dutch Door

For anyone who doesn’t have the patience to read extensive DIY plans or watch overly long YouTube vids, this one could be a much better option. It only lasts about two minutes, but it’s got all the information you need to get started. If you’re a more advanced DIYer and you don’t need everything explained to you in too much detail, this video plan is a great watch.


12. How to Make a Dutch Split Door from an Existing Door

How to Make a Dutch Split Door from an Existing Door

This site, Remodelaholic, is one of our favorites when it comes to creative inspiration. The blog is all about projects that take old furniture or home fittings and give them a new lease of life through a bit of clever DIY. In this plan, the blogger takes an old door and turns it into something fresh and new by converting it into a Dutch door. Great work, we love it!

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13. Big Bear Cabin Custom Dutch Door Using Cheap Home Depot Door

Almost the first thing this YouTuber says at the start of his video is “I’m going to attempt to make a Dutch door” – so he doesn’t exactly leave you filled with confidence that he’s going to succeed! However, perhaps he should have been a bit more sure of himself because, in the end, he does a great job. Check out the video if you want to see him in action.


14. Half Door Tutorial

Half Door Tutorial

Here’s another useful plan – this time, one that shows you how to make a Dutch door from an old hollow-core door. The plan starts with a “before” photo and ends with an “after” one – and in between, you will find detailed instructions for the steps you need to follow to go from one to other. We love the result, too. A big thumbs-up from us!

Check this Dutch Doors DIY Idea


15. How to Build Your Own Half Height, Dutch-style Door, in a Kilt?

So this has to be the weirdest DIY video we’ve seen in a while. Ok, we get it that there are literally millions of YouTubers out there and competition is fierce, so if you want to succeed, you need to make yourself stand out with a gimmick. But…..DIY in a kilt? Sure, why not? And if you wanted to see a bekilted DIYer in action making a Dutch door, here’s the video you were looking for.


16. DIY Dutch Door

DIY Dutch Door

In this plan, you’ll find a list of all the materials and tools you’ll require for the project as well as clear instructions that are easy to follow. We love the high-quality photos of the DIYers at work, measuring, cutting and sawing, and we also really enjoy seeing their progress as the door takes shapes. Another simple plan to follow for anyone who wants to try making their own Dutch door for their home.

Check this Dutch Doors DIY Idea


17. Hanging Dutch Doors

Here’s a very simple tutorial for how to hang Dutch doors – so if you made a Dutch door but you don’t know hot to fit it, this video will show you how.


18. DIY Exterior Dutch Door on a Budget

DIY Exterior Dutch Door on a Budget

Taking on a new DIY project can be great fun, but for some people, this may be secondary to the fact that DIYing stuff can save you a lot of cash. If you are hankering after a Dutch door in your home but you don’t have the budget to buy one, this inexpensive DIY version could be a much more affordable alternative. However, just because it doesn’t cost much doesn’t mean you have to settle for second-class results – as you can see from the pics!

Check this Dutch Doors DIY Idea


19. How to Make a Dutch Door for a Shed

If you want to see the kind of fun video that will put you in a good mood while you watch it, this is the one for you. We love the way the people in this plan are so obviously enjoying what they’re doing. And the soundtrack is perfect too. So if you want to make a Dutch door for a shed with a smile on your face, check it out.


Loads of creative ideas to copy

As you can see, there are loads of creative people out there attempting all kinds of interesting projects, and we can all learn a few things from the things they make.

We have enjoyed searching for these plans for you, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them – and above all, we hope you’ve also found the inspiration you needed to get stuck into your next DIY project.

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