10 Easy Ways to Childproof Windows for Kids Safety

10 Easy Ways to Childproof Windows for Kids Safety

The prominent research shows that approximately 5,000 children in the US fall out of open windows, including screened windows, every single year. I am sure you have never thought about how dangerous your window can be for your kids, especially toddlers.

Therefore, it is crucial to childproof windows to keep children older than one year safe from the moment they start crawling. There is no need to seal your windows permanently. Your kids will grow up quickly, and you need a few efficient ways to make your windows safe for a few years.

1. Childproof Window Locks


It seems that the most effective option to childproof windows in your home is to lock all of them. Nowadays, you can find window locks for every kind of window. Most contemporary models have built-in locks with keys, and you can prevent them from opening successfully.

The excellent thing is that they are practical and easy-to-install. If your house is newer, you have already had windows that lock closed, which makes the situation more comfortable.

Otherwise, you can buy simple sash locks in a local hardware store, and use them to childproof windows in your home. The downside of this solution is that you need to keep windows closed all the time, which can be quite inconvenient.

2. Childproof Window Guards

You can install these grille-type guards no matter what type and size of windows you have. This equipment is one of the best solutions to childproof windows, which allows opening the windows at the same time.

The advantage of window guards is that your toddler can’t open them. However, they are still easy-to-open for you, allowing the safe exit in case of an emergency. The downside of this option is aesthetic since the construction resembles jail bars.

The better option is to install vertical bars to prevent your kid from using them as a ladder. Also, take care to pick out the model with the gaps between bars that are no wider than 4 inches (10 cm).

Be aware that window guards support only some window styles, including:

  • Casement windows
  • Single-hung and double-hung windows
  • Slider windows
  • Awning windows

3. Childproof Mesh Window Guards


Some parents avoid putting their children behind bars, so a mesh window guard is an excellent and more eye-catching solution. The installation of the mesh is not too complicated, but you should be careful with the screws.

They can unwind over time, so you should check them from time to time. Plus, this option will work for you only if your widow size matches the dimensions of the mash. Namely, it fits windows 26 to 40 inches (0.7 – 1 m) wide.

4. Childproof Window Stoppers

You can install wedge-like plastic window stoppers in most windows in your home, including sliding, single-hung, and double-hung ones. These convenient triangular-shaped devices will prevent windows from opening more than 4 inches (10 cm).

You can find them in the local hardware store or order them online. The advantage of stoppers is that you can quickly adjust and remove them when needed. Plus, they are unobtrusive and won’t disturb the appearance of your windows.

Their primary disadvantage of this solution is that you can’t open the window wide to allow unobstructed airflow in the room.

5. Childproof Window Stops

You can install this childproof window wedge on your sliding, single-hung, and double-hung windows. These small devices shut the window when your kid tries to open it.

That way, it is impossible for the child to open the pane more than 4 inches (10 cm), which is narrow enough that your baby can’t fall out of the window.

6. Childproof Window Charlie Bar


Unfortunately, you can use this useful device only for sliding windows. It is basically a metallic stick you should place between the two panes, which will prevent a kid from opening a window. Its simplicity makes Charlie Bar an ideal way to childproof windows.

The downside of this method is that Charlie Bar works just for small children. Once they grow up, your kids will probably be able to reach and remove it.

7. Childproof Window Blinds

Closed window blinds as a part of childproof windows offer decent protection to your child. However, they can be quite dangerous because of all those cords.

Luckily, you can find cordless shades these days and use them to replace your old window blinds. Plus, you can pick out a suitable model to match your home decor.

The best options you can find on the market are the motorized window blinds. They have no cords, which makes them safe for your kids. The only thing you need to do is to charge the motors once in three months.

8. Childproof Window Screens


Installing window screens can’t keep your kid safe from falling through them, and you should combine them with window guards. However, they have another vital purpose. By using them, you will save your child from injury if the glass breaks.

However, keep in mind that this film won’t prevent cracking or breaking the glass. Its purpose is to holds pieces of glass stuck together and prevents them from scattering around the apartment.

If you have tempered glass on your windows, it will break into tiny pieces in the event of an accident. Other types of glass are not so secure. Therefore, using window screens, especially on low parts panes, will childproof windows in your home successfully.

It will work ideally on:

  • Slider windows
  • Single-hung and double-hung windows
  • Awning windows
  • Casement windows
  • Non-opening windows, such as bay, bow, and picture ones

Plus, they will further insulate your house. As a result, you can expect lower electricity bills due to less use of a window air conditioner.

9. Childproof Non-Standard Windows

The windows installed in some old houses are usually non-standard. Therefore, some new solutions fitting contemporary windows won’t work with them.

Fortunately, there is a quick DIY way to childproof windows, even though they are unusual dimensions or styles. For that job, you will need just a few pieces of tools:

  • Velcro strip
  • Lexan sheet
  • Glue
  • Measuring tape


Start by measuring the space across the frame and vertically over your window. In most cases, you will probably need to protect only the lower half of the window.

Go to the local store and buy a Lexan sheet based on the measures taken. Then, attach the Velcro strip to the Lexan sheet sides and glue it to the window frame.

Since the Lexan sheet will prevent free airflow, you can drill some holes before installing it. It is an excellent option for every window since it keeps your child safe without blocking the light entering the room.

10. Childproof Window Sill


Never overlook the window sill when trying to childproof windows in your house. It is especially vital if you have low windows since you don’t want your kid to step to the window sill and fall on or from it. Plus, you can soften harsh edges and prevent possible injuries by adding a few pillows around the window.

Additional Tips

Once your toddler starts climbing to explore its environment, you should plan to install childproof windows and protect your baby from falling out. However, there are a few useful tips to protect the child further. Let’s see.

Keep furniture away from windows

Move furniture, such as dressers, couches, and big armchairs away from your windows.

Use Window Cord Retrofit Kits

Window blinds contain cords that allow them to be opened and closed. Therefore, you should find a safe way to remove these strings away from your kid.

It will be the best solution to replace them with a cordless model of blinds, but sometimes it is enough to install window cord retrofit kits. It will hide cables and prevent possible incidents in the future.

Remove handles

If you have crank windows, you should remove handles from them whenever possible. It is a free option but not so practical since you can’t open your window either. However, this way, you can prevent your child from opening the window when you are not in the room.

When removing cranks is not possible, and you have not any other way of protection, you should try to avoid leaving your small children unattended.

Choose windows that open from the top

There are two types of sliding windows on the market. Since you can choose the one that opens from either the top or the bottom, you should always pick out the first model, if possible.

It is reasonable to believe that your kid will have more difficulties to reach the top than the bottom of the window.

Window alarms

You can also install window alarms just in case. It will sound as soon as your kid opens the window and alert you right away.

Teach your kids to stay away from windows

By teaching a kid to avoid playing around windows, you can prevent a lot of troubles. Explain the consequences of opening the window and playing with the window blind cords.

You can’t do that when the child is still young, but you can start talking as soon as possible. That way, you will have peace of mind, and your child will be protected adequately.

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