12 Best Alternatives to Bifold Closet Doors

12 Best Alternatives to Bifold Closet Doors

Are you looking for alternatives to bifold closet doors? If you are planning to build a walk-in closet or give your current closet door a makeover, you have many styles to choose from depending on your budget and the look you want to achieve in your space.

In this article, we shall look into the best alternatives to bifold closet doors according to interior designers and homeowners. This list includes cost-effective options and more expensive tasks.

Are you excited to know what these are? Read on!

Alternatives to Bifold Closet Doors

1. Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and Drapes

Many people choose curtains and drapes as go-to alternatives to bifold closet doors, and it comes as no surprise. 

Curtains are a breeze to install and are the cheapest yet most versatile options. No meticulous planning is required. You only need a sturdy curtain rod and you are good to go! Accessing your closet is made just as easy as hiding its contents. 

With curtains, you can choose from a range of textures, fabrics, colors, and patterns. If you are feeling crafty, you can customize the drapes and spice up things however you want. You can replace the curtains based on your room’s updated theme and season. And if you like boho, a handmade macramé curtain would be nice to have.  

But depending on your taste, you might find curtains tacky. The truth of the matter is, curtains don’t always fit naturally into asymmetrical rooms. And if you have toddlers at home, they may pull down out of the door if they aren’t careful.

Regardless, curtains make for a good alternative to bifold closet doors, especially if you are on a tight budget.

2. Dividers

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If you are looking for cheap alternatives to bifold closet doors, you might want to consider a detachable panel partition or a portable room divider placed in front of your closet. With a divider, you have a little more privacy and complete access to your closet while it remains concealed. 

Dividers might be unconventional, but they are a great way to add a little more privacy and character to your room. Granted, these affordable options are not the sturdiest alternatives out there, but they do quite well for those on a budget. As they are easily replaced, they are also ideal for renters.

3. Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors
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Accordion doors are making a strong comeback since last year, as interior designers are looking for a fresh take on space-saving doors. As the name implies, these doors fold in on themselves like an accordion through multiple panels running in a single track.  

Traditional accordion closet doors are made of wood but now, you can choose between acrylic, aluminum, fiberglass, laminate, and PVC. They are lightweight and inexpensive. But because they stay in the doorframe, it can be difficult for some people to reach the entirety of the closet.

4. Louver Doors

Louver Doors
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Louver doors are one of the best choices for closets brimming with fabric and leather goods, as they provide superior airflow due to their slatted design. With fine slats as gaps, each door promotes natural ventilation inside the closet, thus preventing stagnated air and moisture to build up. Your clothes will stay fragrant, and your bags and shoes will stay pristine because molds cannot fester.

Louver doors are easy to install, and they can be either fixed or movable. They are available in vinyl and PVC, but if you want to make a statement, choose wood. There are a variety of wood species and stains.

5. Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors
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Pocket doors are a great pick for compact rooms as they don’t need any floor clearance and they can be installed in a non-load-bearing wall. Paired with minimalist decor and furniture, they promote a low-stress atmosphere and complement a modern interior design.

While pocket doors make an attractive alternative to bifold doors, they involve professional installation. The idea behind pocket doors is that you need to create a recess in the wall for the door to fit into when you open it. This way, you do not have to open it all at once whenever you need to take something from your closet. 

6. Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding closet doors are a cult favorite. As they don’t require space in which to swing open, the biggest advantage of sliding doors is their space-saving qualities and this makes them ideal for use in homes where space is at a premium.

These systems ensure smooth operation, easy access, and quick item retrieval. With one hand, you can open and close the door as needed. This feature is particularly valuable for those who plan on frequent use of the closet.

Additionally, if your home is one you will want to grow old in, having this level of convenience and accessibility will be invaluable during the aging process. Hinged doors can be difficult to open and close. Hence, a sliding door is an excellent choice for your closet both now and in the future.

Design-wise, sliding closet doors offer versatility. The fittings blend seamlessly into most walls and leave room for customization. Many of these doors come in conscious designs that meet the demand of today’s lifestyle, spanning from casual to contemporary.

7. Mirrored Doors

Mirrored Doors

Mirrored sliding doors have the same function as regular sliding doors, except that they offer the benefits of providing depth to a room and amplifying natural light. As such, it makes your room feel more open and much airier.

While mirrored doors are often criticized for being flimsy and delicate, this is not always the case unless you opt for shoddily made ones. The only problem we see with mirrors is that if your room is messy, they will reflect that mess and make your room feel more cluttered. You got to make sure your room is always spick and span!

8. Glass Doors

Glass Doors

Laminated glass doors are a perfect choice for an applause-worthy closet and they blend well with contemporary decor. Better yet, opt for frosted glass doors for luxurious aesthetics that go well with modern decor. 

Frosted glass doors deliver an airy look and elegant value to any room. The soft white backdrop adds an extra layer of dimension and texture. And if you’re busy, you can get away with leaving your closet a bit messy.

9. Barn Doors

Barn Doors

If you are looking for unique alternatives to bifold closet doors, consider getting barn doors. They add a rustic charm to vintage rooms and turn your closet into the room’s focal point.

Barn doors are often likened to sliding doors but compared to the latter, they have exposed metal bars that slide on the side instead of having a bottom track. These rustic doors also come equipped with wheels at the bottom. With proper installation, these doors are a breeze to open and close, and they don’t hog a lot of space in the room.

The only downside to barn doors is that they are cost-prohibitive to install due to the hardware. Be prepared to ask for installation help.

10. Bookcase Doors

Bookcase Doors
Image Credit: decorpad

Bookcase doors make exciting alternatives to bifold closet doors, particularly for bookworms and bibliophiles. A bookcase door displays your favorite reads and provides another storage option for your room, thus helping you save on space by reducing the amount of furniture you need.

11. French Doors

French Doors

French doors give your closet an added sense of luxury. To be defined as a French door, it must have at least two panels with one pair being glazed to allow light to pass through. You can have the panels frosted for an airy effect, and if you choose the right hardware, you can even make them more elegant. But if space is a premium, this might not be the best choice for you.

12. Industrial Doors

Industrial Doors
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Industrial doors are no longer limited to commercial buildings. More and more people are using industrial doors in many other places than they were originally designed for, such as closets and dressing rooms.

Since industrial doors add a sense of masculinity and power, they are more suitable for a man’s closet. These doors are robust, as they are manufactured using solid wood species and hard-wearing sleek steel frames.  

Unfortunately, the prices are steep for this kind of door, and the design doesn’t always work well in a typical room setting. Another downside is that you need ample space. Industrial doors won’t be suitable for a simple reach-in closet.


There are many alternatives to bifold closet doors. They come in different styles and materials to match everyone’s taste. Some ideas are budget-friendly, while others carry exorbitant prices demanding an equally time-consuming installation.

In a nutshell, the most expensive alternatives include pocket, French, and glass doors. Some ideas, such as dividers and non-wood accordion doors, can be cheap. You can also ditch the doors and hang drapes, instead.

All of these are excellent options but at the end of the day, it all boils down to your closet size, the materials you want to use, and of course, your budget. If you have a woodwork background and a crafty mind, you might also want to try DYI-ing.

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