13 Easy Ways to Secure Door from Being Kicked In

13 Easy Ways to Secure Door from Being Kicked In

Secured entry doors are of utmost importance to every household and business. You shouldn’t be frugal when it comes to investing in the right model to protect your home from burglars and intruders. So, I will list the best ways to secure the front door to help you preserve your family and values.

Ways to Secure the Door from Being Kicked In

Depending on your neighborhood, budget, and type of a door, there are numerous ways to protect your property. Some of the elements you can quickly install on your own. However, it is better to ask for expert assistance when you want to include some complicated systems.

How to Secure the Door from Being Kicked In with Lock Security

1 Metal plates

The metal plate is a part of a doorjamb where the deadbolt goes, and its purpose is to keep the door shut. It is always a more reliable solution to have a stronger plate than the short and inadequate one that usually comes with the new door.

In most cases, the heavy-duty metal plate will give you excellent protection. This mechanism will successfully prevent someone from breaking in with the use of force.

2 Screws


Even though it may sound silly, the screws that tighten the metal plate to the door play a crucial role. When the screws are long and made of high-quality materials, the plate is a more challenging problem for burglars to break inside your house.

The reason is apparent. Longer screws go deeper into the door construction. Consequently, they are harder to remove when applying force during the kicking the door with a foot or shoulder.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers provide small screws. The only thing you should do is to purchase 2.5 to 3 inches (6.3 – 7.6 cm) long pieces and replace the ones sent in a package.

3 Single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts

Single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts

Once you decide to purchase a new door, you should choose between single and double deadbolts locks. Although both are quite a safe option for your home, there is a slight difference between these two options.

If you have a single-cylinder deadbolt, you need to lock and unlock it by using a key from the outside. It has the knob from the inside, so you will lock and unlock the door by turning it when you are in the house. Most people believe that single-bolts locks are less reliable against intruders.

On the other hand, double-cylinder has the option to lock and unlock from both sides by using a key. They have proven to be safer as they are harder to burgle in comparison to single-cylinder deadbolts locks.

4 Smart locks

Smart locks

One of the advantages of living in an advanced gadget era is a smart lock system. Although the improvement of this system is work in progress, you can always find some innovations and better models.

The smart locks principle is that you can lock or unlock them regardless of the key as the system is automatic. Consequently, it makes the breaking in more complicated. You can also connect the smart lock to your smartphone or computer, so you can control the lock and unlock from a distance.

Besides, some versions of locks offer the option to leave the key in the keyhole, which means that breaking the lock is practically impossible. It is an excellent solution for people who always forget whether they have locked their doors or not.

How to Secure the Door from Being Kicked In with Door and Windows Reinforcement

Not only can locks be the convenient spot for breaking in, but the doors can also be the weak link. Unless the lock is simple to pick, the housebreaker may decide to enter inside by force. The only way to do that is to knock down the door.

Therefore, you need to check and strengthen your doors when required. When you decide to purchase a new one, you should choose a solid, reliable wood model or a protective metal option.

On the other hand, weak door materials and doors with glass windows don’t appear impenetrable. So, you should avoid them unless you live in a peaceful and safe neighborhood.

5 Door hinges

To prevent your door from being kicked, you can reinforce the hinge by implementing the hinge bolts. The most convenient way is to place them above or under the hinges you have already have.

These pieces will ensure additional protection, especially when your front door opens outwards. I like it when my children feel comfortable and secure with a few other hinge bolts, which makes the door breaking in a bit harder.

Nowadays, you have several more options to protect hinges, including the installation of stud hinges, non-removable pin hinges, and piano hinges. Each of them has the role of guarding your door in a different way.

6 Peephole


A practical peephole with a wide-angle view will allow you to have an excellent overview of the situation. You should pick out the peephole with a wide range of visibility, including both left and right corners. That way, you can always check who stands in front of your door.

7 Doors with windows

Many homeowners believe that doors with windows are insecure, and there is nothing they can do about that. Wrong! You can safely protect the models with glass parts in a few ways. As mentioned above, the double-cylinder deadbolt is a perfect solution.

Even if the burglar breaks the door, he won’t be able to open the lock from the inside. It is practically impossible to open the double-cylinder bolt without a key once he pulls his arm through the broken window panel.

You can also apply a security film to protect the glass panels of your front door. It is invisible from both sides, but you can be sure that it is highly resistant to impacts.

How to Secure the Door from Being Kicked In with Security Items

Nowadays, the security systems that protect the entry door are a reliable shield against burglars. You should consider one of the available models to make your home safe and secure.

8 Security cameras

Security cameras

Implementing security cameras is an excellent way to prevent crime. In fact, they are regarded as the safest protectors of your households or business. In most cases, the intruders are intimidated and less prone to break in if there is a security camera recording their every move.

Depending on your budget and situation, you can find digital, wireless, and motion detector cameras, as well as cameras with security systems. Keep in mind that the camera doesn’t need to be too expensive or connected to Wi-Fi to protect your home. There is also no need to buy the top-notch model among many affordable ones available on the market.

9 CCTV monitoring

CCTV is highly popular in suburbs and residential areas. It is the system of cameras that control the movements in front of your home or backyard, which you can see on the monitors. In the case of a break-in, the CCTV will trigger the alarm and notify the authorities.

This system is highly appreciated and reliable. The petty criminals won’t even attempt to burgle if they see the CCTV system. The downside of this particular model is the possibility of losing your privacy once you install cameras inside your home.

10 Monitored and unmonitored alarms

Monitored and unmonitored alarms

A monitored alarm system is highly reliable and offers supreme security and efficiency. Remember that you need to sign the contract with a provider, who is in charge of monitoring and safeguarding, before purchasing this type of alarm. Unfortunately, these alarms can be pretty expensive.

On the other hand, you can choose an unmonitored system. It will cost less since no one supervises it, but you are in charge of monitoring. Nowadays, you can connect the alarm to your smartphone and app. That way, you will be able to monitor your property remotely. Although this is a less expensive option, it will provide excellent protection against burgling.

How to Secure the Door from Being Kicked In with Bars and Barricades

11 Door jammers

Door jammers are easy to install and practical to use. These units will protect you if someone tries to break into your home even though they are not the best possible option in the long run. Since they are portable, you won’t need the assistance of the locksmith or surveillance company.

12 Door bars

Door bars

Door bars are highly efficient and resistant pieces that can endure the strong force and keep you safe. Moreover, new models have a desirable design and are very light. Even if the door structure begins to weaken, the door can hold on with proper support of a door bar.

13 Barricades

Front door barricade lock has proven to be a superior gadget in keeping out the criminals. It is easy to install without any drilling and piercing the door. It is based on the floor, and it can withstand hard kicks and give extra support to the front door. Nowadays, door barricades placed on the floor have become very popular.


As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you should choose the security measure you find the most appropriate and practical. For peaceful nights, days, and careless life, pick out an ultimate security system, and never worry again.

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